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PreWorkout Sex - Hunter Vance & Matt Hart

PreWorkout Sex – Hunter Vance & Matt Hart

Hunter Vance is still sleeping and has forgotten all about training day but Matt Hart hasn’t and he is now jumping on Hunter’s bed trying to wake him up. Once Hunter wakes up Matt Hart begs him to get out of bed but Hunter won’t budge. Matt Hart pulls off the covers and it looks like Hunter’s cock is wide awake hard and ready for some attention. Matt doesn’t waste any time once he sees that sexy dick so he instantly grabs it and puts it in his mouth. Hunter still trying to wipe the sand out of his eyes...

Hard Day In The French Lads Office

Hard Day In The French Lads Office

The French Lads don’t just play together, they also work together – but with this gang of ever-boned studs it’s hard to know when one stops and the other starts. After a warm-up blowjob the lads get back to their office work, leaving the buff pair of inked pornstars to do finish the job.

Are We Gay - Johnny Riley & Scott Demarco

Are We Gay? – Johnny Riley & Scott Demarco

For school friends Scott Demarco and Johnny Riley, prom is coming up and neither of them have a date. Scott has someone in mind but hasn’t asked her yet, whereas Johnny doesn’t have anyone in mind to ask. As they part ways, Scott Demarco tells Johnny to think it over. Johnny watches Scott as he takes his detour, but realizes that isn’t the way to Scott’s house, so he follows a little behind, and when he catches up to Scott, he’s taken cover behind a building, leaning up against it as he jacks himself off in the broad daylight. Watching...

Weston Fucks Jasper

Weston Fucks Jasper

Sporting some brown shorts, a dark tank top, and gorgeous blue eyes – today we get to see Weston at play! For his first time, we paired him with an equally fit, though light featured Jasper, who’s notched quite of number of hot hookups here at CF. Weston isn’t shy about expressing his attraction to Jasper. He worships his body, slowly kissing all the way down his neck chest and abs. By the time he gets to his dick, Jasper is fully turned on. From the get-go we see that Weston’s talented with his mouth. Later we see that he’s...

Antonio Ferrari and Tyler Griffin

Antonio Ferrari and Tyler Griffin

It’s new guy Antonio Ferrari second scene on BSB, but his partner Tyler Griffin is plenty experienced for the both of them, so he takes the lead as we unleash these two fine guys on one another! Tyler goes down on Antonio, cupping his balls while he pulls that cock in and out of his wet mouth and then gets some oral in return! Antonio Ferrari is pretty damn good at giving head for a newbie, and he massages Tyler’s shaft with his hand and mouth before Tyler climbs on top of Antonio and slides his bareback prick up his...

Office Pounding - Kyle Ross and Josh Brady

Office Pounding – Kyle Ross and Josh Brady

Starting a new gig can be a stressful time for even the most confident young professional. Watch Kyle Ross help office rookie Josh Brady “blow off some steam” and prove once again why working at Helix Studios is a dirty job but somebody’s gotta do it.

Package - Dirk Caber and Matthew Bosch

Package – Dirk Caber and Matthew Bosch

Policeman Dirk Caber comes home to find husband Matthew Bosch stroking his monster while watching Hunter’s porn. Dirk Caber gets on his knees to worship Matthew’s meat, engulfing his balls. “You haven’t showered, have you?” asks Dirk Caber as he takes a whiff. “You smell damn good…how much of that’s you and how much of that’s him?” Dirk stands up and feeds Matthew, spit dripping to the floor. Dirk holds on to his head as he fuck’s Matthew’s face, his cock springing up when released from the sucker’s mouth. The two eat each other out, Dirk rubbing his stubbly head...

Kenny and Dru Flip Flop with Delila

Kenny and Dru Flip Flop with Delila

Big-dicked Dru and lean-muscled Kenny get together with feisty redhead Delila … and everybody gets fucked! The clothes come off immediately .Kenny swallows Dru down to the root. Delila helps Kenny out by sucking him, then Dru joins in as well – giving Kenny a 69 plus one! Delila sucks Dru’s cock, then they lay her down so Kenny can eat her out. Dru enjoys a sloppy wet blow job from Delila as he fingers Kenny’s tight ass. Once she gets on all fours, Kenny fucks Delila from behind. Dru plays with her tits while she gets banged. Dru kisses...

Overdrive - Dean Flynn and Victor Steele

Overdrive – Dean Flynn and Victor Steele

Wandering the woods, Dean Flynn stumbles upon the cabin of gun-wielding Victor Steele, who drops his weapon and drops to his knees to feast on helpless Dean’s cock. Victor’s own throbbing knob peaks out of his jeans, bobbing in excitement as he slurps away. Victor Steele bends Dean Flynn over and grinds his steel slab on the handsome stud’s hole before sliding in for a deep fuck. Victor’s toned bod gets even tighter as he thrusts, and the large vein on his arm pops off the screen. Dean Flynn then gets his crack at Victor’s hole.

Gay Twink - Kayden Gray and Leo Marco & Lyle Boyce

Gay Twink – Kayden Gray and Leo Marco & Lyle Boyce

Gay Twink Lyle Boyce and jock top Kayden Gray have no idea Leo Marco is wanking to their live show! Horny Spy Gets A Live Show! If you happened to spy jock top Kayden and young twink bottom Lyle Boyce enjoying themselves you would be getting your cock out for a wank just like horny Leo Marco! He’s watching from the window as the two feast on uncut dick, rim tight hole and then fuck their way to some gushing cum loads right there on the couch!