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Foreplay - Alan Davis & Caleb Gray

Foreplay – Alan Davis & Caleb Gray

Caleb Gray is not only gifted in the groin department, but the boy Foreplay is one hell of a guitar player as well! Alan Davis is entranced as Gray strums his guitar. He thinks to himself, if this guy can stroke an instrument like this, just imagine the songs he could make my schlong sing! Davis dives in, displaying talents of his own on big cocked Caleb’s skin flute. Noticing a naughty, enticing protrusion poking from Alan’s shorts, Gray gets to work on Davis’s dick before Alan orders the guitar guy to get on his knees for a tongue lashing...

Czech Hunter 327 - Student submits for school donation

Czech Hunter 327

I was looking around a railway station once again Czech Hunter 327 and bumped into Jakub. He came to Prague to visit his girlfriend. He was unsuccessfully waiting for a taxi when I met him so I decided to help. I called him one and rode with him in hope for a good shag. He was definitely poor, he couldn’t afford the whole fare, which made me really hopeful. But in the end he just showed me his cute shaved cock and left to bang his girlfriend. All I had was the taxi driver. He was young and quite hot...

CockyBoys - Ken Summers & Valentin Braun

CockyBoys – Ken Summers & Valentin Braun

Ken Summers is so happy to finally shoot with Cocky Boys that his enthusiasm practically leaps off the screen! He’s also eager to share his scene with Valentin Braun and his love of morning sex. He wakes up hard in Valentin’s arms and slowly they exchange soft caresses and gentle kisses. These give way to Valentin fingering Ken and Ken teasing his joyful bed mate’s cock and sucking him deep. While still having fun they soon settle in for some seriously sensuous sex. Ken Summers worships Valentin’s feet and returns to sucking him but they constantly return to kissing. Valentin...

On Pointe - Josh Brady & Ben Masters

On Pointe – Josh Brady & Ben Masters

There’s something uniquely Pointe specific and graceful about a boy that has studied ballet. Their bodies are always strong, tight, fuckably flexible and elegantly orgasmic with every move. Ben Masters Pointe is a magnificent example. He spies top jock Josh Brady out of the corner of his eye as he’s rehearsing in the park. Masters moves like a snake charmer, seducing the sexy stud until Brady wants nothing more than that tight, smooth ballet boy in his bed. Ben’s body is in spank bank perfection from years of dance discipline and Brady acknowledges every inch of it, from hole to...

BreedMeRaw - Parker Logan & Josh Stone

BreedMeRaw – Parker Logan & Josh Stone

If you know Josh Stone, you know he is a size queen. He couldn’t help stare when he saw Parker Logan pull out his nine incher and start playing with it. Josh’s mouth was watering and his slut hole was twitching. He couldn’t wait any longer and got on his knees and started deep throating that fucker. To Parker’s surprise this hot little slut was able to take it all with ease! But when Parker saw his hot little hairy ass he shoved his tongue up that hole and got it nice and wet for his huge fuck stick. Your’re...

BrokeStraightBoys - Damien Pushes His Shaft Into Jos

BrokeStraightBoys – Damien Pushes His Shaft Into Jos

Damien Nichols and Jos Alvarez share their thoughts on what it takes to be a successful and relevant BSB…and then they go one step further and show us!  They lie back on the bed and make out as their clothes come off and Jos wraps his lips around Damien’s cock, sucking that sweet dick while Damien pulls Jos’s prick out and slowly rubs it with his hand. They 69, each dude with a fat dick in his mouth as they get each other hard, spreading each other’s ass apart and fingering that tight hole as Damien prepares Jos’s ass for...

DirtyTony - Alex Lebue fucks Paolo

DirtyTony – Alex Lebue fucks Paolo

Paolo thinks he has just the solution, a party game a friend left behind called What the Fuck (can you see where this is headed?). Paulo has a little trouble opening the box, so Alex has to lend his muscled arms for an assist. Basically, the game is full of some off the wall questions, for over charged straight guys after a few rounds of beer pong. Needless to say, the question book gets tossed to the side when Paolo decides it’s time to get his lips on his hot stud buddy. He goes straight in for it, and Alex...

Luis Blava - Sexy Boys in Bareback Action

Luis Blava – Sexy Boys in Bareback Action

Luis Blava delivered super hot video with two super Sexy Boys hot dudes! It takes place in the kitchen, because cooking soup apparently makes guys extremely horny, and to suck each other’s cocks with gusto. Only if grandma knew what was happening on a kitchen table! Vid concludes with magnificent bareback fuck on the said table. Yet another video from Luis Blava’s kitchen, literally!

LollipopTwinks - Benjamin Riley & Robbie Anthony

LollipopTwinks – Benjamin Riley & Robbie Anthony

As Danny’s condition in the hospital changes, PI Jacobey London has his suspicions raised when little Benjamin Riley hasn’t been completely honest with him. Benjamin goes to meet with none other than Robbie Anthony, the Pops-dealing criminal who’s been tasked with taking Jacobey down. The two start to fool around and after sucking on Benjamin’s cock and hole; Robbie lies back so Benjamin can ride his hard cock. The two experiment with an interesting position before finishing things missionary style, with a hot facial for Benjamin. The biggest twist of part four of Lollipop Underground comes at the end, though,...

LollipopTwinks - Aaron Aurora & Lloyd Adams

LollipopTwinks – Aaron Aurora & Lloyd Adams

Lloyd Adams needs to get off so badly, but his efforts just aren’t paying off, that is until a gorgeous young delivery boy arrives with everything a horny young guy could need! The box of porn is just the start, soon they’re swapping their cocks and their tight young butt holes too as they fuck their way to satisfaction!