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Showing Off Sean Ford & Max Carter

Showing Off Sean Ford & Max Carter

Sean Ford is a spectacular gift from the heavens. Master mind Max Carter directs our boy here. He chats the stud up about his hobbies, home town and the gym; which is where the beauty just came from. Still engorged and glistening from his work out, the golden boy gets down to business showing us what he’s workin’ with. Carter gets the boy’s boner cranked up, then has him turn around to show us his other good side. Beautiful, smooth and golden brown, Ford has THE most perfect skin on the planet; and his cock ain’t bad either! He peels...

Raw Little Piggies - Brad Powers Fucks Dominic Chavez

Raw Little Piggies – Brad Powers Fucks Dominic Chavez

Dominic Chavez has a thing for toes, especially when those toes belong to muscle hunk Brad Powers. As Brad plays with his thick and veiny cock, Dominic slowly makes his way from Brad’s toes to his engorged dick and deep-throats that bad boy until Brad’s ready to fuck him raw.

Young russian boys lovers are finally alone

Young russian boys lovers are finally alone

Ultra hot russian boys banging bareback, one of the best videos I’ve ever seen, I enjoyed it enormously, hope you guys will enjoy it too! This is one great gay porn studio out there. Love you all!

Cute Boys Bareback Boner Fun - Mickey Ramirez & Holden Ross

Cute Boys Bareback Boner Fun – Mickey Ramirez & Holden Ross

Imagine spending the night with either of these adorably cute boys! Better yet, imagine being between them! The boys are quickly making out, slipping out of their onesies and getting to grips with those hard boners as they lick and suck on each other. With dicks throbbing and oozing Mickey’s ass is soon up for rimming, and with a little spit for lube Holden eases his naked shaft into his friends perfectly tight young hole. Some ass to mouth action and plenty of thrusting as Holden slides his pink length in and out of his lovers tanned ass has the...

Cock Tease - Jake Genesis & Brayden Forrester

Cock Tease – Jake Genesis & Brayden Forrester

His hair body is perfect, his face is intense and his cock is hard. You can tell that Jake Genesis needs an ass to fuck. He stares at Brayden Forrester, wondering if he’s the one. Brayden closes the distance between them. He wants the cock Jake is stroking, but he must earn it. A tongue bath does the trick, wetting and savoring the hairs on Jake’s body, from chest to armpits to thighs. Driven to see the ass he intends to fuck, Jake splits the seam of Brayden’s pants to reveal their hot center. A core test of Jake’s tongue...

Dirty Scout 63

Dirty Scout 63

This boy got my attention from the very beginning. I read his CV, which was nothing outstanding, and didn’t expect much. I can hardly Dirty Scout 63 describe how much I was surprised. He was incredibly cute and very nicely dressed. And he was a great fan of football.  He even had football shorts under his pants! Yes, I got him off his pants and it didn’t take that much effort. I could see the greed in his eyes, he was exactly the type. When I was jerking his massive cock that was already leaking cum, I knew this is going to...

The Wedding Planer - Derrick Dime & Abel Archer

The Wedding Planer – Derrick Dime & Abel Archer

Weddings are expensive, and Abel Archer knows this more than anyone, as he regularly encounters clients with no idea how much a basic wedding costs these days. Not being a totaly dick, Abel usually works with his clients to help ease the sting of such an expensive endeavor. Take Derrick Dime and his wife. The attractive young couple has the wedding all planned out, but Derrick balks at the price he’s quoted when Abel comes over to fit him for his tux. Derrick can’t believe the extortionist rates Abel Archer is charging, but it appears Abel has him by the...

HairyAndRaw - Marc Angelo & Amir Badri

HairyAndRaw – Marc Angelo & Amir Badri

Muscle bear daddy hunk Marc Angelo is ready for a wrestling match with Amir Badri. Except dressed in their skimpy shorts, each is hard even before the camera started rolling! They waste little time in getting down to business, with a bit of making out before moving on to some nipple chewing. They get each other even more juiced by slowing down on the need to get off and oil each other up, instead. It’s not unlike watching Turkish oil wrestling as Marc and Amir pour the sticky stuff on each other and work those big muscles. Cocks included! But...

Beauties by the Bay - Brad Chase & Wyatt Walker

Beauties by the Bay – Brad Chase & Wyatt Walker

It’s a beautiful day by the bay; two of our hottest models, Brad Chase and Wyatt Walker are adding to that beauty. Enjoying the scenery while stealing lusty looks at each other, this perfect pairing flirt hard core before bringing that heat somewhere more personal. Country boy Wyatt has a world class wang that gets cock crazed Chase on his knees in light speed! Wyatt is a logger in his home town and has quite the lovely log of his own! The thing is like a redwood! The boys toss each other’s tonsils, rearranging each other’s throats with each deep...

Broke Straight Boys - Kaden Porter Fucks Issac Lin Raw

Broke Straight Boys – Kaden Porter Fucks Issac Lin Raw

Kaden Porter and Issac Lin are both pretty quiet guys, so you know when they get together for a scene that they’re not interested in making small talk, they want to get right to the good stuff! Kaden and Issac make out and Kaden teases Issac’s nipples a little before moving on down to Issac’s big dick, taking it out of his boxers and sucking on that sweet cock. He takes Issac’s balls in his mouth and gets him hard and then kneels on the bed and lets Issac give him head next, face fucking him hard and Issac takes...