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His First Dick

His First Dick

Johnny Torque is one of the coolest guys at school, and a friend of Texas Holcum’s brother. When Johnny drops by to hang out with Texas’s bro, Texas is home alone. His brother went to the gym, so Johnny decides to hang out and pass some time chatting with Texas. Johnny takes out a pornographic magazine, featuring photos of naked girls. Johnny sees that Texas is kind of grossed out by the magazine. This is a clear indication to Johnny that Texas MUST prefer boys. Texas has never even had a girlfriend! It all just adds up. Johnny knows that...

Ethan Hayes

Introducing Ethan Hayes

Meet Ethan Hayes. Ethan’s a tall, tan, golden haired & emerald eyed, barely legal Wisconsin native with a swimmer’s build and a love for the outdoors. In his first scene here at Helix Studios, he sits down with young Grayson Lange to share more of his passions and let us get to know a little more about him before the nature boy pitches his 7inch topper tent and gets to know the ins & outs of the beautiful brunette bottom on this, Ethan’s first official great Helix adventure.


Ian Cummings and Maxwell

I was out in Orlando, and found me 2 models to shoot back at my hotel. Maxwell, visiting from Brazil with that 9 inches that he has. They had troubles fucking when they first started, but a small break, they watched some porn on my computer, and all that changed. I love the action in this video, and it is one of my favorites with nice penetration closeups.

Jesse Avalon

Jesse Avalon Fucks Gage Owens Raw

Jesse Avalon is still pretty new, but Gage Owens is ready to get to know him on a whole new level as these two pair up for a hot fuck! They waste no time getting at each other, with Gage planting soft kisses all over Jesse’s body as he works Jesse’s pants off and unleashes that big, uncut cock. Gage teases Jesse’s member with his wet tongue, sliding it up and down that long shaft before taking it in his mouth and sucking it, deepthroating that sweet cock while Jesse thrusts it deeper down Gage’s throat! Gage gets Jesse so...

Rex Roddick

Cracked Open – Amerifist and Rex Roddick

Rex Roddick has a had a long and piggy porn career. He started off early going big but he finally goes EXTRA LARGE. We worked with him on EDGER9 and when he got a glimpse of Amerifist and learned of STUDFIST he was all over the idea of finally getting fisted. Amerifist pops his fisting cherry – its an awesome display of want and need VS a virgin fist hole!

Marco Strutt & Luke Pascoe

Marco Strutt & Luke Pascoe

Cocky chav lads Marco and Luke have defined bodies and big uncut dicks – Lukes is thick as a beercan, but its Marco who does the fucking. This is an intense scene, with facefucking, deep sucking, rimming and fingering, and very hard fucking in 3 positions, ending with a cum facial and one of the biggest cumshots you will ever see! 

Devon Felix

Straight Hunk Devon Felix Barebacks Asian

Sebastian is taking a nap. Devon is on his way out, when he sees the sexy Asian stud sleeping on the couch in a jock strap. Sebastian’s shorts are pulled down just enough so that Devon can see his beautiful crack. Fuck the plans, Devon can only think about Sebastian’s ass right now. He slowly lowers Sebastian’s shorts and then starts to rim him. This wakes up Sebastian, and he is more than delighted to see this hot biracial stud rimming him. They start to kiss, rim and take turns sucking their hard cocks. Devon takes Sebastian’s uncut meat into...

Debt Dandy 129

Debt Dandy 129

Sometimes life isn’t fair. When I walked into this guy’s home i noticed that all the furnishing looks very old. Like from his grandparents. But at least it was quite clean. He told me that he needed something like 28,000 CZK. Not such a big amount. But he gambled and lost. And he took a private load from people from which you better shouldn’t do so. And the payday is coming soon. Well, to admit: I was also gambling when I was young. And like most other people I also lost. I was in debts but I had my parents...

Raw Vice

Raw Vice – Antonio Miracle & Damien Crosse

Damien Crosse is getting high and asphyxiating himself while he jerks off under the shower, when the doorbell rings. Damien’s fuck date, Antonio Miracle, has just arrived…and he wonders who he’ll have the pleasure of giving permission to do whatever they want to with his body. Damien however will never know. Since Damien will be blindfolded from the point the stranger enters the room until after the stranger cums on his asshole twice before taking all the thick cum from Damien’s hole and lapping it up into his own mouth before finally letting the load fall inside Damien’s throat. Blindfolded...

Fucking Beyond Stupid 2

Fucking Beyond Stupid 2

FUCKED BEYOND STUPID describes best what Pussy-Boy Lover RED did to his favourite Hispanic Fuck-Doll ANGELITO in this nasty, brutal piece of Amateur Porn. RED seemed to be on a mission to destroy the boy`s fuck hole, pounding and slamming that boy pussy for his own, selfish pleasure only. MACHOFUCKER-Style at its very best.