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Maverick Men - Fuck of the Irish Liam

Maverick Men – Fuck of the Irish Liam

Since it’s so close to Saint Patty’s Day here in Boston and I’m half Irish, Hunter thought it would be a great idea to finally show you our highly anticipated video, “The Fuck of The Irish.” We gave a sneak peek of this hot video about a month back and you all went crazy for it, mostly because of our sexy-as-fuck tall Irish boy, Liam. He has a big sexy smile, big blue eyes, hot furry legs and bubble ass – plus he is a sight to behold when he’s all horned up and ready to fuck. Liam, had been...

Va Surfer - Barely Legal Riley in Louisville

Va Surfer – Barely Legal Riley in Louisville

I met Riley at the local mall here in Louisville. He and his boyfriend recognized me from my other videos and came up and talked to me. After talking for a bit, the idea of him being in a video came up and I noticed just how young he was. I was definitely interested in this young, sexy ginger but had to ask for his ID to make sure he was legal… I was in luck, he had just turned 18! After making our way back to my hotel, I fucked Riley as his boyfriend watched… Enjoy this hot encounter...

Hunk Vs Hole - Josh Brady & Landon Vega

Hunk Vs Hole – Josh Brady & Landon Vega

Hunk of beef Josh Brady starts off with a handful of Landon Vega’s ass, from there on out he makes it his mission to own that hole. Being a seasoned cock server, Brady takes his time and enjoys the journey allowing Landon to worship his weapon with his warm wet mouth. Josh isn’t selfish with his hunky talents, tackling Landon’s latin love muscle before opening the kid’s smooth hole. He spreads the boy’s butt to get as deep as possible, burying his entire face inside eating the sweet center like a savage till Landon is begging to get dicked. Josh...

Guys In Sweat Pants - Austin Wilde creampies Corbin Colby

Guys In Sweat Pants – Austin Wilde creampies Corbin Colby

The boys were doing a webcam creampies show, and decided to record it… because who wouldn’t want to re-experience all of this?! They easily have 16 or 17 inches of dick between them…and Corbin’s ass? Well, that beautiful thing speaks for itself. They both LOVE eating ass, so they spent a lot of time buried in each other’s holes. After fucking for awhile, Corbin hopped on Austin’s cock to ride it, and Austin was so turned on that he blew his load inside him! They were so turned on though, Austin flipped Corbin over, and they kept going! Corbin eventually...

Tyler Ellis Fucks The Juice Out Of Lewis Romeo

Tyler Ellis Fucks The Juice Out Of Lewis Romeo

Tyler Ellis and Lewis Romeo are hot raw sexuality captured in this raunchy emo update. Both of these boys love to fuck and it shows as they hop in bed, strip down and get to sucking. Lewis and his bright red lips give perfect service to Tylers wanker. Tyler then uses his throbbing wanker to fuck the shit out of Lewis until they are both jerking and cumming hard for the cameras.

BareTwinks - Filling A New Twink Boy Hole

BareTwinks – Filling A New Twink Boy Hole

He’s an adorable boy, but don’t be thinking sweet young Twink Boy Hole Austin can’t handle a big bare cock! We all know Elijah has an amazing dick, but this new arrival can handle it. He’s just a teen but he’s experienced, he knows how to suck a big cock and give up his tight little hole for a long shaft to slide in and out of.  Elijah makes full use of that smooth hole in this awesome bareback fuck, finishing up thrusting into the boy’s hole and jerking his cock to a big splashing load, before dousing Austin’s ass...

Czech Hunter 305 - Two gay friends summer in the Prague

Czech Hunter 305

Summer is in full swing so I tried my luck at a popular Czech Hunter 305 lake in Prague. I knew there would be a plenty of cute boys to bribe into doing something filthy. After a few minutes I met two young friends, Jirka and David, chilling out and catching bronze. They knew each other since high school at their home town and both came to Prague to work. The boys were a bit cautious and hard to convince but my money made them to trust me eventually. We moved away from the crowds into a nearby forest where...

Dirty Scout 86 - IT Gay Men find New Network Job

Dirty Scout 86

An IT guy fresh out of school Dirty Scout 86 came to my office today. He was so scared it was cute. I even had to calm him down. This was his first job interview ever. He wanted to be a manager but had no skills for such a job. In my opinion, he wasn’t cut out for that a position at all. He was a typical shy IT guy. That’s why I offered him an IT position in which he would make nice money. The boy only had to pay our mediation fee. He wasn’t happy about it so...

Butch Dixon - Rogue Status & Mick Stallone

Butch Dixon – Rogue Status & Mick Stallone

Its rough and tumble time as studly gents Rogue Status ( you’ve seen him top but this guys a real hot bottom too) and Mick Stallone, (who’s just a total versatile, stunning, cock-hound) get down to the sweaty and nasty. Mick Stallone is in like Flynn as Rogue sucks his big, dark, uncut dick to throbbing attention and spread his muscular hairy ass for the meat delivery. Mick can’t wait to plunder that juicy hole and after sliding in and feeling the hot walls of Rogue’s ass squeezing and needing his pulsating meat he fucks the living bejeezus out of...

REALITY DUDES - Dick Dorm - Spit Roasted

REALITY DUDES – Dick Dorm – Spit Roasted

Aston is taking on both Zane and Tom’s Spit Roasted huge cocks by first giving them one of the best blowjobs of their lives. He gets them so riled up that they can’t wait to spread his fine ass and dive right in. The rest is some of the best threesome fuck-fest you will ever see.