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ChaosMen – 2290 – Clinton & Espen Serviced

Clinton is Bi, and watched straight porn for both these videos, but he sure looked comfortable sucking dick. He knows what he is doing! Espen said he has been hooking up with guys more often, and though he is still young, I am not sure which side of the sexuality fence he will land, maybe standing on the actual fence. I put on a porn for them, and it was easy for them to get into the film, pop their cocks out, and start stroking. They jerk each-others cocks, and then Clinton dives in to suck on Espen’s huge cock....

HotBoys – Ifoda 2 – Petrick Garcias and Flavio Souza

The life of a delivery man is very busy, we meet all kinds of people, and his crazy, it is know that in the hour of work we have to separate things very well. But sometimes he can not resist, the horn speaks louder, pleasure rises to the head, and the client is always right. Already you know, the customer ends up turning the food … The site Hotboys brings another episode of Ifoda, pleasure at home. If food was much more pleasurable. Is Iai getting a delivery too? Ifoda.

HotBoys – Uber xXx 4 – Theo Barone and Nobre

Another day of work in the busy streets of Rio de Janeiro, we find several types of men: the nice, the drunk, the funny, the naughty, the cult, and the worst, the macho scrotum. Yes that man who talks a lot of shit, abused and if the guy is. But you know what the truth is? Those who love to give and be treated like little bitch. The site Hotboys thus begins another very hot adventure of Uber xXx, where the macho abused. she was in her panties … that was a full plate for a good bitch. The macho...

Pride Studios – There You Are – Jaxx Thanatos and Gustav Netto

Gustav Netto and Jaxx Thanatos are in the locker room and Gustav is staring at Jaxx like a dog stares at a piece of steak. When Jaxx notices, he strikes up conversation and tells Gustav that ‘I have fucks so many good looking guys in this gym, and there you are!’ Gustav is flattered and asks if Jaxx thinks he is good looking and with that they start making out. Gustav is then on his knees devouring Jaxx’s hard cock down his throat. Jaxx then bends him over and rims his ass and spanks his ass at the same time....

TimTales – Jamal Kingston raw fucks John Thomas

By now, you know that John Thomas hole can take any cock. From the thickest cocks to the roughest fuckers out there, he’s a true born power bottom. So his next step can only be our Jamaican Daddy with the massive mammoth cock! A never-ending black cock for our dearest Exclusive; John knows we love to treat him well here on Timtales. Watch out, it’s an intense raw fuck session that goes as deep as the Mariana Trench. With that corky smile, can you tell how happy John is? Too much raw cock, is clearly never enough.

HelixStudios – Hung Hunk – Tyler Sweet & Pheonix Fellington

Hard bodied hunk, Pheonix Fellington and young, muscle twunk, Tyler Sweet explore one another’s perfect physiques with horny hands and and cock hungry kisses outdoors in the sizzling hot, summer sun. Sweet feels the heat radiating from Fellington’s day phallus, And is powerless against the pull of the porn god’s perfect package. He kneels before the hunks hot bod and pulls his drawers down, allowing the constrained, boa constrictor free to flop out and into his thirsty throat. Tyler takes as much of the big beast in as he can, while looking up at Pheonix with his fuck me eyes....

MundoMais – Kadu Castro & Romeu Capixaba

Kadu Castro foi sucesso desde que estreou e é hoje um dos atores que mais recebe pedidos para voltar em novas cenas. Sua participação no filme Quatro Negões foi reconhecida como uma das melhores do ano. Hoje ele volta como protagonista e repetiu a posição que ele chama de “coqueirinho” com o novato Romeu, que acabou de estrear aqui no MundoMais. Romeu não se intimidou com o negão e fez seu papel como passivo bem acima da média pra quem está começando como ator.

MundoMais – Iago and Bruno

Iago é um dos queridinhos do site e já participou de diversos filmes. Ele sempre pediu pra fazer uma cena mais romântica, sem aquela pegada mais selvagem que ele normalmente faz nos filmes. Bruno estreou num filme com uma pegada mais violenta e também queria algo mais romântico, com muito beijo e pegação. Juntamos a vontade deles e o resultado ficou maravilhoso.

HelixStudios – Sorry Ass – Max Carter & Taylor Coleman

After waiting two hours for his boy toy at a restaurant, Max Carter storms into Taylor Colman’s place to find the meaty assed millennial fast asleep after a night of partying. Master Max Carter wakes the sleeping booty with a swift smack to his ample ass, anxious to give him a piece of his mind, and determined to teach his tasty twink’s tush a lasting lesson. Carter continues the erotic ass assault on the Calvin clad cutie’s caboose while Coleman apologizes profusely. Wanting to see his hot handy work, Carter commands his boy to strip down to the buff; then,...

RawStrokes – Pheonix Fellington & Franco Nuñez

Franco Nuñez with another muscle stud, but ends up being the bottom bitch! I like to go somewhere warm when winter arrives. I hate cold weather. I plan leaving in two days and wanted to have a quick fun before the departure. A friend of mine lent me his parking space, where I could leave my car while being abroad. My idea for tonight was to find a cute boy Franco Nuñez, bring him to the garages, and fuck him right there. I wanted to do something crazy. Now I had to find a boy willing to go with me....