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TXXXM Studios - Rhys Casey & Scott Williams & Jason Goddard

TXXXM Studios – Rhys Casey & Scott Williams & Jason Goddard

It’s Scott’s birthday and he’s been busy entertaining all his guests, but Rhys Casey and Jason have a special party planned for the boy! They’ve bought the perfect gifts including some handcuffs and a toy for his ass too, but there’s more! With some anal play and some dick to suck he’s soon in the mood to fuck some butt, giving twinky Rhys some banging before the boys switch and Jason gives up his tight young hole too! With so much cock and pucker on offer, it’s no wonder the boys erupt so much jizz by the end of it!...

Spritzz - Big twink cum loads for horny farm hands

Spritzz – Big twink cum loads for horny farm hands

Horny young farm hands Benjamin is ready to take a break from working up a sweat out in the sun, luckily he doesn’t have to look to hard to find sweet little Mike to share his big bareback cock with. He heads into the stables and finds the sexy twink just as eager for some fun, making out and swapping spit, sharing their gorgeous shafts with each other as they enjoy their erections. Mike’s snug little rump gets some delicious licking before Benjamin plunges his long shaft into him, fucking him bareback right there on the bench and giving the...

Latin Leche 19 - White Boy Ass Fucks Latino Hard

Latin Leche 19

These two straight backpackers were wandering Latin Leche 19 Buenos Aires at night, looking for a place to sleep. Our horny cameraman got the best friends talking and it turns out they’ve never seen each other naked! They were shy at first, but finally agreed to jerk off in exchange for money to get a room for the night. He convinced them to tug on each other’s fat uncut cocks, and once they crossed that line it wasn’t too hard to make them kiss, suck dick, fuck raw and shoot their juicy loads on each other’s faces.

Boys And The City - Student Sex In The Locker Room

Boys And The City – Student Sex In The Locker Room

The locker room can be a real horny place for Student Sex like Casper and Ashton, all that cock on show leads to unexpected boners, but plenty of chances to suck and fuck! The boys just can’t stop themselves, their list for dick is soon taking over as they reveal their shafts and swap oral. Ashton’s big uncut cock soon finds its way deep in his school friends hole, fucking him all over the locker room and making him cum, rewarded with a blast of fresh jizz to the face!

Elbows on Elbows - Max Carter & Tristan Adler

Elbows on Elbows – Max Carter & Tristan Adler

Master Max Carter comes home to his pretty puppy, Tristan Adler being naughty fast asleep on the couch taking a midday nap. Not only is Adler fast asleep, but his daily chores aren’t done and the kitchen is destroyed! Needless to say, Max is mad as hell and decides to teach Tristan a lesson by tanning his hide! He bends the boy over the dirty kitchen counter and dishes out a well deserved spanking to the bratty boy. The blond ass loving adonis removes the wrong doer’s jeans and shifts his spanking hand into high gear. Carter hikes the hottie’s black...

Dirty Scout 132 - Muscular UK punk tugging on his hard cock

Dirty Scout 132

This young man used to have truly admirable jobs in the past. He worked at a nursing home for elderly Dirty Scout 132 people and then he took care of children from poor families. He tried to get a job abroad but failed miserably. It had to be pretty bad since he refused to talk about it. Now he wanted a new job in which he would be able to put his skills in good use. I had something really special for him. He would work at at summer camps that took place abroad. Who wouldn’t like free vacation as...

Debt Dandy 243 - Amateur couple teen gay french

Debt Dandy 243

Life in the northern part of the Czech Republic was way too boring for this cutie. That’s why he decided to move to Prague and Debt Dandy 243 start a new life. He even brought his girlfriend with him. Unfortunately, our boy had a child with his ex-girlfriend so he had to pay alimony. Not to mention some other debts he managed to accumulate. He was not able to get any decent job over the six months he was in Prague… Now all those bad decisions caught up with him. Still he stayed optimistic and smiled all the time, which...

Czech Hunter 353 - Straight teen talked into stroking dicks

Czech Hunter 353

I was in a mood for a drink today. By the way I hate drinking alone. That’s why I tried to look around for some Czech Hunter 353 young guys. All I came across were girls or bearded dudes at first. Eventually, I met Honza, a young boy who had a day-off and decided to go for a little walk. I convinced him to go drinking with me instead. While we were walking to the bar he recommended, I tried to make him to do some funny stuff. Running around the river bank almost naked was pretty funny, I admit....

Dirty Scout 131 - Twink awaiting a mystery visitor

Dirty Scout 131

This cute guy was a fan of Italian sports cars. He even learned Italian to be able to read the technically documentation. That’s what I call Dirty Scout 131 passion. I must admit that the guy was quite smart and had an extensive work experience. Good for me that I had a car related job open. The guy loved it. Mainly because it was really well paid. He spent last six month on unemployment benefits as he was almost broke. It wasn’t too difficult to convince him to make some extra money. He was shy as hell but still he...

Debt Dandy 242 - Hard action packed doggystyle sex session

Debt Dandy 242

This boy wasn’t exactly a genius. He lived at his brother and mother but he had to screw something up pretty Debt Dandy 242 badly because they were about to kick him out on the street. He needed money to rent a new flat quickly. He worked at a nearby fast food, probably because he had trouble to count to ten… Well, I don’t mind shagging such guys if they are young and tasty. He hated my offers but couldn’t afford to pay the installments I offered him so eventually I managed to convince the boy. And I must say...