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Express draining for Thirsty Cum Lover

Express draining for Thirsty Cum Lover The juice right from the tap, this video of 10 hot guys with jizz loaded balls who stopped by to empty them in Eric’s mouth. Ten huge dicks he drained to the last drop, including 3 straight guys with boiling testosterone: Kalhid the boxer, Cyril and Jonathan, two of the biggest and thickest calibers he’s ever seen. Horny males who came to unload for Eric and camera. No it’s not shot in 3D, but 21 ejaculations in all, captured under 3 different angles!

SpankThis – Punish Me

SpankThis – Punish Me Being roommates can be rough. Learning to live with another dude’s habits and clutter can be downright frustrating at times. So, it’s good to be able to find ways to release all that pent up energy in a satisfying way. When household conflict arises between hot roomies Troy Ryan & Casey Tanner, the sexy and submissive Tanner is quick to apologize. He also knows the perfect way for his young strapping stud buddy to take out his anger and teach him the lesson he desperately needs to learn. Breaking bad habits can be tough, but when...

Double Dicked Pig

Double Dicked Pig Big, black top Rodrigo has just snagged Riley in his underground lair. After getting his big cock sucked, Rodrigo has James come in and join the fucking fun as they both take turns destroying Riley’s eager ass.

Cum Addict

Cum Addict Big dicks everywhere. Fucking us on both ends while a line of dudes were trying to get to in. I needed all their cum, so some had to wait. My hole had never been so full.

Debt Dandy 119

Debt Dandy 119 Mobile phone blocked, rent not payed and job is gone…. merry Christmas. This guy really fucked up his holidays. Even though in most cases the boys behaved irresponsible and stupid and therefore caused their situation themselves I still feel sorry for them. Half year ago a member wrote me that I am sometimes mean or rude to the guys… it might appear rude when I make them serve me sexually in return for my financial help. But otherwise it wouldn’t be the lesson which they obviously need. They should consider the money not as a gift. Today’s...

Have They Both Been Good All Year?

Have They Both Been Good All Year? Happy Christmas guys! I hope when Santa empties his sack on your floor you get what you wanted! Seth and Mathew can’t wait for the big bearish man to arrive, they have cum loads in their cocks they need to get out! Sucking each other off and swapping their tight bareback butt holes each boy takes his turn, with Seth getting it first, then Matthew, finishing up with more mutual oral and a couple of well-deserved cum shots jerked from their dicks! It is going to be a white Christmas after all!

Amateur – Car Sex

Amateur – Car Sex I don’t know much, they seem to be Mid-Eastern, it has no sound though…

Jailhouse Fuck – AJ Alexander & Skikes

Jailhouse Fuck – AJ Alexander & Skikes Out to cause trouble, young Irish tearaway Skikes is back behind bars with officer AJ on duty charged with keeping an eye on this disrespectful thug. Whilst his supervisor is there, AJ is professional and calm, but as soon as his boss clocks off, AJ turns around and lets the gobby little shite know who’s really boss around here! Unlocking the cell and letting himself in, AJ is already hard at the thought of what he’s going to submit his prisoner to, and it’s a hard-on hard to hide! Handcuffed and treated to...

Christmas Threesome – Tim Kruger & Caio Veyron And Ian Torres

Christmas Threesome – Tim Kruger & Caio Veyron And Ian Torres It´s Christmas and we have a hot Threesome for you. Tim and Caio use their huge Cocks on Ian Torres. Ian proves once more that he is an enduring power bottom and takes the pounding of both big men. After opening his little ass, Tim and Caio give Ian a Double Penetration. You have to see that! Merry Christmas!