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Broke Straight Boys - Chris Taylor And Ryan Fields Fuck

Broke Straight Boys – Chris Taylor And Ryan Fields Fuck

Ryan Fields is eager to help Chris Taylor get another BSB scene under his belt, and they don’t waste any time getting started as they make out and lose their clothes in the process. When these two studs are naked they go right for each other’s sweet cock, 69ing and sucking those dicks, only taking a break to kiss some more before Chris gives Ryan head. As Chris sucks and deepthroats Ryan’s fat cock he fingers his own tight ass, sliding his finger in and out before climbing on top of Ryan and lowering that ass onto Ryan’s big dick....

UK Naked Men - Martin Muse & Billy Rock

UK Naked Men – Martin Muse & Billy Rock

Our stunning young studs, a welcome return to Billy Rock and a splattery debut for Martin Muse, lets get going ( I wanna watch this again!!). The boys strip off – just their shoes – and have a good long inhalation of the absolute essence of boy. That special scene of masculinity the arousing pong of pheromone ( you get a little science too ) and as we’re stripping it right back to basic animal lust, lets throw those condoms out of the window too. Billy is revved up and can’t wait to suck, rim and snog as his tight,...

Destroyer - Tegan Zayne and Spencer Whitman

Destroyer – Tegan Zayne and Spencer Whitman

Navy seamen Tegan Zayne and Spencer Whitman are on the job in the boiler room, making sure everything is ship-shape. When Spencer’s navy blues start slipping off his ass, Tegan sees an opportunity to get better acquainted. As Spencer’s pants fall, his throbbing, uncut cock is exposed. Unbuttoning their shirts, both men reveal their hairy, muscled chests and plump nipples. Going down to his knees, Tegan gets a mouthful of Spencer’s huge, foreskinned meat, rubbing his tongue inside the tip. Thick gobs of spit pour from Tegan’s mouth when Spencer withdraws his cock from the back of Tegan’s throat. Pinching...

Rub Him - Brant Dickson and Robert Axel

Rub Him – Brant Dickson and Robert Axel

So I had this guy Brant Dickson inquire about my services and boy was I happy when he opened the door and I saw that he had a beard and carried himself rather macho. We talked for a little bit and got down to the massage, and like all the others, he kept on moving my hands away from his privates. Man, I was getting annoyed and frustrated but I was not going to let this opportunity pass, I mean a man with a beard!!! NO WAY!!!! I kept on trying until he finally loosened up a bit and went...

Morning Wood - Jesse Jackman & Josh West

Morning Wood – Jesse Jackman & Josh West

As the sun rises on the city skyline, Josh West is asleep in bed with his arms around Jesse Jackman, their bodies and heads touching in a romantic embrace. Jesse’s thumb starts to rub Josh’s quad, Josh soon rubbing his lover’s hairy chest. Their lips meet, Jesse’s boner throbbing on its own as Josh soon finds it and strokes him—as Josh’s cock grazes Jesse’s forearm. Up to their knees, they continue to kiss as a wide-eyed Jesse stares at the stud, kneeling down to engulf Josh’s monster cock. Josh starts slow then delivers a faster face fuck, Jesse moaning and...

Bondage Garage - Lance Hart & Micky Mackenzie

Bondage Garage – Lance Hart & Micky Mackenzie

Micky Mackenzie is naked except for his black boots. His hole is stuffed by a dildo attached to a fuck machine. Lance Hart, the lead mechanic in the Bondage Garage, instructs Micky not to cum. As he edges Micky’s cock, Lance maintains a constant verbal assault, filling Micky’s head with fantasies of being the shop’s dedicated bottom slut. Increasing the speed of the fucking machine, Lance brings Micky to the edge of orgasm over and over again. As the fucking machine continues to accelerate, Lance climbs up on the table and facefucks Micky’s mouth. ‘This is training,’ says Lance, reminding...

Bait Buddies - Javier Cruz and Tim Hanes

Bait Buddies – Javier Cruz and Tim Hanes

The hot and talented Javier Cruz came back to the studio in search of straight cock. Javier is young and horny and getting paid to have sex with straight men is the perfect match for him! Caruso brings back a straight guy from several weeks ago named Tim Hanes. Tim is really tall and really shy! He stands around 6’3”, weighs 170 pounds, and has a delicious uncut 7 inch cock! Both guys already know what’s going to happen today. Tim has already been here but the last time he was here, he didn’t do much. The thoughts of messing...

Broke Straight Boys - Rowan Adams Fucks Shawn Andrews

Broke Straight Boys – Rowan Adams Fucks Shawn Andrews

Rowan Adams is very nervous to get his scene underway, which is why we’ve paired him with the experienced and talented Shawn Andrews to help him loosen up and see what BSB is all about. Shawn feels for Rowan’s cock through his shorts, pulling it out and sucking on that sweet dick as Rowan watches him and gets harder with each stroke of Adam’s mouth. Shawn deepthroats Rowan’s long shaft, choking on that big dick and then lying back on the bed to let Rowan get a taste of cock next. Rowan takes Shawn’s prick into his mouth, running his...

Gay Latin Sex with JOSH and NICKY

Gay Latin Sex with JOSH and NICKY

We were pretty happy when LBZ model Nicky said he wanted to fuck his new boy toy from New York, Josh. We always love watching Nicky’s tight hairless ass getting pounded by a big dick. But, they had a surprise for us. Nicky is the top when when these two get together, and to be honest we always wanted to see Nicky fuck one of our other models and it all turned out good and made for some hot gay Latin sex.

Debt Dandy 165

Debt Dandy 165

Another Debt Dandy 165 told his friend in need about me. I know I should keep a low profile but I must admit, I’m flattered and I welcome new opportunities to have fun. Anyways, the guy who called me crashed a car into a street lamp because he was drunk. He run away and went to the police a few days later when there was no trace of alcohol in his body. A smart guy. Too bad for him, the car wasn’t his, he borrowed it. He needed 20 000 for the repair otherwise the owner would kick his butt and tell...