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Teaching The Twink Boy Some Things - Austin Lock & Kurt Niles

Teaching The Twink Boy Some Things – Austin Lock & Kurt Niles

Smooth and hung little Austin Lock is curious about things. He’s looking to get off and when he finds a condom he’s soon getting his big dick out and having some fun with it. It’s a good thing Kurt catches him at the perfect moment, he’s more than willing to help his young buddy and show him a thing or two, but the boy won’t need a condom for it! Watch as the adorable boys swap their cocks, with Kurt’s thick and throbbing length soon easing into Austin’s amazing little slippery hole, fucking the boy deep until he’s pumping his cream...

Dirty Scout 105 - Hot Bodybuilder Stroking His Big Dick

Dirty Scout 105

I wasn’t sure why this guy even needed help of our agency. His Dirty Scout 105 qualification and work experience were good enough to get him any decent job he might like. Obviously, I kept that to myself. Honesty is sometimes bad for business. Besides, the young man was simply stunning. His body was in perfect shape, I could see that right away. I knew he was going to be a tough nut to crack. He didn’t need me at all, why should he accept my naughty offers? That was on my mind the whole time. I offered him one...

Phoenixxx - Hard Working Office Boys

Phoenixxx – Hard Working Office Boys

Connor Levi is Office Boys one of the best leasing agents in the city, and it’s easy to see why! He’s showing around a prospective new tenant and soon gets that vibe that a little sweetening of the deal will get the young professional signing on the dotted line. All it takes is a whole lot of hard uncut British cock to play with, and his tight hole being offered for the hung young man to slide into. Fucked over the desk and splashed with fresh ball juice we’re sure the deal was eventually closed, but who cares if it...

Head Play - JJ Knight & Skyy Knox

Head Play – JJ Knight & Skyy Knox

JJ Knight finally Head Play has the virtual reality trophy he needs to win the game when Skyy Knox comes from behind and scoops it up. Knowing that he can’t win without seducing JJ, Skyy gets on his knees to suck the willing stud and his massive dick. As an acknowledgment of Skyy’s abilities, JJ taps Skyy on the face with his throbbing member before he turns him around and licks his tasty hole. After getting him fully prepped, JJ stands up to slide his erection deep inside his adversary. Skyy is more than willing to take Head Play every...

Twink Boys Making Each Other Cum - Jason Andrews & Sandy Jenkins

Twink Boys Making Each Other Cum – Jason Andrews & Sandy Jenkins

Sandy Jenkins and Jason Andrews are a perfect team together in this video, there’s no denying that. From the moment we started rolling they were eager and horny, making out and exploring, groping each other and getting naked. With dicks out and being wanked and sucked the boys got each other drooling precum, then it was time to fuck and finish off with a mutual jerk off to get those juices splashing!

Str8 Chaser - Titus

Str8 Chaser – Titus

Titus is a hottie! Hands down. His reaction when I started fucking his sweet ass got me even harder because of his eagerness. I didn’t think that he’d be able to take all of me, but man was I wrong about him. Titus was undeniably one of my best conquests.

Harlem Hookups - The Quiet Bro Blow

Harlem Hookups – The Quiet Bro Blow

So you guys know those straight Quiet dudes you either work with or go to school with? The ones that are hella fuckin cute but they never say anything and normally keep to themselves? So you watch them out of the corner of your eye. Hoping to get a glimpse of that bulge. And takin quick looks at their crotch. Well thats exactly who Zaqu is! One of those silent types! But he loves when i suck his dick! he’s got this huge meaty uncut dick thats always shooting large loads of nut! He came over to “hang out” but...

Beefcake Hunter - Ben pounding his first man pussy

Beefcake Hunter – Ben pounding his first man pussy

“I know that Golden Beefcake man pussy Ben created mixed reactions between the Hunters. Some LOVE him, some not much, but we all agree that this blonde straight dude is handsome! Anyways he posed kind of a challenge for me from the beginning. In different aspects, but I could not believe my luck when after our blow job session, he left his ID at my place, so whether he wanted or not, he had to visit BeefCakeHunter land! As expected, I took this opportunity to convince him to go the extra mile, and I succeeded! Like the previous occasions, Ben...

Bareback Boy Play - Jared Scott & Dustin Cook

Bareback Boy Play – Jared Scott & Dustin Cook

In the bedroom Boy Play video games, Jared Scott and Dustin Cook find some much better joysticks to fool around with; and, once adorable Dustin is on his knees he finds out WAY bigger too! Jared’s cock is big, but with super cute, tiny twink Cook next to it, the thing looks like a monster and our boy cant get enough. Dustin sucks schlong like a beast before climbing back on the bed and fucking Jared’s face. Scott grabs the kids smooth, pretty, lily white ass as he downs dick, even giving that ass a few smacks for good measure....

My Big Cock Hookup - Chandler Scott and Pheonix Fellington

My Big Cock Hookup – Chandler Scott and Pheonix Fellington

Pheonix Fellington has led Chandler into his bedroom where they have a little small talk. Both have been chatting online for a while and the time is finally here to hook up. Once the small talk is over, Pheonix pulls out his massive cock and Chandler is excited and scared of it. He does his best to take as much in his mouth as possible, but the cock is just too big. They move to the bed in a 69 for a while and then Pheonix moves to Chandler’s ass and he rims him until his hole is nice and...