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EastBoys – Dean and Oto in HD

Those of you who prefer to see two extremely hot dudes engaged in passionate bareback sex, this archive video should press all the right buttons. Dean, looking splendid, tanned and fit, will thrust his hard sizable cock into Oto, who will return the favor by giving Dean blowjob of a lifetime! Enjoy!

William Higgins – Lubos Zeman – HELPING HAND

Lubos Zeman is a very good looking guy. He lays on the sofa feeling over his body and reaching into his jeans to grope himself. He removes his tee shirt and shows off his sexy chest as he gropes. Then he opens his jeans to give better access, reaching deep inside. Lubos pushes the jeans down a little, showing off his pubes as he pulls on his cock. The cock is pulled out as the jeans are lowered further. Fully naked he wanks that cock and rubs his balls. As he strokes his cock a helping hand arrives and begins...

CollegeDudes – Gunner Dexx Gets His Ass Pounded By Mike Lobo

Mike Lobo and Gunner Dexx are ready to have some fun together, their kissing turning into cock sucking as Gunner is the first to drop to his knees and give Mike head. Pulling that dick in and out of his mouth, Gunner gets Mike’s prick throbbing hard before getting to enjoy Mike’s soft lips around his prick next. Cock throbbing hard from all the licking and sucking, Mike is ready to bury that dick in Gunner as he bends him over the bed on all fours and enters him from behind. Taking every last inch of that long shaft, Gunner...

ChaosMen – 2315 – Calvin and JJ Smitts RAW

Calvin and JJ really hit it off on the car ride to the studios. They both had a lot in common, and clicked right away. This is Calvin’s first time filming a full sex scene and he needed some guidance from JJ who can show the guys the ropes. I was also excited to see Calvin get fucked. While he considers himself Bi, he has not had a lot of bottoming experience. He has been fucked, but he was worried I would pair him with some donkey-dicked dude for his first time on film. I picked JJ because while he has...

Sean Cody – 2606 – Jax and Ayden Bareback

After meeting up at the beach posing in their colorful swim trunks, running across the dunes, and kissing in the shade Jax drives Ayden back to the house to get to know each other a little better. But Jax already knows one very important fact about Ayden: “He’s got the biggest, roundest, sexiest, juiciest ass that I’ve ever seen!” He gets right up close and personal with it, tonguing Ayden’s tight hole before sliding his massive cock inside. Jax loves Ayden’s amazing booty, but it’s his handsome face that the muscular top wants to cum on!

Czech Hunter 446

Today I was Czech Hunter 446 hunting in a small town again. I met a boy on his way from a local pub. He was a bit naughty which definitely made things easier. The guy was only 20 years old and looked quite cute. He wasn’t rushing to get back to his girlfriend so we had a little chat about his private life. He had a few juicy stories to tell and then agreed to show me some skin. I was Czech Hunter 446 paying of course, the boy was very greedy. I took him behind bushes and undressed him....

MissionaryBoys – Elder Dial – The Covenant with President Oaks

This week, President Oaks wants to see if the rumors about Elder Dial’s massive, uncut cock are true. He pulls the boy’s underwear down and finds that his dick is even bigger than he expected! Then, he barebacks the sexy missionary before drenching his balls with a thick load of cum.

8Teenboy – Beautiful Boys – Lucas Burke & Paxton Ward

Highlighted by the celestial summer sun streaming through the open blinds, Paxton Ward and Lucas Burke bask in beauty and taste the salty sweetness of one another’s supple lips. As the heavenly hook up heats up, Paxton Ward kisses his way down to Burke’s basket. He chicken heads the hearty hog till his is hungry cock sucker slides down to the thick, beefy base. Anxious to see what Pax is packing, Lucas lays down and kisses the colossal cock print through his tight, white Calvin’s. He pulls the sexy drawers down and gets smacked right on the chin by Paxton’s...

Southern Strokes – Casper Got Caught – Desmond Cooper & Casper Ivarsson

There’s nothing like a good jerk-off session. Especially when you’re horny, all alone, and have a good porn magazine to use as inspiration! Casper Ivarsson does just that. Little does he know, he’s not alone. Or won’t be for long. Desmond Cooper walks in and catches him in the act. Naturally, Desmond has to mete out a bit of sexy punishment. But don’t worry. Casper isn’t complaining. Would you, if you were the one that had to suck Desmond’s cock? Desmond returns oral favor, but that only gets him in the mood to fuck. And after spreading Casper’s legs, Desmond...

Brother Crush – Guard the Door – Dante & Diego and Eric Ford

Diego takes being an athlete very seriously, so naturally, he doesn’t want to be late for soccer practice. He asks his older stepbrother for a ride, but the jerk won’t give him the time of day unless he gets something in return. He gets the skinny kid to suck his huge cock while the boy’s twin brother guards the door to make sure no one catches them. He plows the young boy bareback, before he shoots his cream load inside Diego’s tight hole. Now, that’s one way to warm-up!