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BoyNapped – Two Twinks Newbies Barebacked – Part 4

Gorgeous little Avery and his naughty friend Alex have been having a great vacation with Sebastian and Sean, but just before they’re due to fly back to the UK they get one more chance to enjoy some big uncut cock inside them. The Maser drives the group out into the countryside where the two cock-crazed little twinks can service that big meat one more time, sharing Sean’s impressive tool between them and taking turns to get their tight little butt holes filled in, raw of course! They can’t get enough of that boner, with Alex bending over for a banging...

EastBoys – Exclusive Casting – Video – David Pate

And we have yet another awesome handsome muscle dude for you, David Pate. Bit of workout to show off and pump biceps, shirt comes off exposing beautiful ripped torso, meaty pecs and sculpted abs, and lets see if oil would improve what looks very nice already!

NextDoorRaw – Yard Hoe – Dalton Riley & Ryan Jordan

Realizing he’s gotten way too much sun, Ryan Jordan asks roomie Dalton Riley to put some aloe on his back. As Dalton rubs him down, he notices the bulge in Ryan’s pants and lets his fingers run down and around to the front of Ryan’s waist. Inching down, he feels Ryan getting hard in his shorts, so he runs his hands back up his back and turns him around, kissing him as he unzips Ryan’s shorts and begins to fondle his cock. Ryan gets rock hard, especially when Dalton Riley drops down and sucks him off, deep throating his monstrous...

SouthernStrokes – Chris Summers and Zack Love – Pure

Kinky boys Chris Summers and Zack Love love to bring toys into their play sessions, getting kinky with paddles, restraints, toys and all kinds of horny things. One of the things they love the most is filming their fun as they suck those big dicks and swap their tight little bareback butt holes! Watch the boys in close-up detail as they film themselves and each other, sliding their naked cocks into those holes and fucking their way to some amazing climaxes at Southern Strokes that will have you gushing cream with them!

TIMJack – Domingo

Oh, we got a nasty one, here boys! Domingo loves being last in line at a gang bang and working up a sweat while he churns multiple loads into some slutty guy’s cum oozing asshole. He also enjoys frottage.

ActiveDuty – Leo Walker

Leo Walker is a very tall hunk of a man with amazing smooth dark skin. He has barely any hair on his sexy firm body and a perfect cock that’s ready to test out an elite one day. He’s an extremely nice man with a flirty side. His thighs are muscular and very sexy as he stands tall stroking his hard dick. His smooth ass tightens up as he strokes every inch of that smooth sexy dick of his. Once Leo sprawled out on the couch you can see just how sexy he really is. His smooth untouched ass peeks...

Czech Hunter 380

Today I decided to look for Czech Hunter 380 guys at the busiest square in Prague. The place is usually full of tourists but I managed to find two Czech boys who were really cute. One of them was too busy but the other one was willing to talk. David was from Prague so he was quite open-minded and greedy. A typical Prague resident. We talked a little and I managed to convince him to take me to his place. The square was way too crowded for anything naughty. His flat was quite nice and provided us with enough privacy....

Harlem Hookups – Grindr Grind

Meet Pete Hady! I found Pete on Grindr. You know those little black boxes with no pictures? You guys are always asking me where do I find all these hung straight dudes. Well.. Most of them are these little black boxes. Lol. So think twice about ignoring or instantly blocking them! Any way. I had been talking to Pete for a while, trying to get him worked up to come fuck me. After like 4 days I finally convinced him not only to come fuck me but let me record for you guys to see! First time fucking a dude,...

Delivery Gone Wrong – Uncut Stud Gets Edged By the Pizza Delivery Guy

Dominic Pacifico is alone in his condo, waiting for his Pizza Delivery Guy to arrive. But once the delivery guy arrives, he doesn’t just leave with his tip…no, instead he wrestles Dominic to the ground and quickly ties him up for his perverted pleasures. With his play-thing finally tied up, the delivery guy discovers the stud’s bulging uncut cock, ready for action. Dominic’s edged again and again with clamps pinching down on his nipples before enduring some tickle torment. On the balcony, Dominic’s eyes are clouded with blurred vision goggles, unaware of any touch or stroke the delivery guy may...

Tyler’s Room – Dantes & Louis

19 year old Dantes is not interested in the romantic stuff, he just wants to go out and have a good time. 19 year old Louis’ idea of a good date is to bring the date home and have mind-numbing sex. We got these friends together and looks like Louis’ date idea won!