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Sean Cody – 2499 – Jaymus

Tall, toned, 29-year-old Jaymus is a stud coming to you straight out of Poland. He’s open-minded, and of course he loves sex! “I was very young when I first started having sex. It was a quick thing, and I enjoyed it!” says muscular Jaymus. “The thing that turns me on the most is sucking dick! I like to see body, and I like to pleasure the other person. I like to focus more on the other person than myself,” adds Jaymus. He continues, “I like to be in control and my favorite position is doggystyle. I love fucking guys in...

MEN – Dick Sobriety – Danny Montero and Ryan Bones

Beefcake Ryan Bones has finally overcome his dick addiction-or so he thought! He went through 28-sexless days, and wanted to share the good news with muscular cutie Danny Montero, but tatted Ryan suddenly starts having dick hallucinations, and somehow ends up pantless! On top of having his thick, uncut dick exposed, he’s erect and horny, so naturally Danny offers to quench his thirst by slobbering all over his cock and eagerly mounting his meat.

Bromo – The Bully’s Top – Boris and Eric Spector

Muscular Eric Spector and slender Boris get into an argument when Boris enters Eric’s space. Boyish Boris wins this round and makes Eric get on his knees so he can shove his big, hung, erect cock in his mouth before shoving his dick in his ass space.

BelAmi – Adam Archuleta And Daan Jeffries

It’s Adam Archuleta turn with another freshman today. He has just spent the night with Daan Jeffries and held off doing anything with him so that we would have the opportunity to record it all for you. Adam Archuleta is not used to holding back, so he spent the night horny and having erotic dreams about other boys. Although being fairly new, Daan Jeffries is already a very talented bottom, and Adam Archuleta, our resident king of cumshots, duly rewards him with a liberal coating of cum.

BelAmi – Nate Donaghy And Jason Bacall

Sometimes the best laid plans can go astray as is the case today with Jason Bacall and Nate Donaghy. The boys plan to go out jogging and see a little bit more of Budapest, but in the end decide that another form of exertion could do just as well in helping them keep fit. Today’s scene has Nate Donaghy on top fucking Jason Bacall, who seems to enjoy it so much that he ends up shooting his load a little earlier than expected.

BelAmi – Ronny Lamarr And Liam Efron

Some guys like to be romanced and seduced with a nice dinner and wine, others are charmed by flowers and gifts, and yet others still don’t like wasting any time and prefer to get straight to the action. Liam Efron definitely falls into the last category, and luckily for him, so does Ronny Lamarr. Both of our guys today could be described as uninhibited, cheeky and full of energy and what either of them lack in finesse here, they certainly make up for in enthusiasm and animal lust.

BelAmi – Marc Ruffalo And Damian Chapelle

Today’s scene is with Damien Chapelle and we have him paired up here with athlete Marc Ruffalo. Don’t be too confused with the boy’s banter at the beginning of the clip, the gist is that they thought that they looked enough alike that they could be cousins (it probably has something to do with their noses). What is not confusing here is the chemistry between the boys once the action starts, with Damien Chapelle enjoying every second bottoming for Marc Ruffalo.

SpankThis – Bad Housekeeping – Cameron Parks & Julian Bell

The Helix mansion Housekeeping all of our fresh young talent and Cameron Parks is the house master who rules with a iron fist. He has a set of rules in place that keeps every star porn perfect; and if a boy bends those rules in any way, there’s a heavy handed price to pay. Julian bell is the newest model to take up residence in the porn palace and hasn’t followed Parks’ plan to the T. Naturally the beautiful bootied blond boy has to pay the price and Parks doesn’t go easy on him simply because he’s new. Cam is...

ChaosMen – 2194 – Davos solo

Davos is a hot Puerto Rican dude. He has some major mass on him. At 6’3″ and a beefy muscular build, he has quite a presence. But in person, he is very sweet, and loves to chat and just hang with friends. He is gay, and likes all kinds of guys, but the more mature ones, say between 30-40, draw his attention more. He came Out late in life, and does not have a lot of experience, so I think he is drawn to stable guys, who have the experience to show him the ropes. He says he is likely...

BiLatinMen – P & Grueso

Grueso con otro semental muscular, ¡pero termina siendo la perra más baja! Me gusta ir a un lugar cálido cuando llega el invierno. Odio el clima frio. Planeo irme en dos días y quería divertirme rápidamente antes de la partida. Un amigo mío me prestó su plaza de aparcamiento, donde podía dejar mi coche mientras estaba en el extranjero. Mi idea para esta noche fue encontrar a un chico lindo Grueso, llevarlo a los garajes y follarlo allí mismo. Quería hacer algo loco. Ahora tenía que encontrar un chico dispuesto a ir conmigo. En realidad fue bastante fácil. Encontré al...