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Kyle Rhodes Caught A Horny Poke Twink Bryce Christiansen!

Kyle Rhodes Caught A Horny Poke Twink Bryce Christiansen!

Sweet young blond boy Kyle Poke Twink has been out hunting and caught a real prize! Back at the hotel he releases his new PokeTwink, eager to be there and ready to train. It seems this sexy young friend doesn’t need a whole lot of training though, he’s already skilled in the art of sucking a big uncut cock and sliding his own thick and juicy bareback dick into his trainer’s tight little ass! With cum loads fucked out and our sweet Poke Twink wet dick sliding back into that warm hole the training is complete and they’re ready to face...

A big bareback cock for his tight little hole

A big bareback cock for his tight little hole

Inked big bareback top twink Dennis Nicolero has a treat for his new sexy young friend Kasper Arley. The boys make out, wank & suck those hard young cocks, then Dennis plunges his naked length into the boy’s tight little hole!

Twink dildo play with gorgeous young Josef Moravec

Twink dildo play with gorgeous young Josef Moravec

Josef Moravec is feeling particularly horny today. The sweet young twink has a brand new dildo to enjoy, one of a collection of things he loves shoving up his butt. If you were there it would be your big bareback cock sliding in and out of him, but for now he has to make do imagining it’s you filling his ass while he makes himself cum. 

FraternityX - Fresh College Meat

FraternityX – Fresh College Meat

We got done with banging chicks College Meat so we could make this vid. Our new house bitch is Ian. He’s getting worked in. We fucking love fresh meat around here. Nothing better than loosening up a tight hole. College is da shit!

FraternityX - New House Bitch

FraternityX – New House Bitch

Yo wud up! Its Wednesday House Bitch and we’re all lit! I grabbed a couple of my boys and found a pretty little freshman. Time to update the site bitch! Our newest fuck toy is Cooper. Looks like a girl when i’m fucking him from behind. But at least he doesn’t cry like some of these other bitches.

Protein - Blake Mitchell & Corbin Colby

Protein – Blake Mitchell & Corbin Colby

Work out buddies Blake Mitchell and Corbin Colby set the screen on FIRE Protein in this young muscle, flip-flop fuck fantasy! These fuckable friends work out together and naturally get worked UP! With POUNDS of cock and fresh young muscle between the two it’s easy to see why. Still dripping with sweet sweat and hopped up on hormones, the pair can’t control their lust and soon the young muscle hunks are filling each others mouths with their throbbing love muscles. The sun beams through the blinds, bouncing off the boys ample asses and highlighting all the HARD work the two...

Lay Up - Brad Chase & Kevin Daley

Lay Up – Brad Chase & Kevin Daley

Basketball jocks Brad Chase and Kevin Daley are both great with balls and work Lay Up a sweat on the court before deciding to bring that heat back to the bedroom! Their loose fitting basketball shorts start to tighten as they play a hot game of grab ass. Brad unwraps the gift that is Daley’s dangerously big dong and goes to TOWN! This is the kind of cock that cums around once in a life time and Brad basques in it’s glory, worshipping every amazing thick inch. Revved up, Kevin commands his basketball buddy to show off his hole, which Brad...

Bed Shakers - Joey Mills & Wyatt Walker

Bed Shakers – Joey Mills & Wyatt Walker

It’s a rainy day at home Bed Shakers in this boyfriend fantasy. Joey Mills wakes his boy Wyatt Walker with some happy trail kisses that send the couple on a boyfriend, bed shaking shag-down of epic proportions! Romance is in the air and it’s clear these two have amazing chemistry from the start. The boys take their time with this one, steaming up the screen with a sizzling make out session that leads Joey to Walker’s wonderfully big wang! Anxious to get in his bf’s briefs, Wyatt flips the twink over and out flops the MONSTER cock that Mill’s is...

First Time Flashback - Wes Campbell & Chris Keaton

First Time Flashback – Wes Campbell & Chris Keaton

We always Flashback love to delve deeper into our boys and allow you to get to know them better. Wes Campbell is one of THE prettiest boys on our roster and in this scene he’s exposing himself in a way we haven’t see before, discussing his first time! The story was so delicious we HAD to reenact it for you. It’s like being a fly on the wall of this pretty boy’s first fuck and all the while Wes’ sultry voice tells us how he’s feeling. His lucky partner is blonde, big dicked Chris Keaton who is super gifted with...

Debt Dandy 189 - The Gay Need Money for Pay Hotel Room

Debt Dandy 189

I visited a nice young couple today. They lived Debt Dandy 189 at a cheap hotel because they were kicked out of their previous apartment. They wanted to leave the hotel and move into a new apartment. They already picked one but they didn’t have enough money to pay the deposit and rent for the first month. They got into this situation after the boy lost his job and his girlfriend wasn’t able to provide for them both. She was a little edgy and angry at her partner. She acted like if it was all his fault. When I told them my...