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Dirty Scout 61 0

Dirty Scout 61

It happens quite often that people Dirty Scout 61 don’t like my offers. But fortunately it doesn’t happen too often that guys call me a „faggot“. Especially as all started quite promising. The guy...

Bro Code - Tobias & Vadim Black 0

Bro Code – Tobias & Vadim Black

Tobias is a different man behind closed doors. Prospective roommate Vadim Black realizes this after inquiring to the final rule in the list of Bro Codes: whatever happens in the house can never be...

CorbinFisher - Jayden & Ellis 0

CorbinFisher – Jayden & Ellis

It’s been fun watching Jayden come out of his shell. It’s been even better that it’s been with some CF’s hottest studs! Ellis finds himself on the receiving end of Jayden’s big dick, and...