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Tight Ends Scene Two - Zach Taylor & Joey Mills

Tight Ends Scene Two – Zach Taylor & Joey Mills

Special guest director Colby Chambers is back with the highly anticipated second scene from Tight Ends Footballer Zach Taylor catches a glimpse of jailbait Joey Mills hot ass while changing and within an instant has the pretty boy bent over the washing machine. Talk about a heavy load; Mills takes a balls deep pounding from Taylor’s thick, uncut cock from the get go! The tight young muscle baller takes the twink on a fuck tour, utilizing every space in the room! Joey gets jammed with cock on the tub, on the floor and all the while calls out for more...

Fine youngsters ripping up on couch by Lolli Twinks

Fine youngsters ripping up on couch by Lolli Twinks

Scott is back with us again and if you haven’t seen him alone you should check Lolli Twinks him out stroking his dick. Scott has that young delicious look that makes you want to lick his body up and down. His been with some great vets in the past and he can pound some ass, just check out the latest scene he is in. Scott does love to be on the receiving end from time to time but it has been awhile so it’s nice to see Quentin banging out that tight ass. It’s been awhile since Quentin has sucked on...

Two horny guys Tanner Valentino Fucks Chris Taylor

Two horny guys Tanner Valentino Fucks Chris Taylor

Tanner Valentino and Chris Taylor make out and these Two horny guys can’t wait to get hard, kissing as Chris slowly makes his way down to Tanner’s cock and sucks that huge prick. But these guys don’t spend too much time on oral because Tanner knows the real treat is Chris’s tight ass and when Tanner lies back on the bed he invites Chris to wrap that hole around Tanner’s throbbing, erect cock. As soon as Chris lowers his ass onto Tanner’s dick, Tanner fucks him hard, shoving his member deeper into Chris’s entrance, making him moan in pleasure and...

JockPussy - Damien and Luke in Las Vegas

JockPussy – Damien and Luke in Las Vegas

Damien & Luke in Las Vegas had an instant attraction when they met. The two young guys are both horny creatures who love fucking and so couldn’t wait to get back to the hotel to start fucking. Luke sucks Damien’s cock and he reciprocate by burying his tongue deep inside Luke’s lovely pussy. He lays Luke on the floor and starts to fuck his hole- it feels good and Luke moans. They make the most of the furniture in the room – changing positions to get Damien’s dick as deep inside as is humanly possible.

ButchDixon - Wade Steel OMG with a couple Dani Robles

ButchDixon – Wade Steel OMG with a couple Dani Robles

OMCFG ( thats OMG with a couple of extra expletives ) cop and eyeful of these two Danny and Wade, as tall and broad as they are ripped and sexy, just add a very sexy, bristling beard, two huge sexual appetites and those oversized dicks and its gonna be scorching. Danny’s a 100% beef, dark and sexy, whilst Wade is a big, broad, nasty blonde, these guys are hard all over – is there anything sexier than a totally masculine guy lying back and quite obviously luving taking a dick in his arse. Danny suck Wade’s throbbing tool, he’s a...

Dirty Scout 77 - Czech Daddy Gay Porn & Dirty Gay Porn

Dirty Scout 77

This was a fun day at the office. A guy Dirty Scout 77 called us in advance and had a pretty clear idea about the job he would like to do. He wanted to be a warehouse supervisor. He had some experience and I was horny. The job was practically his. He just had to pay the mediation fee. Being skint, he had to go through my alternative hiring procedure. He confessed to me that he had a feet fetish. I had never met anyone with that special hobby. He loved to caress feet gently. I was very curious so I let...

Debt Dandy 186 - Czech Gay Porn & The Eastern Gay Porn

Debt Dandy 186

This boy lived in a terrible apartment. It wasn’t run-down and just plain Debt Dandy 186 ugly. He tried to renovate the place a bit but it didn’t help much. The flat still looked like something from the 70s. The Eastern bloc 70s. In the middle of the renovation our boy lost his job. He had no savings, no unemployment benefits… The bills were getting due soon so he needed someone who would lend him money and didn’t check his credit rating. I didn’t care about his financial situation as long as I got what I wanted. I didn’t expect...

Czech Hunter 295 - Czech Gay Porn & Gay Porn Teen

Czech Hunter 295

I wanted to do something crazy, something I normally never do. After Czech Hunter 295 short thinking, I decided to visit a gay bar. I went there very early, hoping to find the place half-empty so I could have a nice chat with someone. Honestly, the place surprised me a lot. There were only four other people and the only gay person there was the bartender. Other guys went there only to have a quiet afternoon without their nagging girlfriends. Who would have thought of that?! One of them agreed to show me his absolutely incredible body but refused to...

Dirty Scout 76 - Czech Gay Porn & Dirty Gay Porn

Dirty Scout 76

This boy travelled to my office from the southern Bohemia. He was small Dirty Scout 76 and cute with blond hair. Exactly my type. On the other hand, he was probably the dumbest guy I have ever had in my office. He came late, said like 15 words in total… He also wanted to be a model but in the end he let me fuck him because of a school janitor job. I wasn’t sure if he was the best guy for the job but I didn’t bother. All I wanted was a mouth and ass to escape the boredom...

FraternityX - Poppers Whore

FraternityX – Poppers Whore

Tyler loves to sniff the Poppers Whore. Dudes always trying to hit the bottle when he’s a got a dick up his ass. We all like to get a little buzzed. But this dudes always dropping the damn bottle. Party foul! We we pinned his ass down and tied him up. Busted this kid a new hole!