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Hot as fuck here in Barcelona - Koldo Goran barebacks Andy Star

Hot as fuck here in Barcelona – Koldo Goran barebacks Andy Star

It’s hot as fuck here in Barcelona so we’ll fuck outside! Timtales Exclusive Koldo Goran raw fucks the gasping hole of Andy Star. We started the day with a quick photo shoot on Tim’s terrace but these two couldn’t wait. When Andy saw Koldo’s cock grow, he couldn’t stop smiling. Yes, jackpot! Andy has a fetish for massive cock; the bigger the better. Thus he worshipped Koldo’s meat like no one. To Koldo’s surprise, Andy’s hole was already opened. So he raw fucked him dry under the warm sun.

Sweet Boy Cole Gets A Lesson In Raw Fucking - Cole Patrick & Michael

Sweet Boy Cole Gets A Lesson In Raw Fucking – Cole Patrick & Michael

Handsome and fit young hottie Michael is a Sweet Boy to teach a new young twink how to enjoy an insanely erotic session of bareback topping! The boy really isn’t very experienced at taking control, but Michael is determined to get that cock in his naked ass. Watch as the two share their tasty boners with each other, then savor the sight as Michael shares his hole with the boy. Cole’s cock is so sensitive sliding in he has to take it so slow, but he manages to give his new buddy an amazing fuck before drenching his hole with...

Flip Flop Veg Lovers Taste Raw Dick & Exchange A Spunky Kiss

Flip Flop Veg Lovers Taste Raw Dick & Exchange A Spunky Kiss

It’s breakfast-time at the mission house, and the boys Spunky Kiss are not unnaturally very hungry; but for Mark Fontana and Lucas Drake it’s an appetite of a much more carnal nature that’s concentrating their attention. So much so that at the first opportunity they’re snogging each other’s faces off and ripping off their clothes. Of course, anyone who knows these boys would never expect anything less; and it will come as little surprise to see fall to his knees in order to worship his pal’s succulent, uncut shaft and beautiful low-hangers. Nor will anyone be particularly amazed to see...

After School Special - Hunter Graham & Drew Baker

After School Special – Hunter Graham & Drew Baker

Study buddies Hunter Graham and Drew Baker are tired of hitting the books After School and get to hittin’ some ass instead! The high school hotties make out like the horned up teenagers they are, grabbing at clothes and cocks like devious dick demons! These boys may be young but their cocks are FULLY grown! These boys would definitely get an A+ in sucking cock! After their extracurricular cock swap, Drew dives into Hunter’s hole and hunkers down, preparing it for a beating. Baker breaks Graham’s gorgeous ass in with his big bareback boner and pushes forward full force. He...

Dirty Scout 30 - I scheduled a job-interview for a waiter this day

Dirty Scout 30

I scheduled a job-interview for a waiter this day. A huge Dirty Scout 30 new complex including a hotel and a restaurant with a bar was about to open soon in the outskirts of Prague. My applicant appeared in a white shirt and he looked serious and interested. Right now he was unemployed but he worked as a waiter before in several restaurants here in Prague. Amongst them were at least two which are quite famous. The reason why he quit there was basically the under-average payment and the unfair charing of the tips. My offer was much better payed...

Dirty Scout 32 - The first guy who come in today was rather an IT guy

Dirty Scout 32

The first guy who come in today was rather an IT guy. He looked Dirty Scout 32 quite well but I already had the feeling that he wasn’t the right one for this position. And indeed he rejected my offer and called it even unserious. However, the second guy was even more suitable. Both for the job and also from his appearance. A friend of mine has a casino-ship and was looking for a croupier. An unusual position and quite hard to find an appropriate candidate. So he asked me for help… why not. Back to that second guy. He...

Dirty Scout 33 - Then a real tough guy entered my office

Dirty Scout 33

Today was unusually quiet. I almost started to worry that I won’t have any Dirty Scout 33 fun. Then a real tough guy entered my office. This well-groomed but manly looking boy used to work as a construction worker and then he tried to become a journalist. Luckily for me, he didn’t make it. It took some convincing to get him out of his clothes but it was worthy. He used to work-out and it certainly left a mark on his body. His physique was stunning, which is always a nice thing. Too bad he didn’t know how to handle...

Dirty Scout 87 - Need money for record pop music song

Dirty Scout 87

A tall and lean visitor Dirty Scout 87 from far north arrived at my office. It was a lazy day so I needed some entertainment. The boy wanted to work at a warehouse, which under normal circumstances wouldn’t be weird. But this guy already worked at such a position and quit. The reason why he quit was quite delicate. He had to deflect sexual advances from his boss. He was even asked to give him a blowjob! It was hilarious because he told me about it while he was sucking me off. Apparently I looked better than his former boss...

Debt Dandy 196 - Amateur gay boy need money for sex

Debt Dandy 196

Having a new flat is amazing. Who wouldn’t like it, right? Unfortunately, Prague Debt Dandy 196 isn’t exactly a cheap place when it comes to rent. If you don’t choose your apartment carefully, it can really eat into your money. You can even end up like this dude. He wanted a nice place to stay with his girlfriend. They both had a good job so they decided to rent something nice. Then he got his salary slashed and she got fired. The rent was suddenly a big burden and the debt started bloating. In total desperation, he called me. I’ve...

Nudist Swim - Gabriel Lambert & Enzo Lemercier

Nudist Swim – Gabriel Lambert & Enzo Lemercier

Gabriel Lambert a beautiful 18 years Nudist twink and Enzo Lemercier takes advantage of the summer and the calm of a small creek in the south of France to swim naked in the turquoise sea. The two boys row in the water and kiss passionately. It’s very excited that they leave this little corner of paradise to go back to their room and realize the fantasies that they dreamed about all the afternoon. The two Nudist twinks undress and let appear their beautiful cocks hard as wood. They mutually jack off each other and Gabriel soon threw himself on Enzo’s cock....