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Twinks In Shorts - Shane Hirch and Ross Mitchell

Twinks In Shorts – Shane Hirch and Ross Mitchell

It’s been a while since we’ve seen dark-haired college hunk Shane Hirch. Then again, he’s been busy hitting the books instead of hitting the sheets. Now that he’s on a hiatus, we were able to lure him back to Twinks in Shorts to give slender waif Ross Mitchell a much needed massage. After telling Shane what Ross would like him to focus on, the skinny twink lays face down and gives his body up for Shane Hirch to manipulate. The handsome hunk gets his hands all slippery with oil and starts working on Ross’ sore body. As Shane kneads Ross...

Debt Dandy 161

Debt Dandy 161

I don’t often meet rich Debt Dandy 161 spoiled kids. This brat was something special. He was no genius but at least he knew how to party. His parents left him home and went on a vacation. So he decided to go totally crazy. He spent all his money on drugs, hookers, parties, and gambling. When he run out of money, he borrowed more and partied like there was no tomorrow. Well, the tomorrow did come and his parents were soon to follow. He started panicking, he was afraid they might kick him out for his behavior. So he called...

Czech Hunter 269

Czech Hunter 269

I was almost ready to go Czech Hunter 269 home and have a jerk off, that’s how badly this day went. Then I met a 19 years old schoolboy going for the afternoon class. He studied to be bricklayer. Didn’t know that you must study to put a brick on another brick. And he was super cute and completely broke. He wasn’t very enthusiastic about the school so it was easy to find a better program for both of us. I can say one thing, I have never felt such a beautifully tight ass. This guy was definitely a virgin....

Afternoon Delight - Seth Stark and Conner Mason

Afternoon Delight – Seth Stark and Conner Mason

Conner Mason is in the pool working on some workout techniques when Seth comes outside and begins to clean the pool. Seth joins Conner in the pool and they start to kiss. The pool isn’t as warm as it should be so they continue the kissing poolside where Conner begins to blow Seth. Once that water dries off it becomes even more cold so they both go inside and get naked but this time Seth is on his knees sucking on Conner’s cock. Seth is hard and ready to fuck Conner’s sweet little ass. He has Conner ride his hard...

Take Daddy Monster Cock - Lito Cruz and Tim Skyler

Take Daddy Monster Cock – Lito Cruz and Tim Skyler

Tim Skyler is a hungry bottom that craves Big Daddy Cocks. Well, Tim has found the right Daddy to fill his hole. Lito Cruz, with his huge uncut Latin dick, fucks Tim deep and hard. Tim doesn’t weight but 100 lbs, so Lito picks him up off the ground and bounces Tim on his cock like a fuck toy. Tim’s hole is so tight that Lito can’t hold back his load for long. He pops a nice cum shot all over Tim’s cock and open hole. After pushing some cum deep into Tim’s ass, Lito feeds the leftovers to his...

Hard Brit Lads - Stany Falcone and Jack Jefferson

Hard Brit Lads – Stany Falcone and Jack Jefferson

Super-Hot Muscle Lads Hot muscle lads Stany Falcone and Jack Jefferson have a hard sweaty session, deepthroating each others cocks, before Stany rims and fingers Jacks muscle butt and fucks him hard in three positions.. climaxing in two huge & explosive cum shots. Fantastic. Super fit handsome stud Stany Falcone has a hard sweaty session with cute muscle lad Jack Jefferson in this great scene, which pairs two incredibly hot guys with fantastic bodies and big dicks. The scene starts with passionate kissing and both guys eager to check out each others bodies. Stany puts his vest behind his head,...

Straight Rent Boys - Nick Kush fucks Ryan King 2015

Straight Rent Boys – Nick Kush fucks Ryan King 2015

When Eddie and I are down at the beach, we meet a guy named Ryan King. He’s spending the day skateboarding and just hanging out. This 21 year old doesn’t have a job, but picks up some cash doing odd jobs and playing pool. I see if he’s down with making some money filming at our studio. He agrees and we head back to the office. At, you never know when you pick a guy up just what is going to happen; I won’t even go into the story about the hustler that stole all our equipment, hence, the...

Tim Tales - Koldo Goran and Faruk

Tim Tales – Koldo Goran and Faruk

This week we’re teaming the Spanish bareback fucker Koldo Goran par excellence with one of the best takers out there. Faruk can’t get enough of Koldo’s massive bare cock. These two were coming from the beach, all tanned and both horny as hell. They were fucking way before I had time to grab my camera. Watch Koldo release his deep wrath on that bottomless hole. You understand now, why we moved to Spain?

The young farmerboy - Nathan and Matthieu

The young farmerboy – Nathan and Matthieu

While the young farm boy, played by Matthieu, is completing his tasks in the barn, Nathan, a handsome young man who stumbled up from a car crash asked him for help. It isn’t long before there is a spark between the two of them and they end up fucking wildly in the hay. After being sucked for a while, Nathan takes the tight ass of Matthieu on all fours in the haystacks before starting to fuck him again full force and eventually cum on his face with a large amount of hot and thick sperm.

Axel and Florian - Morning Glory

Axel and Florian – Morning Glory

Axel and Florian spent the night together. When Axel wakes up he has Florian’s morning glory right in front of his face. Of course he has to suck it. After Florian is fully awake he adds other ideas to the situation. What a morning with all that glory 🙂