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Justin - Devouring Big Polish Cock

Justin – Devouring Big Polish Cock

Devouring big Polish cock for the first time in my life was awesome! Beefcake Justin went to California for just a couple of months, when he came back to Florida he found himself without a girlfriend and without any money. He works as a professional mover, but has been out of town for so long, that he hasn’t been called for work yet. He seems to be an adventurous and romantic guy at the same time, so in these times of new beginnings we came in very handy for him! Beefcake Justin is an easy going sexy dude, tall, with...

Bareback Flip Flop Fuck Proves To Be An Untraditional Interview Technique

Bareback Flip Flop Fuck Proves To Be An Untraditional Interview Technique

He’d probably deny it, of course, but young Johny Cruz interview is clearly in awe of his would-be courier from the moment that hunky Tom Crua walks into the office for interview – and who the fuck can blame him? The tattooed stud is a natural work of art in every single sense; and having taken the time to find the muscled beauty new work clothes, Cruz is then (understandably) hell-bent on getting Crua back out of them! An ambition which he achieves with incredible speed, it has to be said. As a result, the horny German twink is very soon...

Sad Little Beauty Gets Banged Back To Health By Muscled Stud

Sad Little Beauty Gets Banged Back To Health By Muscled Stud

There’s a distinctly thoughtful, even artful feel to the opening moments of this stunning little escapade between everyone’s favourite twink slut, Lukas Drake, and butch strongman, Filip Bethsaida – the kind that rarely if ever makes an appearance in porn. In the depths of despair, Drake drinks himself silly and heads for the railway tracks to end it all, only for Bethsaida to serve as a knight in shining armour – or in this instance a rather trendy cardigan! – as he carries the forlorn young man back to his house to nurse him to health. Which in this particular...

ActiveDuty - Princeton Price & Phillip Fox & Diego

ActiveDuty – Princeton Price & Phillip Fox & Diego

Oh boy, this is an absolute gem! We have veteran Princeton Price paired up with two fresh rookie recruits, Phillip Fox and Diego. This one is incredibly hot. When Claude lets these three get down to business, Princeton doesn’t hesitate to plant his luscious lips on Diego’s hard cock and allow Phillip to suck his stiff dong. I love watching Diego receive pleasure here. He really wears his heart on his sleeve. It turns on Princeton Price so much, the two become extremely intimate with a long, hot kiss while Phillip continues to service Princeton. The guys get into an amazing...

Debt Dandy 178

Debt Dandy 178

Having an emancipated strong woman as a partner is sometimes frustrating and exhausting Debt Dandy 178. Such women usually have high expectations of their partners. To put it simply, it’s not easy to make them happy. This boy knew exactly what I’m talking about. His successful girlfriend was a bit let down by his lack of ambition. And she hated his apartment so much that she lent him 20 000 to renovate it. Then she went on a business trip expecting some serious changes after coming back. The boy didn’t handle the task very well. He borrowed half of the money...

Sean Cody - Daniel & Graham Bareback

Sean Cody – Daniel & Graham Bareback

There was an instant attraction between Daniel and Graham, so as a result, they couldn’t keep their hands off each other! Daniel explained how the day was going to turn out, “We’re gonna get wet, we’re gonna get wild!” Graham was grinning from ear to ear, “Fuck yeah, for sure!” We decided to go on a boat and just bask in the great weather…but these two horny studs couldn’t wait any longer, so they fucked right on that boat until Graham blew his load! We knew this was going to be a good one from the get-go!

Tim Tales - Caio Fucks Diego Reyes

Tim Tales – Caio Fucks Diego Reyes

Timtales Exclusive Caio Veyron fucks the hell out of Diego Reyes. He meets a strong bottom with heavy built that can take his massive cock without breaking. And this time, Caio doesn’t hold back. He fucks Diego as hard as he likes and dangerously deep. Turns out, Diego loves to be dominated. Don’t miss Caio’s epic cumshot all over Diego’s mouth and face. There’s enough cum to drown someone.

Corbin Fisher - Weston & Hugh

Corbin Fisher – Weston & Hugh

Buddies Hugh and Weston go at it again – this time with Weston riding down Hugh’s fuck lane! Getting a feel for what the other likes, this time the friends are unpretentious and direct about what they want to do with their bodies. For Weston it’s to suck Hugh’s cock, get his dick sucked, and ram that dick of his deep up Hugh until he blasts a load! Which is just what Hugh had in mind – with an added caveat of eating up some spunk!

Bait Buddies - Javier Cruz and Grayson

Bait Buddies – Javier Cruz and Grayson

Javier Cruz always delivers as a bait guy, and that’s why we have him returning again to trick another straight stud! Javier Cruz has always been a popular choice because of his laid back attitude and good looks, but also because he has one of the hottest bubble butts around! It’s absolutely perfect for fucking! Grayson is this week’s straight guy. He’s 28, tall, hot, ripped, and has a beautiful 7.5 inch cock! Grayson says he’s an ass man and loves nothing more than a chick with a nice big ass! You can tell that he’s very nervous about Javier...

Cocky Boys - Colby Keller Fucks Jack Hunter

Cocky Boys – Colby Keller Fucks Jack Hunter

Colby Keller and Jack Hunter have met before, but in the midst of an orgy they never had enough one on one time. That’s about to change. Jack Hunter is ready and willing to let Colby Keller explore his tight hole. With Colby’s flirtatious glances and his rock hard body, Jack is certain there’s a connection and he wants to see how far their chemistry can go. After a hot makeout session, Colby is ready to fill Jack’s mouth with his hard cock. Jack eagerly takes all of Colby in his mouth and Colby returns the favor, getting hot and...