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Harlem Hookups – Spring Fever

Yo Guys? Guess what? The weather has broken! And the best thing about warm weather is all the dudes barely wearing anything to keep! Another great thing about warm weather is is hiking trails! And I went on a little Walk through the Forest with Xander and Austin. Of course the goal was to get their dicks. But to top it off Austin loves to tease with his ass! So he made sure he stayed ahead of us so he could show off that ! So naturally Xander and I made sure we kept up! Before I knew it we...

Harlem Hookups – Big Dick Bait

Most Straight dudes cant suck dick! But Its sure is hot watching them choke on a big dick while they were tryin to swallow it! Ryan got adventurous one night and wanted to try sucking on my big black dick. He said he had never sucked dick before and wanted to try a big black one! So he invited us up to stay the night. But I don’t think Ryan was made for sucking dick! The next day he was back to shoving his dick down my throat like last night never happened lol!

Harlem Hookups – White Bones N Red Bones

Rogan loves to suck dick! He especially loves those days he gets to score more than one big dick in a day! watch him gag down Xander’s BWD and moan while he takes his raw meat up his ass! And right after hook up with some anon red bone in a hotel! He loves being a little cum slut!

Harlem Hookups – Fuckin & Flippin

Moving Is a pain in the ass. Moving with another person is even more of a pain. But moving in with your favorite fuck bro makes up for all of it. Because every breast u take you are fuckin and flippin and fuckin some more! But now that we are all settled. Some of our other fuck bros can come back and play!

Harlem Hookups – Raw Country

So we all love those Raw Country dudes! But we really love those country dudes that love to fuck raw! Meet Ace! Ace likes to call himself a country thug lol. Whatever he is it sure is sexy. watch this goofy country white boy take some raw dick in his ass! Also watch us give the dick down to another one of your favorites!

Kristen Bjorn – Time For Action – Attila Kardos and Apolo Fire

While out at the street festival, Apolo Fire eyes up a hot guy, Attila Kardos and invites him back to his flat conveniently located just around the corner. Things heated up real fast at the festival and continued to sizzle once behind closed doors. As the kissing escalates to an arousing level, so do both men’s bulges in their shorts. The cocks come out and Apolo drops to his knees and begins running his succulent lips up and down the smooth shaft of Attila’s rock-hard cock. Attila likes the force and velocity that Apolo sucks cock and guides him with...

Latin Leche – Numero 76

This stud always charms me Numero 76 with his pretty eyes. We take a walk together, and I get ecstatic at the idea of filming him fuck another guy. After a little searching, we run into a cute twink who seems to be in the mood for some fun. Of course, we offer Numero 76 him a few bucks to play, and after a little convincing, he accepts. When we’re back at the house, the horny twink stuffs his hungry mouth with our stud’s thick dick right away. Then, he hops on top of his meaty cock for a rough...

HelixStudios – Introducing Alex Riley – Jacob Hansen & Alex Riley

Alex Riley is one of the most exciting new models in the biz! He’s so hot, Jacob Hensen can barely control himself while chatting the newbie up. Between the flirting and severe eye fucking, we do find out the 21 year old Texas native now lives in LA, loves smaller guys he can toss around and is a dominant dude fond of choking when he fucks. The thought gets Hansen super hot and the boys quickly wind up in the bedroom. Alex Riley tears into Hansen, making good on his dom promise. He whips Jocob’s pants off, kisses his way...

Fuckermate – Introducing Axel – Viktor Rom and Axel Brown

This week we introduce you Axel Brown, our last discovery from Argentina. He arrived in Barcelona with a great desire to find proper huge dicks for his hungry ass. What better for him than meeting our powertop Viktor Rom then? Moreover Viktor is in the mood for some sado and after a massage invites his young partner to play with wax. From that moment on Axel Brown obeys to Viktor’s commands like only a real submissive guy can do and gets fucked bareback until he can’t take the huge cock anymore. In a epic final Viktor erupts in big shoots...