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Blacks On Boys - Beau Reed and Deepdicc

Lollipoptwinks – Miro loves bare twink dicks

It’s a secret place where dude pay by the twink dicks hour for a little room to share, and these two boys make the most use of it when they book some time! Miro is hungry for his friends hard uncircumcised dong, and his ass needs a good bare fucking too. Patrik feeds his lucky friend his uncircumcised pecker, plays with his ass and fucks him so well, then his own tight little pucker gets some licking before he shares his fresh spooge with his sexy young friend!

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Gay Teen Dream – Alan Davis & Hunter Graham

Gay Teen Dream, unassuming and absolutely adorable, Hunter Graham and Alan Davis are in their teen-dream bedroom making out like high schoolers at Lovers Lane! Fresh and new at this, they find their way together with their harder than hard dicks that their boy bodies haven’t even grown into yet! In a hypnotic state of youthful excitement having some fresh cock all to themselves with no parents home, the boys dive in! Naturally curiosity and the need for anal pleasure gets the best of them and when cheeks are spread, an angelic look comes over Hunter’s face and it’s definitely...

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Bareback Boys – Alan Davis & Gabe Isaac

It’s a cool Bareback Boys crisp chilly day in San Diego as Alan Davis happens upon young hottie, Gabe Isaac, in the park. Ever the flirt, Davis invites the kid back to his place where they can warm up…. Which is the understatement of the YEAR, ‘cause boy is packin’ some HEAT! Underneath all those clothes lies a scorchingly HOT, mammoth meat monster! His schlong hangs heavy with engorged thickness and Davis devours every last inch, bracing the base with his hand so nobody gets injured because this thing is a weapon! Davis’s dong gets the star treatment it deserves...

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Lights! Camera! Cumshot! – Landon Vega & Trevor Harris

Lovely latin lad Landon Vega and new, hung hottie Trevor Harris get cozy at a Helix photo shoot. The boys make sure the photos are scorching hot, and as they take their time slowly undressing and making out for the camera their big boners start bulging! This is Helix after all so the photos are XXX and hot as fuck; however, the boys are so hypnotized by one another’s dicks they don’t even notice when the photographer slips out of the room! Lucky for us we kept the camera rolling! After some severe schlong sucking the boys spice it up...

Dennis & Lucho both get it in a raw twink threesome

In a lot of these videos I see so much more kissing raw twink than I have ever seen in porn previously, and I just love it, but it’s also a different kind of kissing which I’ve never seen before. It is so much more tender, affectionate, and erotic than I am accustomed to seeing. It’s so much better. In some of the older videos the kissing is so wonderful that I was thinking that if the boys did nothing else but neck and make out, and kept their clothes on the whole time it would still be worth multiple...

Trail Blazers – Max Carter & Joey Mills

Max Carter and Joey Mills are horny hikers exploring the great Trail Blazers out doors. Their shirts are off and their tight young bodies are glistening in the sun causing a magnetic attraction and the boys desperately NEED dick, and NOW! The boys find solace in the shade of a tree and go all wild kingdom on each others cocks. Joey’s hole beckons for Max’s attention and gets it…… HARD. Carter gets his work area wet before plowing the kid bareback over a rock like a lion in safari. Back inside the boys finish what they started. Bare and condom free...

Blowjob Action - Arthur Davidson & Mark Manzella

Park and Play – Corbin Colby & Landon Vega

Landon Vega picks up Corbin Colby for their first Park date and from the get go these two hotties can’t keep their hands off each other! The boys are rock hard and it’s making it tough to drive to they pull over and pull out their cocks! Corbin is a contortionist getting the best angle in the cramped passenger seat and devours Vega’s cock right there on the side of the road! The boys realize they need more room if Corbin’s cock is gonna be able to stretch out to full mast so they bring it back to Landon’s and...