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The Coverup - Austin Wilde and Christian Wilde

The Coverup – Austin Wilde and Christian Wilde

From our friends over at Naked Sword, we present to you The Coverup, which consists of Christian Wilde bottom for the first time ever! Christian and Austin have known each other for years, and having wanted to fuck each other probably that entire time, but never given the chance, we knew this was going to be hot and passionate. After sucking each other’s dicks for awhile, Austin throws Christian on the bed and dives into his ass…to prepare him. If you watch closely, Christian actually gets harder as Austin slides his dick deep inside him- we all know what that...

Military Classified - Emmett Blowjob

Military Classified – Emmett Blowjob

Today I’m presenting a brand new sponsor towards the fall into line and his title is Emmett! This right stud it is currently surviving in Florida in the stunning town of Chicago and invested sometime using the Coast Guard. Since heis looking for cash nowadays he’s had the enjoyment of achieving Ron and does not mind crossing the erotic point to create it. View as Emmett provides response and lots that absolutely justifies a return visit out of this stud. While Emmett came to my galleries he was seeking fairly warm! This child is just a restricted and slim body...

Toys - Killian James and Alexis Belfort

Toys – Killian James and Alexis Belfort

Top fucker Killian James requires complete enjoyment with dark-haired Alexis Belfort as his bottom child for that evening. Joining Killian within the space that is blackened, Alexis laps at Killian; s armpits, sampling the work, as then he likes Killian, obtaining the complete flavor on his language;s tasty slice penis too. The singlet Killian James wears structures his hairy body, coated and muscled in a lean coating of hair, the small fucker experiencing Alexis s language sampling every accessible inch of his open skin. Installing a basketball-joke to his child, the interest will certainly be completely on that bubblebutt that is...

JocksStudios - Tony Douglas and Jay Kohl

JocksStudios – Tony Douglas and Jay Kohl

Jay Kohl is one busy dude grilling hot dogs on the back porch when his buddy Tony Douglas comes out to join him. Starving for some grub, Tony checks out his hunky buddy and then the sizzling slabs of barbecued meat. Without skipping a beat, he quickly makes it clear which wiener he’d prefer. He falls to his knees facing Jay’s crotch and crams his mouth full of cock. His lips slide easily over the tip and then down the lengthy shaft of Jay’s tasty meat pole, letting his tongue massage the fleshy sex muscle with hungry slurps. Both men...

Broke Straight Boys - Kaden Porter And Zach Covington

Broke Straight Boys – Kaden Porter And Zach Covington

Kaden Porter isn’t-one for small-talk and Zach Covington discovers that out fairly fast when Kaden really wants to leap right in. After some producing out, the kids shed their garments and Zach falls on Kaden, drawing that penis till he’s got Kaden difficult and sexy after which he lies back again to obtain some dental next! As he operates Zach&rsquo Kaden deepthroats Zach s prick;s penis together with his moist mouth. Kaden gets another round of cock sucking from Zach before Zach lies on his belly while offering his ass as much as Kaden who gradually slides his associate into...

Tim Tales - Flex Xtremmo and Gabriel Vanderloo

Tim Tales – Flex Xtremmo and Gabriel Vanderloo

Wonderful Flex Xtremmo is back and puts a smile on our faces with his perfection. He gets hardfucked by Gabriel Vanderloo whose extralong cock tested Flex´ endurance. But a real man isn´t complaining, he´s taking it! A great scene. Two perfect muscle guys in a sweaty match.

Magic Mouth - Calvin Banks and Joey Mills

Magic Mouth – Calvin Banks and Joey Mills

If you haven’t been following the Helix boys on social media, you’re definitely missing out! Huge hung top Calvin Banks has been eyeing jailbait Joey Mills tweets hardcore. When they finally meet big man Banks is smart enough to make the most out of the opportunity. Armed with his smart phone and a big dick, Banks breaks out Joey’s super hot video thats exploded online. Then he poses a question….. “Joey, do you think you can deep throat my dick as good as in your video here?” Calvin wants to know if Joey is willing to put his mouth where...

Debt Dandy 157

Debt Dandy 157

This guy Debt Dandy 157 looked very cute and had a pretty apartment. He was a genuine sports fanatic. He spent an awful lot of money on sports equipment, including a new bike. Well, better than spending it on drugs or roulette, I guess. A 25 000 Crowns customer loan from a sharkish lending company. I couldn’t wish for a better guy. He was good looking and had a cute smile. Also he was smart enough to see benefits of my special offer. He was really scared of debt-collectors. That’s why he understood that it’s maybe better to get ass...

Dirty Scout 49

Dirty Scout 49

This boy looked very shy and nervous Dirty Scout 49. His appearance was a bit informal but he was handsome. It took some effort to squeeze a word out of him, I guess he was a bit camera shy. He didn’t have a full-time job before so his unease was understandable. He worked only part-times in a small town east of Prague. His current job was about drying hops and he wanted something better. He wanted to live in Prague. Of course, I had a nice well-paid job for him. But I doubted he would do anything unconventional to get...

Czech Hunter 266

Czech Hunter 266

In front of a hospital Czech Hunter 266 I almost bumped into a guy looking at his cellphone. He had a bandaged arm, which looked like a nice conversation opener. It turned out that he got injured in the warehouse where he worked. In the Czech Republic you don’t get sickness benefits for the first three days of the sick leave. Which can be very difficult for some people. Fillip, that was the boy’s name, was more than happy to show me some skin to compensate for the lost money. His beautiful chest was worth much more than 500 I...