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Cocksuremen - Shane Frost Barebacks Porter Loutrec

Cocksuremen – Shane Frost Barebacks Porter Loutrec

Sexy and tanned Shane Frost and the bearded Porter Loutrec have thick cocks throbbing with excitement as they make out on the bed. Porter goes down on Shane, stimulating every inch of his dick. The two studs kiss and Porter turns over so Shane can eat him out. Shane rims and fingers Porter’s hairy hole, preparing it for his man meat. He teases Porter’s ass with his cock before diving deep and raw inside. Porter moans as Shane Frost barebacks his hole. He slams his bubble-butt on the cock as Shane leans back to play with his nips. The handsome...

Cocksuremen - Billy Santoro & Seth Treston Gym Locker Room

Cocksuremen – Billy Santoro & Seth Treston Gym Locker Room

Stud Billy Santoro and sexy Seth Treston make out in the gym locker room. The clothes come off fast as Billy assures Seth they are all alone. The two hunks take turns blowing each other. Seth struggles to deep throat Billy’s hard cock, gagging frequently. Billy takes on Seth’s cock with ease, even licking his balls. Seth leans against a stall so Billy can eat his ass. Billy eats like a pig, sloppily pounding Seth’s hole with his tongue. He gets Seth’s ass wet and pounds his raw hole bareback. Billy pulls out and bends over the locker bench so...

Cocksuremen - James Hamilton Barebacks Hunky Scott Harbor

Cocksuremen – James Hamilton Barebacks Hunky Scott Harbor

Hunky Scott Harbor’s kitchen sink is leaking and he asks his buddy James Hamilton to help him fix it. James hurries over and takes a look. His big cock slips out of his shorts as he works under the sink and Scott can’t help but crave it. Scott grabs James’s cock and convinces the stud to let him suck it. He sucks long and slow, making his dick thick and firm. James face-fucks Scott and makes him gag. He asks to suck Scott and goes to work deep throating his pecker while stroking his own. Scott persuades James to stick...

Audition - Dallas Steele & Alex Mecum

Audition – Dallas Steele & Alex Mecum

During a photoshoot, audition Jasun Mark snaps away at Dallas Steele and Alex Mecum. They catch the attention of guests Dirk Caber and new buddy Liam Knox, who wants to break into porn. The nervous newbie needs some inspiration, so the director incites a four-way suck to relax him—then kicks the new arrivals out so Dallas and Alex can get to work. The two kiss, their boners poking each other. Dallas goes down on the stud, the breathless sucker coming up for air: “That’s a lotta cock!” Alex sucks the daddy back: “That’s so big!” he says with a smile....

Hung House Husbands - Steve Tuck and CJ Michaels

Hung House Husbands – Steve Tuck and CJ Michaels

Steve Tuck can’t resist the urge to play with his meat in the shower, and nor can his husbands CJ Michaels when he joins the scene. Falling to his knees he sucks on Steve’s cock good, before they swap and CJ’s cock get’s nice n hard (check out the tattoo on the head of his cock). With a cock ring keeping his dick as hard as iron, CJ bareback plows Steve from behind over the bathroom sink. Steve moans the whole way as his ass is stimulated by CJ’s iron rod.

Younger man with huge cock - Tim Kruger and Matt Stevens

Younger man with huge cock – Tim Kruger and Matt Stevens

Younger man with huge cock fucks muscledaddy. One of my (Grobes) favourite themes. We saw Matt in Florida and man, this guy really has a perfect body! Thick muscles, greast chest, big arms, hot ass. Tim likes that a lot, me too, so we all enjoyed that afternoon in Miami when Matt got fucked on the bed, at the window and in the bathroom.

Alphamales - Rich Kelly Fucks Dolan Wolf

Alphamales – Rich Kelly Fucks Dolan Wolf

Rich Kelly, with his full beard and furry chest, the perfect top to get to work on your ass! Dolan Wolf can’t resist and opens the scene slurping on Rich’s fully erect slab of meat. Pushing his bottom man’s head down into his lap, Dolan nearly loses breath on this hard and fast throat fucking, but keeps on going back for more, just as we all know he would! Flipping his man around, Rich takes his pleasure on Dolan’s hairy fuzzy ass, spitting and licking his puckering hole, making it ready for the firm fucking he’s about to give! Dolan’s...

Czech Hunter 292 - Czech Gay Porn & Gay Porn Teen

Czech Hunter 292

I went to my friend’s party hoping for a nice catch. Unfortunately, I got so drunk Czech Hunter 292 that I was unable to film. Well, at least I made a new friend there. We drunk together and talked. We even added each other as friends on Facebook. Nothing unusual. Two days ago he wrote me a message. He was asking me for help. He got himself into serious financial trouble. Being a nice guy, I agreed to meet him and discuss his problem. Obviously, I had my camera ready this time. The guy tried to look cool and hip...

Squirtz - Jake Washington

Squirtz – Jake Washington

Jake Washington has a beautiful smile on those rare occasions when he flashes it, and it’s hard not to look into his beautiful blue eyes. But don’t expect them to be a window to his soul because Jake doesn’t give a lot away in his expressions. We know, however, that there’s a whole lot going on behind that calm exterior and we were surprised by some of his adventures. Having led a fairly sheltered youth, Jake has thrown off those repressive shackles and is now out to grab life by the balls, literally and figuratively. Doing this video is just...

Straight off Base - Private Oakes

Straight off Base – Private Oakes

Straight off base, USMC Private Oakes visits the Major’s place fresh out of boot camp at MCRD San Diego. He was born in Russia and comes to us from his adopted family in Utah. Private Oakes has only been in the fleet for two months and says “it’s tough” but he’s quickly adapting to the daily grind. Back in high school he played on the tennis and soccer teams and hit up the gym whenever he had the opportunity. He’s still a bit of a novice at sex but would like to explore some bondage activities down the road. He’s...