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ChaosMen – 2435 – Kayden Frost Solo

Ok, so Kayden Frost is one skinny boy with a big ‘ole cock. It is very thick and at 8″, it is impressive on his lean frame. For all you Bottoms out there looking for a big-dicked Top, this guy loves to top, though he says he can be versatile too. He likes guys with big butts that he can try to squeeze his cock in to. Kayden is a very friendly guy, easy to get along with, and loves dirty slutty sex! He is very eager to perform. Perfect for porn! He has a boyfriend, who happens to be...

Latin Leche – Numero 118 – Sebastian

This Numero 118 week, our trickster meets a handsome boy in a ramshackle apartment and gets totally turned on. He pays the horny guy to suck his uncut cock, spread his cheeks for a raw anal pounding, and then guzzles his hot leche!

My Step Bro’s Secret – Member Fantasy – Collin Simpson and Nic Sahara

Hot new step-brother Collin Simpson is moving into the guest house and thirsty Nic Sahara isn’t sure what to think yet. But… he is curious. Peering inside one of Collin’s boxes, he finds a whole stash of kinky toys that he can’t resist. Turns out getting caught in the act is just what Nic needed to pop his cherry! Get hard with this exclusive member fantasy inspired by JackJ from Austin.

Dickmatized – Ryan Bones and Aiden Ward

When car trouble brings Aiden Ward to a stop in the middle of a forest in winter, he enters a nearby cabin in search of shelter, unaware that he’s being watched through the trees. Aiden finds himself playing a mysterious DVD that tells him where he belongs is on his knees, worshiping cocks. When Ryan Bones enters and tells Aiden to kneel, the mystified bottom does, and gives Ryan the hungriest blowjob of his life. The bearded, burly top fucks Aiden doggystyle against the wall, spanking his ass, then breeds his hole mish before Aiden rides Ryan’s cock till he...

PeterFever – Musashi the Muscle Bottom with Kaoru

Sometimes the little runts of the litter can be the ones who get aggressive. Skinny little bleach blond Kaoru is not the type you’d expect to be topping big bronze muscle god Musashi, but he’s got something that gets Musashi’s butt twitching. When they move in for a kiss, Kaoru gropes Musashi’s crotch and guides him down onto the bed. He peels back the PeterFever t-shirt the hot muscle bottom wears stretched across his big thick pecs, and tickles a finger down into Musashi’s crack. Twiddling the big guy’s nip, Kaoru massages his nuts and sucks his thick brown cock....

Meninos Online – Hugo and Dito & Valentim

Valentim con otro semental muscular, ¡pero termina siendo la perra inferior! Me gusta ir a un lugar cálido cuando llega el invierno. Yo odio el clima frio. Planeo irme en dos días y quería divertirme rápidamente antes de la partida. Un amigo mío me prestó su espacio de estacionamiento, donde podía dejar mi auto mientras estaba en el extranjero. Mi idea para esta noche era encontrar a un chico lindo, Valentim, llevarlo a los garajes y follarlo allí mismo. Quería hacer algo loco. Ahora tenía que encontrar un chico dispuesto a ir conmigo. Fue bastante fácil en realidad. Encontré al...

Breakdown – Michael Jackman and Avery Jones

Alluring Avery Jones just CANNOT change a tire if his life depends on it. While fumbling around with a… a… wait, what’s that tool called? Sexy savior Michael Jackman insists on cumming to his rescue. He calls a mechanic and these two twinks ditch the car tools for a little manual tune up of their own.

Frankfurt Sex Stories – Bareback Massage – David Lee & Nick Pablo

Laying facedown on the massage table in a tranquil, white room, David Lee awaits the expert touch of Nick Pablo. Nick slicks up David’s back with massage oil, working his way from David’s muscled shoulders down to his perfect, round ass. Flipping over, David reveals his massive, throbbing erection. Without hesitation, Nick reaches down and strokes David’s hot, hard meat. Opening his mouth, Nick takes David’s cock inside his mouth, then slides up to stimulate the sensitive head with his cock greedy tongue. Wrapping his hand around the base of David’s cock, Nick combines his sucking and stroking for a...

Sketchy Sex – Ginger Welcum Wagon

Some new neighbors heard about our little house of cumdumps and had to see it for themselves. Lucky for me one had a thing for gingers and he wanted to see if he could make my eyes match my hair before giving me a load. Didn’t take long, they were all hung with huge loads to match. Welcome to the neighborhood from your local cumdump.