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Titan and Sergyo - Black is Back

Titan and Sergyo – Black is Back

We know the monster cock of our black topmate Titan has been away for too long. Then this week we decide to call Titan back and make him meet with our power bottom Sergyo for an explosive scene. The ebony dominant guy puts the bottom at his service, first giving him a huge pole to taste and blown deeply, then fucking his hole as if there were no tomorrow. Sergyo obviously wants a reward: when reaches his climax he begs to have his ass full of thick cum! Watch it now and be delighted with this hot encounter.

Cazzo Club - AJ Alexander and Rick Lous

Cazzo Club – AJ Alexander and Rick Lous

The two foreign sporty guys AJ Alexander and Rick LOUS relax in the beauty of Berlin’s nature and smoke. Rick is deaf, horny and incredibly clever. He knows exactly how to make his new buddy sex-hungry. His red Nike sneakers are all he needs to do this. He pulls them off and pushes them to shut up AJ. The smell of rough rubber can harden his cock in seconds. Now Rick pulls out all stops with his skills. He throws himself onto the floor and licks his fat dick out of his pants and the white socks of his buddy....

Maskurbate - Alexandre and Fook

Maskurbate – Alexandre and Fook

Alexandre goofy attitude changed as Fook went down on him. Nobody expected him to be that dominant. He took Fook’s head like a sex toy and fucked his face over and over again until he came on it.

Penthouse Fuck - Hayden Clark and Aiden Summers

Penthouse Fuck – Hayden Clark and Aiden Summers

Aiden Summers and Hayden Clark are spending the evening naked overlooking the town. Aiden can’t wait to get Hayden’s giant cock down his throat. Hayden never fails to deliver a rock hard pole up a tight raw ass like Aiden’s. He shoves it in condom free and plows into Aiden’s guts deep. Watch Hayden’s chiseled body flex and view of the close up, ass drilling action.

Gay Massage Table - Elijah Young and Tom Fiaty

Gay Massage Table – Elijah Young and Tom Fiaty

Elijah is lying down on the massage table, stroking his long cock in the sunshine. Tom strides over to begin giving him a massage, dribbling warm oil on ginger Elijah’s hairless, sleek body. He starts rubbing down his chest, letting his strong fingers glide over soft skin, ever so slightly brushing his hands over his hard cock, teasing him. Tom squirts more oil on Elijah’s firm cock, working the oil in using long strokes. Tom’s also excited, and can’t help giving his own shaft a tug and stroke. Tom can’t wait any longer to suck Elijah’s rod, and takes him...

Bustin Beach Bums - Blake Mitchell and Joey Mills

Bustin Beach Bums – Blake Mitchell and Joey Mills

Hang 10 with the sexiest group of naughty lifeguards on the beach. Some lifeguards are looking for trouble. They bait the waters and troll for fresh meat in their favorite hot spot. Blake finds his opportunity when he sees Joey smoking illegally on the beach. Blake decides to teach the kid a thing or two about respect. Respecting COCK, that is! This hunky lifeguard goes above and beyond to discipline Joey Mills giving much more than mouth to mouth! Mouth to cock, cock to ass and more. Blake brings Joey to his Jeep for Sex on the beach.

College Dudes - Alan Kennedy and Kris Carpenter

College Dudes – Alan Kennedy and Kris Carpenter

Alan Kennedy and Kris Carpenter take things nice and slow as they get each other heated up, taking their time undressing, kissing, and working their way down to those eager cocks! Kris goes for Alan’s thick cock first, using his hand and mouth together to work Alan’s sweet dick, and after they pause for a break to make out, it’s Alan’s turn to go down on Kris. Alan licks and sucks that shaft, sucking Kris’s balls a little as he gets him harder and then flips him over and licks his ass next, rimming Kris’s tight hole before he buries...

Cocksure Men - Andrew Crime Barebacks Alex Vichner

Cocksure Men – Andrew Crime Barebacks Alex Vichner

Andrew Crime and Alex Vichner make out hot and heavy on a couch. First base soon leads to second base and the clothes come off. Alex gives Andrew head and then they flip. On the couch they suck each other’s cocks, 69ing. Andrew gets down and rims Alex’s ass and licks his balls. Alex’s hole, now wet and ready for Andrew’s raw cock, gets plundered bareback. Alex bends over the couch’s arm, his ass up in the air ready for more. Andrew delivers ramming his pole bareback deep into Alex’s ass. Andrew sits down and Alex mounts his hard raw...

Broke Straight Boys - Benjamin Dover And Jason Sterling

Broke Straight Boys – Benjamin Dover And Jason Sterling

Jason Sterling isn’t one for making small talk, he’d prefer to get right to it and that’s just what he dos when Benjamin Dover dangles his big dick in front of Jason’s face! Jason stuffs Benjamin’s fat cock into his mouth, running his lips up and down the full length of his shaft as Benjamin watches him suck that dick. They switch off and now it’s Jason’s turn to lie back and enjoy some oral as Benjamin goes down on him then stands up to meet his lips for some kisses before they get to fucking! Benjamin gets on all...

Ryders Double Load with Quinn

Ryders Double Load with Quinn

It’s been a long time since Quinn and Ryder last hooked up but they assured each other that they’d make sure that the memory only gets better! When I asked them who’d prefer to top and bottom, the each had trouble deciding what they preferred, as they know that the other is well equipped to do either job – so a flip fuck it is! Quinn bottoms up first and is instantly glad he did. Ryder is hitting in the exact right spot! Plus the fact that Ryder is worshipping his feet as he’s rocking his world only makes things hotter....