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My Sexy Fuck Toy - Marcelo and Yago

My Sexy Fuck Toy – Marcelo and Yago

Marcelo wastes no time taking control of his sexy little bottom Yago. From a long dick-feeding to a fucking ass-tearing, Marcelo makes sure Yago will never forget the feeling of his huge cock. FREE DOWNLOAD VIDEO

Czech Hunter 235

Czech Hunter 235

Day two of our short holidays in the mountains. We spent all day looking around without any success. Finally, in the evening we were in the right place at the right time. We met a snowcat driver on the way to rescue two lost boys up in the mountains. Peter seized the opportunity and convinced the driver to take him with. Luckily, the boys were unharmed, just a bit tired and confused. And they didn’t have an insurance which would pay for the rescue. Peter immediately offered them his help. They were extremely grateful, which was exactly what he needed....


Jan Cerny – SPANKING

Jan Cerny – SPANKING Jan Cerny is blindfold and gagged, with his wrists and ankles tied to the four corners of the sofa that he is sitting on. He is struggling against the ties as Filip Cervenka walks in and starts to slap his well developed chest. Filip moans as the hands land on him. Filip grabs at Jan’s nipples too and pulls on them as he continues slapping him. He then takes a whip and uses in on the chest before applying clothes pins to Jan’s nipples. The whip is swapped out for a belt that is used to...

Damien Gunn

Squirtz – Damien Gunn

Squirtz – Damien Gunn After a year away Damien Gunn dropped in to show us the new man he has become. He had taken himself away from the wild city life and retreated to the country for some peace and quite and for some quality time with his best friends: his zoo-like collection of animals, with everything from dogs to chameleons. Just by looking at his perfect skin and his toned physique you can see that the country life has been good to him. But healthy life-style doesn’t mean he can’t have fun while he’s living it. In fact Damien...

Cheaters – Armond Rizzo & Billy Santoro

Cheaters – Armond Rizzo & Billy Santoro Young Armond Rizzo isn’t very content with the fact that Billy Santoro, the older man he’s been seeing in secret, is still with his boyfriend. Feeling ‘second placed’, Armond feels he should tell the truth so they could finally be together. But Billy is concerned that if he tells his boyfriend that he’s been cheating on him, he might get violent. Despaired, Billy lowers his head and places his hands over his face. To comfort him, Armond leans in to kiss Billy’s ear, then slowly makes his way down the neck. To forget...

First Time Flashback

First Time Flashback (Alex Killborn & Noah White)

First Time Flashback (Alex Killborn & Noah White) Losing ones virginity is one of the most sacred and celebrated rites of passage in the life of a young man. Join us as Alex Killborn recounts in deliciously detailed description, his first time knocking boots with another blushing, boy-hungry teen. In this fond & filthy deflowering flashback the part of the curious virgin catcher is a perfect fit for the young & nubile Noah White. Some say sex should be saved for that one true love. Others think sex is like pizza, even when it’s not great, it’s still pretty good....

Tim and Tony Milan

Tim and Tony Milan

Tim and Tony Milan Tony Milan is one of those lucky guys who simply have that perfectly tight defined body. We had seen him a few times in the net and were very happy when we found out that he was in Europe. We got in contact with each other and so we got this hot video with him now. Tony is a little bit on the kinky side (which we didn´t know before), so the scene ended with a nice pissing sequence. DOWNLOAD OR EMBED VIDEO

Owen Powers Go-Go Gang Bang

Owen Powers Go-Go Gang Bang

Owen Powers Go-Go Gang Bang A night of Go-Go dancing at the notoriously raunchy Ramrod Bar in Fort Lauderdale turns into a 10 man gang bang for slutty fucker Owen Powers. The pack of muscle studs and big dicked daddies take turns fucking his holes and loading him up with their hot loads. DOWNLOAD OR EMBED VIDEO


Sweethearts – Evan Parker & Tyler Hill

Sweethearts – Evan Parker & Tyler Hill Each year, February 14th is a special day that touches many different people in many different ways. Some go all out with fat baskets & bursting bouquets. Others focus in tight, probing their partner’s deepest & innermost needs & desires. Some go at it hard with epic pledges & thrusts of raw emotion. Others lightly tease and nurture what might grow to be a mighty matchup that’s one in a million. The one thing we can all agree on is that what’s universally important is that we’re together in our chosen intimacy with...

Kyle Dean

Kyle Dean FUCKS Hungry Bottom Jimmy Bona

Kyle Dean FUCKS Hungry Bottom Jimmy Bona We believe in second chances here at GayHoopla. After Jimmy Bona recently begged us to come back and get fucked by Viagra big dick Kyle Dean… it was hard to say no. Jimmy Bona has a monster ass that loves getting pounded out and Kyle just couldn’t wait to pork this man. After Kyle took a bite out of Jimmy Bona’s ass, he was ready to make him beg for mercy. Kyle fucked Jimmy Bona so hard that he came all over his face with his own cum from an enormous blast. All...