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MachoFucker – Jamaica Steel 2 – Jamaica Steel & Pito

Newcomer PITO had to open wide to accomodate Jamaica Steel 2 big bamboo. PITO´s butt must have still hurt from BLACK JACK`s merciless turn, when the next Caribbean monster dick was already lined-up to also get some of that sweet Boriqua-boy pussy.

Wanking New Boys Team Up For A Bareback Fornicating Frenzy – Dieter Haas & Rajeev Kapur

Having a wank on your own is always a pleasure, of course; but, as the adage goes, two heads are better than one, and no less so when it comes to enjoying the best boy-on-boy sex. As such, Dieter Haas and Rajeev Kapur – both new lads to the STAXUS scene – are soon relishing the pleasure of each other’s hard dicks; taking it in turns to gobble away feverishly on throbbing cock, before the exotic-looking Kapur flexes his pert little rump in Haas’s direction and invites his pal to give him the furious rimming that he feels he deserves....

Young Perps – Case No. 1901053-71

January 15th, 2019. 4:34 pm. Public Case No. 1901053-71 indecency. 18 year old asian male, 5”7’ is apprehended after several customers complained of strange noises coming from the bathroom stall. Our loss prevention officer attempts to get the perp to admit to masturbating in public, but the suspect claims that the noises were produced by his phone. Upon returning to the office to process the perp’s release, our loss prevention officer catches the boy pleasuring himself again. Caught in the act, the perp attempts to make a deal in order to avoid legal prosecution. He and the officer are able...

Sketchy Sex – After After Party

After After Party a night out a bunch of hung studs were hanging around the pad looking for dick. Taking loads. Giving loads. All raw. Breeding each other all day. That’s how we do it up in here.

RealityDudes – Dudes In Public 38 – Gym Buddy Wild & Nico Santino

Dark-skinned, muscular Buddy Wild was getting in a good workout when he noticed beefy Nico Santino recording him. The tattooed stud couldn’t get enough of Buddy, and followed him right into the locker room to get an even better view. He got way more than a view as Buddy plugged his eager asshole with his thick dick. He gave that bubble butt a good pounding before busting a nut.

FraternityX – Party Foul Plow

This mudafuka dropped the blunt, and Party Foul Plow you know that’s a major no-no in this Frat. We grabbed this dom-bom and slammed our cocks deep in his ass. He tried to fight it but couldn’t resist all of us. We threw him around like the little cunt he is and plowed his holes until we covered that ass in creamy white sauce.

BoyFun – Lock Out and Cock Out – Devin Lewis & Tommy Hunter

Handsome lad Tommy Hunter is happy to help out a young tourist when he finds sexy boy Devin Lewis waiting to get into the building. All it takes is an offer of coffee and the boy is following him into his apartment. Devin might not have expected the gorgeous local lad to be so forthcoming, but the second he closes the door he’s giving Devin an urgent kiss and pinning him up against the wall. It seems his gaydar is on-point, within moments the horny new arrival is making his way down to seek out the incredible length of cock...

Next Door Raw – Ex-tra Helping – Johnny Hill & Connor Halsted

When Johnny Hill’s ex shows up at the door, he knows something is up with his dickhead boyfriend… again. Connor Halsted has been having trouble with his boyfriend for quite some time, and Johnny has often lent a sympathetic ear to his troubles, but today, it seems Connor Halsted wants a little more than just a good listener. He asks Johnny if he ever thinks about the two of them, and Johnny says he does from time to time. Connor smiles and Johnny smiles back, as they inch closer towards each other. When they kiss, all the old sparks are...

Mormon Boyz – Living Sacrifice Part II – Elder Clarke & Elder Jones and Anonymous

The Living Sacrifice is one of the holiest entities in the entire Mission. He is a boy who has been so far removed from thematerial world that he knows nothing more than the corporal pleasures of salvation. The masked boy’s body has been consecrated to the physical needs of The Order, and is kept hidden deep within the temple to protect his purity from outsiders. However, when rumors of the masked boy disseminate amongst the boys of The Mission, curiosity gets the better of them. Elder Clark and Elder Jones are some of the more adventurous young men in The...