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Dudes Raw - Ray Dalton & Ryan Cummings

Dudes Raw – Ray Dalton & Ryan Cummings

Damn, seeing Ryan Cummings stretched out and waiting for a top to fill his hole, he gets very excited to see Ray Dalton “cumming” through the door for this action. The two start quickly; Ray’s not one to waste time on sentiment, he prefers to spend his time “face to hole.” Ryan wets up that thick member of Ray’s before it goes to work; “your fuckin’ hole’s in trouble” quips the top. Oiled up and ready, Ray shoves in and gets this party started; Ryan can’t help himself as he rides back onto the cock. With both these verbal...

Locker Room Cock - Buddy Mason & Scott DeMarco

Locker Room Cock – Buddy Mason & Scott DeMarco

Scott DeMarco has come into the locker room thinking he is all alone he starts stroking his huge cock. He rubs his own body while pulling on his cock up against the locker. He keeps an eye on the door to make sure nobody walks in on him but then Buddy opens the door startling Scott so he turns to face the locker and has a towel over his cock hiding it. Scott keeps stroking his big dick under the towel while giving Buddy the come fuck me look. 

Corbin Fisher - Rhett Cums In Jonathan

Corbin Fisher – Both Rhett Cums In Jonathan

Both Rhett and Jonathan have shown themselves to be more than eager and able to get in to some intense and hot action with other guys for us that we wanted to get these two paired up in an episode at CF Select. I’d seem these two also wanted to get paired up with one another, as they really get in to it as soon as things start – it’s not long at all before Rhett’s lips are going to work on Jonathan’s hard cock, with Jonathan happily feeding his dick to the southern surfer stud. Not to be outdone by...

Troy Moreno & Johnny Caste

Troy Moreno & Johnny Caste

Johnny Caste hookin up with his buddy Troy Moreno in some New York hotel room. The two got only fuckin in mind, and charge right ahead. Johnny loves suckin Troy’s dick til it’s all hard and ready for him. Troy’s got a big piece, but it’s just the right size for Johnny who just loves riding that big ass dick. Once Troy starts fuckin him he ain’t stopping til he fucks that nut right outta Johnny and when Troy’s ready to blow he comes all over Johnny mixin their juice just like that!

Joris Luger fucks Bastian Winkler

Joris Luger fucks Bastian Winkler

Bastian Winkler, our big cocked friend from our neighborhood gets fucked by new timtales rookie Joris Luger. It appeared like Joris has never done anything else but fucking on cam…he was so relaxed, he simply forgot the camera and fucked the hell out of Bastian with his XXL cock. For both men this was definitely not the last appearence on Timtales. They are real hardfuckers with big cocks. We like that and we hope you like that too.

Dirty Scout 68

Dirty Scout 68

This guy had to be a terrible employee Dirty Scout 68. He was a graphic and web designer. Come on, don’t tell me it’s that hard to find a job in the field. Internet is booming. I bet he was just lazy, going through Facebook all day instead of working. Or maybe the reason was his laughable idea that he deserved 50 000 a month. Stop dreaming kid, this is real life. I offered him a decent IT job for 33 000. He liked it. But how should we deal with the fee? He looked very nicely shaped under his...

Welcum Home - Daniel Flores & Trent King

Welcum Home – Daniel Flores & Trent King

It’s been months since Daniel Flores has seen his sweet man, Trent King. Trent’s in the service and hasn’t been deployed this long since the two moved in together. Daniel isn’t expecting Trent until tomorrow, but some plans changed and he’s come in a day early. Daniel was taking a nap when Trent called to surprise him, so now he’ll be surprising him in PERSON! Daniel Flores wakes to the feeling of another body getting into bed with him. At first, it seems to Daniel Flores to be a dream. But when he feels Trent’s warm touch and soft kiss,...

Bad Cop - Donnie Dean and Ricky Decker

Bad Cop – Donnie Dean and Ricky Decker

You’ve gotta stop coming here on my security shifts,’ smiles Donnie Dean, who catches fellow cop Ricky stroking his big dick in a resident’s garage. They kiss, their scruffy skins grazing before Donnie opens wide to swallow the dark-haired stud’s thick meat, the sucker’s own boner grazing Ricky’s leg. Donnie Dean feeds him back, whipping the side of Ricky’s mouth with it as they both smile. They eat each other out, Ricky then fucking Donnie’s rippling jock ass from behind—the top’s muscular, hairy legs slamming the bottom’s ass. Donnie sits down on Ricky, his big dick bobbing as his ass...

Boys Halfway House - Felon Breeding 101

Boys Halfway House – Felon Breeding 101

We typically Felon Breeding get your run-of-the-mill dumb asses on probation: 18, 19, and 20 year old guys who aren’t old enough to go out yet so they do something stupid and get into some minor trouble. Every once in a while, however, we get a guy on parole or with a hardened criminal past. This ass-wipe is one of those. He pulled some really bad shit back in the day, and now he jumps around halfway houses in between girlfriends. Needless to say, I was surprised about his lack of respect for the house rules, given his extensive history...

BeefcakeHunter - Early Bird Blow Job

BeefcakeHunter – Early Bird Blow Job

Early bird blow job for sexy Latino Beefcake Jorge occurred at around six in the morning, the earliest shoot ever! That was his only time available to sneak out to do this since he works the night shift. Don’t get me wrong, I am a morning person and sometimes I do my work very early or until very late at night, but shooting at 6 AM? This was my first time! I have been in contact with Jorge for a couple of months, but he was kind of reluctant to do this. When he finally decided to do it, I...