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Sean Cody – 2596 – Michael

30-year-old flight attendant Michael introduces himself by saying, “I wish I could say that flight attendants weren’t slutty, but it’s absolutely true that they are.” A cute versatile bottom who loves pasta, “My Fair Lady,” and travel to exotic locales like Hong Kong, Michael quickly proves the point with a couple of his naughtiest tales of combining cock-loving and jet-setting, then takes off his shirt to show his toned muscular and hairy chest. As Michael strokes his cut six-inch dick, it absolutely drips with pre-cum, and his sensual strokes soon have him cumming long and hard!

BrokeStraightBoys – John Henry Is Back To Fuck Grey Donovan

John Henry is back for some action and Grey Donovan is ready to help him with that as these guys get right to work on each other, kissing and undressing until they’re both naked and Grey is on his knees. Grey’s lips and hands wrap around John’s prick as he sucks him off, placing a few gentle licks on john’s hairless belly before getting another mouthful of hard dick. John makes sure to take care of Grey next, going down on him as he chokes and gags on that big dick until he’s got Grey good and hard. John Henry...

RealityDudes – Dudes In Public 48 – Lakefront – Roman and Ryan Cage

Roman and Ryan Cage are two hot and horny hunks on the prowl for some lakefront fuck and suck. When Ryan spots Roman he wastes no time in getting Roman down on his knees and servicing his thick uncut cock. Roman takes Ryan’s dick deep in his ass, letting the tattooed hottie pound his hole up against a tree before taking it to the ground for a down and dirty drilling.

RealityDudes – Dudes In Public 47 – Barbershop – San Bass and Killiam Wesker

It’s an ordinary day at San Bass’ barber shop until the fit Killiam Wesker walks in. San drops everything to service the horny stud’s hard cock, leaving another customer with a towel over his eyes – totally unaware as the dark-haired hotties record themselves swapping sloppy blowjobs in the barber chair at Reality Dudes. San fucks Killiam’s tight hole right there in the barber shop until he shoots his huge load all over the hungry dude’s face.

RealityDudes – Dudes In Public 46 – Roadside – Marty and Jerome

Marty and Jerome are two horny European dudes who aren’t going to let a busy motorway stop them from getting their dicks wet. The hard-bodied studs swap blowjobs as cars cruise by mere feet away, filming the whole thing! They take turns pleasuring each other’s rock hard uncut cocks until they both shoot their creamy loads beside the road.

RealityDudes – Dudes In Public 50 – Bar – Darcy Oak and Derek Allan

Darcy showed up at Derek’s bar hoping to blow off some steam with a drink, but when Derek Allan accidentally knocks the drink over onto Darcy’s lap there’s a change of plans. Derek Allan starts fondling the hung older stud’s cock through his pants then takes it out and starts sucking it right there at the bar. Darcy films the sexy sneaky encounter on his phone, capturing every second of Derek’s long wet blowjob before he puts him up on a stool and pounds his tight hole until they both blow their loads.

Dudes In Public 45 – Bathhouse – Ryu & Dom Ully & Ryan Cage & Vito and Tony

It’s peak hours at the spa, and every hot and horny stud in the city is taking a steam. Dom Ully, Ryan Cage, Ryu, Tony and Vito decide that the dick to square inch ratio is just right for a hot and heavy orgy in the showers. The smooth-bodied European hunks drop their robes and explore each other’s muscular bodies with their hands, mouths and cocks, sucking and fucking their way to, if not enlightenment, at least ecstasy.

Jason Sparks Live – Jack Hunter and Adam Gage BAREBACK in Kansas City

Looking something like a Nordic god – Adam Gage is stunning stunning man. Jack Hunter – you know him – is also a stunning stunning man. Just looking at these two in the interview is enough to get you hard. Don’t skip through this interview it’s a total gem! Blonde Adam sucking on Jack’s big dick as he kneels on the bed. Adam lying back as Jack licks his slightly furry hole. The two kissing as Jack bare fucks Adam. Jack’s cum oozing from Adam’s well pounded hole. These are just some of the highlights in this amazing scene that...

Raw Fuck Boys – Colton Burke and Hayden Michaels

Hayden Michaels has a talented tongue – he wraps it around Colton’s big cock as he sucks it hard. But with Colton on his back – his legs spread wide he uses his talented tongue to its most deliciously devastating best as he buries it deep into Colton’s pale hole. Then he shoves his raw dick into that saliva lubricated cunt – pounding it hard while grabbing his smooth white butt cheeks. Colton is in raw fuck heaven.

Bromo – Rough Encounter – Shane Jackson and Bo Sinn

Submissive Shane Jackson waits eagerly with his ass out for his master Bo Sinn. After a quick spanking, Shane can’t wait to get his mouth on Bo’s hard bulge, desperate to devour his cock. Bo face fucks Shane before filling his tight asshole with his huge hard cock and leaving him waiting for more.