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Show Some Skin - Brad Chase & Grayson Lange

Show Some Skin – Brad Chase & Grayson Lange

For today’s young & horny gay hotties on the hunt, the chat profile pic profile pic can be the ultimate first impression. When Grayson Lange gives Brad Chase a helping hand snapping off some possible shareable shots, these boys truly make love to the camera. Catch all of the action as these two fit & frisky photogenic show-offs get real social and make media magic!

Jack Allen and Blake Daniels

Jack Allen and Blake Daniels

There is only one word to describe TIM resident top man Jack Allen: relentless. Blake Daniels gives up his hole for Jack to rim deep – readying the hungry bubble ass to take his thick daddy dick. He keeps moaning as Jack pumps his ass full of cock with each powerful fuck stroke, picking up speed and intensity until he squirts a thick load on his hole. Jack makes sure none of it goes to waste – immediately fucking it right inside – breeding Blake good. You are going to wish you could be bred by Jack Allen after seeing...

Bruno Knickerbocker and Derek Anthony

Bruno Knickerbocker and Derek Anthony

Bruno Knickerbocker gives up his willing hole to resident TIM hung top stud, Derek Anthony. Fucking the ass excites Derek so much he has to hold back from cumming too soon but not before treating the Latino boy butt to a thick helping of precum. Begging for his cock, Derrick drills Bruno with a series of long slow deep dick strokes before breeding him deep.

Lost Bottom Boy - Zak Bishop & Bridger Watts

Lost Bottom Boy – Zak Bishop & Bridger Watts

As Bridger Watts tends the land one sunny afternoon, he spots what appears to be a vagabond drifter on his property, sneaking over by the barn. Inspecting the situation, he discovers a young and somewhat frenetic Zak Bishop trying to flee. After catching up with him, Bridger finds out that Zak is a runaway in need of some basic care. Figuring he can help out a stranger, Bridger offer the youngster a hot shower and a warm meal, but before Zak can indulge, Bridger Watts lets him know that he expects something in return. Zak asks him if he can...

How the Twinks Stole Christmas - Johnny Torque & Noah Brooks

How the Twinks Stole Christmas – Johnny Torque & Noah Brooks

Johnny Torque is home visiting his family for Christmas. His stepbrother, Noah Brooks, is a goody-two-shoes who doesn’t like to upset his mom and dad. But Johnny, on the other hand, is a VERY mischievous boy. He’s convincing poor, young Noah to open the presents under the tree early, and STEAL the gifts! Noah is reluctant, but he wants to look cool in Johnny’s eyes. He agrees and the boys unwrap quite a surprise! They find a Fleshjack meant for Dad and some special condoms meant for Mom. Johnny has been wanting to try out a Fleshjack for a while...

Abraham Montenegro & Viktor Rom

Abraham Montenegro & Viktor Rom

Two of my all time favourites, mean fukker top Viktor Rom and total, bendy cock pig Abraham Montenegro and we threw a big bastard dildo into the mix AND we took all the condoms away! Abraham wants to make a big impression on study Viktor so he hasn’t fucked for days, but the time Viktor arrives he’s chomping at the bit for a length of stiff, raw, uncut cock, and if thats what you’re looking for Viktor IS your man. Our strapping top can’t wait to push his sub slut to his knees and push that juicy dick into his...

Cum Hungry - Mario Romo & Guys

Cum Hungry – Mario Romo & Guys

In the BackRoomFuckers Cum Hungry coming up, we’ve got three guys with some cock and hole to share. The only one that would leave us his name, is the mohawk blonde, Mario Romo; the others just “fuck-in” and leave. After everyone has a turn, and takes a knee, Mario bends over and is spit-roasted, “oh, that’s good.” Pounding the boy, the camera goes behind to get every inch of this “slap happy” trio. Trading Mario off, both tops take their “pound” of flesh; that bottom boy just gives it up as one of the tops pulls out and blows. Cum...

Marcelo Mastro

Marcelo Mastro BareBangs Tony D

Marcelo Mastro and Tony are making out on the bed. Their underpants barely holding their erect cocks. They suck on each other’s cocks in a 69 – then Marcelo Mastro rolls Tony over and starts rimming his gorgeous ass. He buries his face deep in that fine butt and then spanks him on the ass when he wants his cock sucked. Tony oscillates between deep throating Marcelo’s thick meat and slapping himself in the face with it. But it’s time he got impaled by Marcelo’s monster – he jumps on and starts riding that cock screaming with agony and joy.

Men of Madrid - Gabriel Taurus & Mario Domenech

Men of Madrid – Gabriel Taurus & Mario Domenech

Mario Domenech gets a message on his phone: ‘What are you up to?’ from Gabriel Taurus. ‘I’m looking for cock,’ replies Mario. It doesn’t take long for horny Mario to buzz up to Gabriel’s apartment, where they immediately head to the bedroom. Stripping off his shirt, Mario pulls down Gabriel’s bulging briefs and goes down on his throbbing cock. After coming up for a kiss, Mario then puts his ass in the air inviting Gabriel to have his way with his hole. Gabriel accepts the invitation, burying his face in Mario’s crack while he tweaks Mario’s nipples. They even achieve...