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Belami Online – Antony Lorca & Rocco Alfieri

As the opening of this clip illustrates perfectly, Rocco and Antony Lorca are visually the perfect couple. The bodies of gods, the faces of angels and dicks that create desire at every viewing. We start our scene off in the morning as the couple beginning the day in the most romantic way possible: kisses and caresses lead seamlessly to oral and rimming and back again to kissing before our hunks have worked themselves up to the main event. This is one of our most romanticly endearing and sexy scenes and a change of pace to some of the more energetic...

Belami Online – Jeroen Mondrian & Dean Cooper

This is Dean Cooper first scene here at BelAmi, although our Freshmen members will remember him from his introduction there earlier this year. As for Jeroen, we all know him well, but he lets us in on a little secret: his love of dumplings…. and the amount of exercise he has to do to keep the dumplings from showing. I’m sure that there will be no gym today though, as he gives Dean quite a good working out that probably burned through a weeks worth of dumpling calories.

Bareback Me Daddy – Joris and Esteban

Esteban has been a bad boy and daddy Joris needs to dish out some well-deserved discipline. It starts by stripping the boy out of his pants and laying him face down for a good spanking. Then the young man is presented with a big cock so suck on. The spanking continues, as daddy gets his stiff dick sucked, and doesn’t stop until that raw meat is firmly planted inside Esteban’s hairy hole. After riding that raw cock, the young man is put on all fours for a final round of bareback fucking that ends with an ass full of warm...

Bareback Latinoz – Wilson & Italo and Swan

Wilson joins Latin twinks Italo and Swan who are already naked in bed and playing with each other’s big uncut cock. It isn’t long before the horny trio is enjoying the taste of each other’s stiff dick. The oral continues until Wilson grabs a double headed dildo and stuffs each end up his bed buddies’ skinny butts. Eventually, the slim and smooth boys trade the sex toy for a raw spit roasting the ends up in a barebacking daisy chain fuck. By the time they are done there’s cum dripping from Italo and Swan’s well fucked little butts.

Dick Dorm – Double Ended Ass Play – Jay & KC Blaise and Vinny Hattan

Slender, fit Vinny Hattan and chiseled cutie KC Blaise found a two-headed dildo to play with. Naturally, I made them slide it into their tight holes to see how much they could take, on top of having my big, thick cock take turns sliding down their throats. It was so fucking hot, and we all got to let off a creamy load.

8Teenboy – Raw Ramming – Adam Hunt & Kurt Niles

Raw Ramming Led by scalding hot teen hormones and rock hard cocks that need immediate attention, Adam Hunt and Kurt Niles stumble into the closest unoccupied bedroom to lock lips and loins. Kurt can feel Hunt’s rock hard heat radiating through his jeans; so, he drops to his knees for feeding time. Hunt’s delicious dick disappears down Kurt’s cocksucker as he gags down every girthy inch. Adam has quite the appetite as well and, Niles has the prime piece to satisfy the suck slut. Blondie chokes down the brunette’s boner buffet as Kurt discovers the kid’s can with feisty fingers....

ChaosMen – 2201 – Blaze Burton & Wills Raw

Blaze Burton said he has only bottomed on a few occasions, and he was not a big fan. My goal is to ease him into it with smaller steps. I think before he was just tossed into the deep end. Wills is incredibly versatile and is so easy to work with, that I thought these two might make a good flip-fuck video. They sure did! Wills also likes to eat ass, so in order to get Blaze more in the mood to take a cock, Wills does a great job of slicking up his hole. Wills then slides his cock...

Staxus – Alfresco Arse Raiders 2

Nothing beats sex Alfresco Arse in the great outdoors – as this bunch of horny STAXUS rascals are only too eager and willing to demonstrate. No mundane, vanilla, indoor sex for these boys. First opportunity and they’re fucking away with the wind in their hair and the sun in their eyes; totally uninhibited in their wanton fornication, and maybe even getting a buzz from the thought of getting caught! Johnathan Strake, Chris Jansen and Paul Walker are just a few of the legendary STAXUS buddies who like their action to be unrestrained by indoor orthodoxies!

Hard Brit Lads – Young Hung and Ripped

Delicious young men Ripped all getting hot and sweaty with each other, stripping off their sports kit and pulling out huge cocks and tight pink buttholes? Yes Please! Director Simon Booth knows exactly what we want to see on the menu at this restaurant, and gives it to us in platefuls. Hung young twinks with tight toned bodies all playing with an equally sexy partner, either sporting giant dicks of their own Ripped or allowing their holes to be well and truly used, there’s nothing better than that, and we know it. Allowing ourselves to be driven wild by stars...

MEN – Virtual Fuck Part 3 – DO and William Seed

Ripped stud D.O. is feeling horny, and decides to get off with his virtual reality goggles. He gets extra hot and bothered as beefy beau William Seed appears naked in front of him with his big, uncut, erect cock. He takes in William’s virtual cock and slobbers all over it. Meanwhile, his roommates return home and catch him in the act so they get comfy to watch as the whole session plays out. D.O. undoubtedly has the best masturbation session he’s ever experienced.