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Jizz Addiction - Alex Andrews and Jake Steel

Jizz Addiction – Alex Andrews and Jake Steel

What Alex Andrews began as an innocent shower turns into hard core sex, but what else could you expect when 2 hot naked studs are wet and horny’ Alex and Jake seem cock starved as they suck each others’ dicks before Jake bends Alex over, rims his tight ass and puts his hard cock in. The guys have a long, rough, passionate fuck and as Jake orgasms; he pulls his throbbing cock out of Alex’s asshole and shoots his cum on his back! With jizz still running down Alex’s ass-crack, Jake sucks his cock until he…

Cocksuremen - Drago Lambert Barebacks Andy West

Cocksuremen – Drago Lambert Barebacks Andy West

Sexy studs Drago Lambert and Andy West kiss and compare their bulging biceps. They take their shirts off and Andy makes his way down Drago’s firm chest. Andy sucks Drago’s thick cock, salivating as the pecker fills his wet mouth. The chiseled men french kiss and Drago throws Andy’s jeans in the corner. He kisses Andy’s muscular body and begins deep throating his solid rod while stroking his own. Drago rims Andy’s sweet manhole and pushes his throbbing meat inside the hot ass bareback. He kisses Andy as he enters and pile drives his raw tight hole. Andy moans as...

Marcelo Mastro Barebangs Thiago Sartori

Marcelo Mastro Barebangs Thiago Sartori

Thiago Sartori and Marcelo have instant chemistry – they start kissing and their cocks are already hard. Thiago does his very best of swallow Marcelo’s massive cock – we’ll give him a 9 out of 10 as he manages to get most of it down his throat. Marcelo reciprocates and then uses his tongue to lube up Thiago’s ass for the bareback fuck it’s about to receive.

Hot House - Philippe Delvaux and Kyle King

Hot House – Philippe Delvaux and Kyle King

Horny stud Kyle King invites his pal Phillipe Delvaux over to check out his new apartment. Like most guys in their 20s they soon decide to check out each other instead! Kyle discovers that Phillipe has a hard on that’s about as big as his arm. After they swap blow jobs, Phillipe rides Kyle’s face, then bends over and opens his hole. Kyle fucks him, then gets on his back to take Phillipe’s cock. Don’t miss all the XXX action, live now exclusively in the Hot House Backroom!

Back for More - Jacob Dixon and Brad Chase

Back for More – Jacob Dixon and Brad Chase

Jocky, cocky and newly tattooed Jacob Dixon has been layin’ low in Texas for two years but the call of the lime light and the love of cock has beconed him back to Cali to film a few scenes for Helix! New generation Brad Chase gets the honor of welcoming the veteran back to the fold and there’s definitely fireworks from the get go! Brad hasn’t heard of Jacob and this does NOT sit well with Mr. Dixon; but no matter, he knows he’ll get the chance to have his revenge on the newbie’s tight little ass. Outside Brad has...

Introducing - Nathan Reed and Grayson Lange

Introducing – Nathan Reed and Grayson Lange

Adorable alabaster angel face Nathan Reed is new to the scene. We’ve sent Grayson Lange in to do some invasive probing and he definitely gets the goods for ya! We find out Nathan isn’t quite as angelic as he looks, having given head in a movie theater AND the fact that SWALLOWING is one of his favorite activities makes him downright devilish! He fits right in at Helix and Grayson is here to welcome him with open legs! The welcome wagon starts off with a mouthwatering blowjob from master mouther Lange, loving every inch of Reed’s smooth peaches and cream...

Big Dick Rental - Mike De Marko and Mike Maverick

Big Dick Rental – Mike De Marko and Mike Maverick

Mike De Marko is showing Mike Maverick the available rental space and they discuss him renting it. Mike asks if Mike D comes with the space and he notices a very large visible cock line in Mike’s jeans. They seduce each other and soon they are kissing and groping each other. Mike DeMarko pulls out his massive cock and Mike is surprised but excited by the size. Mike sucks and gags on the huge cock for a while before they switch places. Mike DeMarko then bends Mike Maverick over the trash can and begins rimming his ass deep. He fucks...

Fresh and Wet with Felix Medina and Max Carter

Fresh and Wet with Felix Medina and Max Carter

Blonde bombshell Max Carter is a hugely popular Helix model and is turning out to be quite an amazing director as well; doing a spectacular job on our solo series. Here he’s paired perfectly with new cutie Felix Medina who’s frolicking by the pool. There isn’t one flaw on Felix’s beautiful brown skin. Every inch of this latin lover is perfection; and theres a LOT of inches to love! Being a “hands on” director Max always gets the most from his models; stroking their egos and their cocks equally always helps the guys give us their best. This scene is...

Fraternity X - We Got A House Bitch

Fraternity X – We Got A House Bitch

The boys Fraternity X and I were cruising around to pass the time and came across some punk-ass pussy bitch. The little fucker told us off so went after him “take-down” style. We dragged his lanky ass back to the car and then haled him up to the frat house. We kept him tied up in the closet so he can be our little house-bitch. Josh says we got a little too carried away this time.

Introducing - Wes Campbell and Chandler Mason

Introducing – Wes Campbell and Chandler Mason

We’ve hooked up red hot Chandler Mason with fine ass fresh meat Wes Campbell so they can get to know each other a bit better. Wes’s lovely surfer boy locks are blowing in the breeze on a beautiful Cali beach as Chandler digs DEEP with some HARD hitting questions. Wes does not hold back! He gives Chandler all the grease on his first time, coming out of the closet, and how he like it in the sack and much MUCH more! All these tasty tidbits tantalize Chandler and he NEEDS to get the boy to the bedroom before he busts....