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Morning Wood - Trey Turner & Micah Brandt

Morning Wood – Trey Turner & Micah Brandt

Trey is sitting in bed looking Morning Wood at his phone when Micah comes walking into the bedroom carrying coffee and sporting a huge boner through his robe. Micah always has a raging boner in the mornings and Trey is always willing to help him release before he heads off for work and luckily today he has some extra time before he needs to leave. Trey Morning Wood begins sucking Micah’s cock and does his best to take it all the way down his throat as Micah face fucks him deep in his mouth making him gag and slobber all...

Sketchy Sex - Gimme your load

Sketchy Sex – Gimme your load

Gimme your load haven’t slept in days. Just taking dick after dick. Load after load. The apartment was packed with hung dudes. All looking to blow their loads. I put my ass up for them in the bathroom. Guys were just coming and going. Dropping their loads then leaving. I didn’t even know their names. I don’t give a fuck. I just want their cum.

Adrian Monroe Puts a Dildo Up His ASS And Jerks OFF

Adrian Monroe had some off time between shoots and had been horny all morning. When he asked me if he could borrow the mini camera and butt plug… there was no way I was about to stop him. About 10 minutes later, he returned both to me and WA LA! Way to bust a load Adrian!

Adorable Greco Rai Makes A Home Video

Sweet and adorable little Greco Rai is such a playful twink, he just loves to perform and be the center of attention. He’s treating his fans to a very sexy solo play session in this home made video, playing for the cameras and enjoying himself as he explores anal toys and fucks himself in that tight little hole. We would all love to be there to give him the real thing, and believe me he could take on several of you at once! Enjoy his performance.

Hard Bang for a Blond – Jeremy Price & Xavier Ryan

Hard Bang Xavier Ryan and Jeremy Price radiate some serious heat the moment they appear on screen in a super hot, ass grabby lip lock! Xavier is like a caged wolf, spanking the boy’s butt as he prepares to pounce on Price. He rails the kid’s face with his rock hard rod before stripping the blond down with one swift pull on his pants, anxious to get a taste. The Hard Bang boys swap shaft while Xavier spices it up with some dirty talk before moving on to Price’s hot pink pucker for a meal. After being eaten, Jeremy’s ass...

Bad Puppy – Jhonnatan Garduna and Max Dias

Jhonnatan Garduna was showing Max Dias a new dating app he had installed on his phone. The images and videos of the prospective dates turn on both of our hot studs. Jhonnatan puts down his phone as Max leans over and gives Jhonnatan a very deep, intense kiss. Immediately, Max reaches for the bulge appearing in Jhonnatan’s jeans and it’s not long before Max is nuzzling and licking Jhonnatan’s crotch thru his jeans. Jhonnatan stands up and pulls off his jeans sitting down on the sofa in only his swim trunks; which were stretched out from his hard cock which...

Grab Ass – A Very Homosexual Holiday Special

Well, it’s the Holiday Special, and you know what that means, right? That’s right, the boss has come up with more festive ways of harassing his employees. You know, classics like mistletoe over his dick, gifting dildos, cock out carols …etc…. He gives new meaning to the term holiday bonus. Bonuses like his cock up your ass, or in your mouth. He said the holidays make him feel lonely, so a couple of the guys agreed to hang out with him. They didn’t know his definition of ‘hang out’ is fucking. Oh well there’s a first for everything, and it...

Slave Dreams – Dominique Kenique & Mario Benedet

You wake up in the middle of the night, and discover that your Dominique Kenique Master is on top of you,ready to put you down, where you belong. Ready for a session of pure testosterone and dirty action?

Grab Ass – End of the Year Reviews

Working with him has been one of the Year Reviews toughest experiences of my life. Our boss thinks he can do what ever he wants with us. The other he walked in calling us fat, then challenged us to do more push ups than him. Any time anyone would get close to the amount he did, he would push them down. He also pulled his dick out and laid down under us as wee did much ups with his dick to our faces. I’m the newest guy around here, and I was dreading the end of the year review. I...

GuyBone – Roy Gardner Tops Stephen Harte

Roy Gardner is one of our super hot bi guys who has that incredibly sexy, chill vibe. You just want to kick back with him and relax… and then have amazing sex. And Stephen, my goodness, did a yummier otter ever exist? Eternally happy to have him back with us and very intrigued to see him in a scene without Damon Andros. The two work so well together, I hadn’t even realized all of Stephen’s scenes with us thus far had costarred the delicious daddy. But how would Stephen perform without his other half of the Dynamic Duo? Fantastically. Fear...