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Latin Leche – Numero 90

Something about artsy guys Numero 90 turns me on, and when this cute hipster kid shows up to view the room I posted for rent online, I am totally drawn by his scruffy aesthetic. He is interested in moving in right away, so I tell him a bit about what to expect if he’s going to live with me. One thing is that I like to be naked when I’m at home. Luckily, the boy reveals he too, enjoys being nude in his home. Before I know it, the two of us are completely undressed and he is slobbering on...

Latin Leche – Numero 89

I have definitely become a Numero 89 professional at what I do…but even I run into a roadblock every now and then. Today, this curly-haired cutie just doesn’t seem to be in the mood to play around with me. That’s why I call in the big guns – my favorite stud, Kendro. The irresistible, tattooed hottie lays down next to the prudish boy and suddenly, his whole mood changes. He pulls the boy’s uncut cock out of his jeans and licks the shaft eagerly. Then, he invites me to join in on the fun, watching as I fuck the kid’s...

Latin Leche – Numero 88

This week, our Numero 88 cameraman hits the beach with his handsome brace-faced friend! They find a cute boy to play with and the outdoor action heats up quickly. He films as his friend slobbers on the stranger’s uncut cock before bending over to take a bareback pounding and a mouthful of warm leche!

Latin Leche – Numero 87

When a new boy at the bar forgets his ID at home, the Latin Leche Numero 87 cameraman invites him into his office for a special arrangement. He brings in another four regulars to take turns barebacking his sweet hole, before ending the orgy with a warm bukkake.

Latin Leche – Numero 86

Part of the Numero 86 reason I’ve been so successful in scouting hot hunks to film is my killer instinct—when I have a hunch about someone, I’m rarely ever wrong. So when I see this sexy stud roaming the streets, my intuition tells me to follow him. Something about the way he moves makes me think he’d be fun to fool around with. He makes his way into the park for a stroll and it’s the perfect time to make my move. I ask him what he’s doing hanging around one of my favorite cruising spots, and he says he’s...

Latin Leche – Numero 85

This week Numero 85, our cameraman spots a hottie on his bus ride home…and he can’t stop staring at his ass! He offers the boy some cash, and the boy lets him bareback his tight hole before shooting a load of leche all over himself!

Latin Leche – Numero 84

This week, our Numero 84 cameraman films as a cute boy gives a hot stranger some sexy play at the new gay bar in town. He sucks the handsome stud’s cock before plowing his hole raw. Then, he sits on the guy’s dick and takes a hot load of cum up his ass!

Latin Leche – Numero 83

Our cameraman films as the bouncer of a hot, new Numero 83 gay bar lets a cute boy suck his fat, uncut cock for entry. The kid slobbers all over his dick before bending over and watching as the bouncer slowly penetrates his tight hole! He feeds him a load of leche, as he earns his way into the club.

Latin Leche – Numero 82

Our cameraman Numero 82 has a knack for meeting cute boys who will do anything for a buck. This week, a sweet kid sucks his uncut cock and lets him bareback his inexperienced hole just so he can get the money to buy a new phone!

Latin Leche – Numero 81

In Buenos Aires there’s a notorious cruise bar. Two friends Numero 81 work up the nerve to go in for a day of public sex & anonymous encounters. In chapter 1, one of the cute Latin hipsters heads to the bathroom with the bartender to take the stud’s load.