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Male Bonding - Dylan Henri and Caleb King

Male Bonding – Dylan Henri and Caleb King

When Caleb King and Dylan Henri are chillin’ together, anything can happen. They’ve recently become friends after meeting at a popular downtown gay club. Last night, Caleb was at the same club, and a guy was gonna suck his dick in the bathroom. But as Dylan is learning, the guy bailed when he saw that Caleb’s dick is uncut. Dylan can’t believe a dude would NOT wanna suck Caleb’s cock, considering how incredibly sexy Caleb King is. Now, Dylan is taking this opportunity to show Caleb that he’s uncircumcised too and that he LOVES sucking other uncut dicks!! Caleb is...

Prowling For Lifeguards - Angel Cruz & Christian Bay and Mickey Knox

Prowling For Lifeguards – Angel Cruz & Christian Bay and Mickey Knox

Mickey Knox and Christian Bay are on vacation together and are looking for a little trouble. This year they decided to go to the beach a week or two before spring break was in full swing. Their thinking was it would be a little less crowded. Well, they definitely don’t have to fight through any crowds to see the beach but somehow they still seem to find what they desire. The beach is beautiful but what they want the most, is a hot tan stud with a killer beach body. When Angel Cruz is spotted on the sand the boys...

Hard Hitting Tops - Rex Cameron Bottoms For Michael Lucas

Hard Hitting Tops – Rex Cameron Bottoms For Michael Lucas

Rex Cameron makes his Lucas Entertainment debut, and Michael Lucas breaks him in with his 10-inch uncut Russian cock. Rex loves getting fucked on his back — there is a lot more intimacy when two guys make eye contact during a sweaty session of bareback sex. Michael makes Rex work for his load from the onset of the encounter, and if there’s one thing Rex is known for it’s his strong work ethic. Rex really loves bottoming for an aggressive top: giving over total control is Rex’s greatest sexual fetish. With that in mind, his fuck session with Michael Lucas...

Fucking the Boyfriends

Fucking the Boyfriends

Aside from the obvious, there’s always a certain level of satisfaction in fucking boyfriends. Especially when you can just pull your cock out of one, take a step to the side, and start fucking the other all in the same breath. It’s pretty fucking hot as you’ll see here. I think Austin R. and Jaxx were pretty anxious to get into Austin’s pants, and play with and take his huge cock. The look of joy on their faces when it came out explains it all! They’re both great tops, but they’re exceptional bottoms! Austin pretty much had his way with...

AM Flip Fuck - Max Carter and Justin Owen

AM Flip Fuck – Max Carter and Justin Owen

Each morning, in towns & villages all across America , people wake up in the morning to the familiar sound of a rooster crowing. For Max Carter & Justin Owen, the beast that stirs in the early waking hours is an entirely different kind of cock and is often greeted with a far, if not entirely different reaction. Watch as these two young & chiseled early birds get up & at each other and give new meaning to the term ”crack of dawn”.

Czech Hunter 255

Czech Hunter 255

I don’t like shopping. But I met this young Czech Hunter 255 parkourist at a subway station, he was headed to a store to buy new sweatpants. As all parkourists, he was very open-minded and very broke. I offered him to buy the sweatpants for him but I wanted to see him trying them on. One peek at his cock in the changing room made me incredibly horny. I called my friend to give us a lift to a place outside Prague where we could do some “Parkour” without being interrupted. While on the way, the boy got the first...

RawStrokes - Koldo Goran & Ronny

RawStrokes – Koldo Goran & Ronny

Gird your loins for the next scene, folks. It’s is an absolutely dynamite coupling between popular bareback top Ronny and Raw Strokes’ curly-haired satyr, Koldo Goran. Ronny is maturing before our eyes. Since starting filming for the studio in 2011, he’s put on some muscle. He’s now sporting a devestatingly cute haircut. And of course he’s just as hot to watch get fucked. Ronny appears to be having the time of his life sinking his claws into this guy. He pounds the kid all over the bed, plus he makes it a point to fuck in front of a large...

Spunk Filled Strangers - Gabriel Phoenix & Sam Syron

Spunk Filled Strangers – Gabriel Phoenix & Sam Syron

Back in his favourite haunt, Sam Syron chances upon a damn fine hairy young stud, the blond beauty having heard of the size of the dicks that hang around the area and wants in on that! Catching Sam Syron, his luck is in and Sam is straight up and pulling the muscled young lad towards him and filling his face with the stiff meat on offer. Slurping down all the way so his face is pushing against his hairy balls and crotch, getting the full flavour of Gabriel’s juicy dick! Repaying the favour, Sam is soon right inside his few...

Tim Hanes Fucks Junior Fernandez

Tim Hanes Fucks Junior Fernandez

Tim Hanes is still reluctant to try some new things with his scene partners, but his great fucking skills make up for it at least! Junior Fernandez doesn’t seem to mind getting started with the oral as he gives Tim’s cock a few good pulls before going down on him and getting that dick hard!   As Junior sucks that dick they each lose their clothes piece by piece until Junior is on his knees with Tim’s sweet cock in his mouth, getting his face fucked as he prepares his ass for what’s coming! When Tim’s long shaft is throbbing for...

Johny Cherry & Leo Jenkins - Basement Fantasy Leaves New Boy Buggered

Johny Cherry & Leo Jenkins – Basement Fantasy Leaves New Boy Buggered

There’s a very seductive and dreamy quality to the start of this intensely erotic escapade between Johny Cherry and STAXUS new boy, Leo Jenkins. Candles, coloured lighting, relaxing music – it might almost be nearly enough to induce a soporific stupor, were it not for the fact that you’ve got two of the hottest young twinks in Prague hanging around with their cocks in their hands! Indeed, these two buddies are soon engaged in what appears to be a face-to-face jerk-off; before the fantasy very quickly transforms itself into a full-on anal romp, with Cherry thrusting his meaty, aching shaft...