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Welcome to Latin Leche – Money rules the world and when you are on the hunt for some Latin boys, it gets even easier. Welcome to the world of our raw gay adventures featuring picking up Latin boys and having with hardcore POV action. We are on top and we are making them do crazy things for little money, all of it in first person perspective videos. Are you ready to hunt some cash-hungry, cock-hungry straight boys from the streets? Come with us!

Latin Leche – Numero 112 – Xstian & Jon and Abe

I have been planning a threesome with one of my Numero 112 favorite boys for a while, and today I meet just the guy to bring into the mix. He’s a sexy soldier, and I can’t wait to see what kind of heat he’s packing in his camo cargos. I offer him some cash, and he spitroasts my little buddy with me as his cock gets hard as a rock. The boy sucks the soldier’s dick and then perks his ass out to let him slide his raw dick deep inside his tight butthole. Then, he spurts a creamy load...

Latin Leche – Numero 111 – Abe

This edgy cutie is the perfect Numero 111 guy for our nasty cameraman to try his massage skills on, so he asks to film it first of course. The cute punk sucks our trickster’s uncut dick, bounces on his thick cock, and has an intense, leche-covered orgasm.

Latin Leche – Numero 110 – Manu

When our cameraman catches sight of this masculine hunk’s meaty Numero 110 package, he has to see it for himself. He pays the hung stud to let him jerk his cock, ram his virgin asshole raw, and feed him a helping of chunky leche!

Latin Leche – Numero 109 – Xstian

This extra horny Latino boy tells our Numero 109 cameraman that he can cum without touching his cock at all. He proves it as he sits on the trickster uncut boner and has an intense prostate orgasm that makes him spurt hot leche all over himself!

Latin Leche – Numero 108 – Gonzo and Cano

Our cameraman finally makes a move on his adorable Numero 108 straight friend, offering him a wad of cash to fool around with a macho friend of his on film. The boy agrees, diving head first into a bareback anal threesome that makes him moan and gasp before shooting a hot load of leche from the tip of his dick!

Latin Leche – Numero 107 – Bastian and Gus

A scruffy, straight stud agrees to jerk off for our Numero 107 cameraman even though he’s never fooled around with a guy before. Soon, his virgin asshole is getting an intimate education as our trickster fucks him raw with his uncut boner!

Latin Leche – Numero 106 – Diego and Matias

I’ve shot a ton of dirty videos with this super cute boy in the past, but this if the first Numero 106 time he has ever brought a friend. Apparently, he is head over heels for the handsome guy, and I can totally see why! The good-looking stud has a real clean cut, professional look about him, but you can tell he has a naughty side that is just ready to come out. I offer some money to film them have some filthy fun, and the gorgeous guy accepts. He licks his little buddy’s thick cock and then inserts his...

Latin Leche – Numero 105 – Walter & Rodri CBA and Tommy

Last time I hung out with this handsome hunk, I paid Numero 105 him to fool around with his stepson on camera! So, today, I want to try another dirty idea out with him. I offer him a few pesos to meet some of the sexiest young guys in town, and boy is he excited. He is so pleasantly surprised when he sees their muscular bodies that he drops right to his knees to pleasure their girthy cocks. Then, he perks his ass out and leans up against the wall to enjoy an intensely pleasurable anal pounding. Finally, he strokes...

Latin Leche – Numero 104 – Axel & Walter & Emi and Tommy

This week, our cameraman Numero 104 invites a boy, his boyfriend, and his stepfather over for a good ole fashioned family orgy! They get their fill of bareback fun and then jerk themselves to completion, covering the horny kid in a coat of steaming leche in this great production.

Latin Leche – Numero 103 – Armond Rizzo

I knew that I was popular in my own country, but I didn’t realize Numero 103 my cock had fans all over the world! Today, I make a long-awaited trip to Los Angeles and meet a sweet, wavy-haired boy who loves the hot videos I make. He gives me some tempting eyes, so I ask him if he’d be interested in trying out my world-famous dick for himself. He tells me his ass is famous, so it’s a match made in heaven! We head back to my place and he kisses the tip of my cock tenderly before taking the...