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8Teenboy – Practice Makes Perfect – Taylor Coleman & Jack Philips

18 year old North Carolina cutie, Jack Phillips just arrived in Vegas to film with all tight bodied twink Taylor Colman. The chemistry is electric the moment Phillips cums tumbling into Taylor’s room luggage and all. The guys aren’t scheduled to film today but they DEDINITELY take time to get to know one another inside and out the moment that bedroom door closes! After a mouth watering make out sesh, jack heads south to inspect his scene partner’s perfect piece. The fresh faced country boy chokes down every inch of Colman’s long cock, making sure to give a good first...

BoyFun – While The Girlfriends Away – Gabe Isaac & Jared Shaw

Handsome straight lad Jared Shaw works out a lot, which is perhaps why he always finds himself so damn horny all the time. He’s the kind of young man who doesn’t need a whole lot of persuasion to try sharing some BoyFun, and when a gay twink as forward as Gabe Isaac makes a move on him he just can’t say no. A little groping of Gabe’s impressive bulge and a friendly kiss is all he needs and he’s soon feeling less guilty about cheating on his girlfriend. The boys move to the bedroom where they can really get to...

BoyFun – Waking Up To Sausage – Jake Olsen and Ruben Bart

Long-haired teen cutie Jake Olsen gets that and a whole lot more when his handsome buddy Ruben Bart arrives in his room to wake him up with some BoyFun, checking out his bare ass, kissing the tempting exposed rump and rousing him for a delicious dick servicing that has Jake’s cock drooling pre and his balls churning up a good load within moments. With the boy’s dick throbbing and craving more his smooth and sexy friend gets his own engorged length out of his underwear to give Jake Olsen something to play with while he works his shaft, but it...

Maverick Men Directs – Breed Me In The Backseat

When you pair-up a nasty hot breeding bottom like Chase with a queer-for-beer, horse-cocked guy like Dax, you get something undeniably hot like this fuck vid! Dax was in NO MOOD to have sex with this kid, in fact he specifically told me, “Cole, I’m not doing that kid.” So, of course I made them fuck! I told Dax, “You’ll fuck him and fuck him good or Hunter and I will fuck you again.” I just love car sex. This kind of vid makes me squirt every time.

Maverick Men Directs – Scruffy Dirty Rough Fuck

This video should have been shot in smell-a-vision because these guys smelled delicious! You have no idea, it was a combination of man sweat, nervous tension, and sexual anticipation with a pre-cum drizzle. Hoyt and Riley have natural chemistry; they both love sex and they both love to bottom or top. And they both like to fuck aggressive and raunchy. Woof! This is one hell of a flip-fuck video and be forewarned; you’ll wanna squirt your load right away so take caution when buttering up your wiener.

BangBangBoys – Marcelo Mastro Bangs Renato

Marcelo Mastro has got a problem. His big Latin cock is hard and he needs to get that sorted. He grabs a mag and lies down when Renato comes in and sees the big cock waiting and swallows it. Renato’s ass is tantalizingly close to Marcelo’s face and he can’t wait to get that beer-can thick dick deep inside. Renato takes that monster like a champ and Marcelo rewards him with a cum facial that makes him grin like a Chesire Cat.

Czech Hunter 384

I seem to have influence on people… Take this two Czech Hunter 384 guys. I met them on their way to a new job. They were in a hurry but still they tried to help me find a way. I kept pretending I was lost and then invited them for tea. They wanted to work like responsible adults and I convinced them to ditch the work for easy money. I felt bad for postponing their career prospects but then I heard that one of the boys was a student of physiotherapy. I knew he would have a top notch body....

BrokeStraightBoys – Jake Spencer Fucks Xavier Ryan

Xavier Ryan is an adventurous and energetic guy who’s gotten to know Jake Spencer over the week, and both being aggressive in bed, it should make for an interesting scene! As soon as their lips touch and their underwear come off these guys are 69ing, Jake’s tongue buried in Xavier’s ass as he rims and licks it while Xavier uses his mouth to suck on Jake’s big dick. They spend some time having fun with their mouths as they lick and suck and rim all those sensitive spots until Xavier moves to straddle Jake Spencer, sitting on his cock reverse...

UKhotJocks – Gay Bar or Bust 2 – Jessy Ares & Fabio Stallone

Jessy arrives tired and stressed after a long journey and his first impressions of the bar don’t help his mood. Fortunately, Fabio is on hand with to smooth out the situation. Fabio knows just what to say to make stars feel better, and what he can’t say with words, he says with his strong hands, his lips, his cock and hot arse. As he empties his balls onto Fabio’s hairy body, the stresses of the morning are the last thing on Jessy’s mind.

UKhotJocks – Gay Bar or Bust 2 – Jessy Ares & Dirk Berger

Starring Jessy Ares and Lucio Saints with Anthony Clarke and Dirk Berger, this king size double episode ends with Jessy signing, dancing and fucking on stage at the bar’s opening party, it’s a performance you won’t forget for a long time – but before that, Lucio has some unfinished business with Anthony which results in a quite different performance which is a serious contender for our best scene of the year. Don’t miss this mind-blowingly hot video!