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Boys Club For Men – Carl from public toilet

Public toilets are the places of the endless pleasures. Also Carl is aware of this fact. When he went to one of the public toilet to do his business he walked right into the middle of the porn shoot. He didn’t seem to care and when the crew asked him if he wants to participate he said loud YES. And thus Carl received a great bareback fuck and facial on the special place called public toilet.

French Dudes – Big Mac Or Saussage – Stany Falcone and Valentin Alsina

Finally the return of the beautiful Stany Falcone, for a new video very surprising. In the company of Valentin Alsina, we will film an exhibitionist plan at the drive of a Mac Donald. But it seems that the staff is not receptive to our pair of handsome guys, so we decide to abandon them to get lost on the edge of a road where the two dudes will be able to fuck quietly.

RichardXXX – Cocksuckers – JJ Knight and Pierce Paris

Who has the bigger dick here, JJ Knight or Pierce Paris? Listen to the guys talk about their first time getting their dick sucked and the troubles that can occur by having a big dick (wahhh). Then watch these cocksuckers go down on their huge dicks and find out who can take the most down their throat until they shoot their loads all over for your entertainment.

Voyeurboys – Jaden Storm and Jay Bunny – Jackoff Road Trip

Hot straight guys Jaden Storm and Jay Bunny are way too horny on their road trip. Watch Jaden and Jay stroke their hard cocks and blow two creamy loads of cum while Jaden is still at the wheel. Although this scene is hot, I don’t recommand you guys imitate what Jaden did. Everyone knows distracted driving is very dangerous. If you’re too horny at the time, find a parking lot to finish off. Don’t do it when you are driving. The scene is shot by cellphone or car camera. The video quality is pretty good with a high resolution of...

Sketchy Sex – Leave Dignity Door

Leave Dignity Door with another muscle stud, but ends up being the bottom bitch! I like to go somewhere warm when winter arrives. I hate cold weather. I plan leaving in two days and wanted to have a quick fun before the departure. A friend of mine lent me his parking space, where I could leave my car while being abroad. My idea for tonight was to find a cute boy Leave Dignity Door, bring him to the garages, and fuck him right there. I wanted to do something crazy. Now I had to find a boy willing to go...

ChaosMen – 2190 – Kane Haney solo

I seem to be having a lot of Bi guys lately. At 36, Kane Haney seems very comfortable with his sexuality. He does like the red-haired ladies, and ironically of the three ginger-themed video compilations I had on hand, his favorite freckled faced girl was in it. To be honest, what qualifies as a red-head is loosely defined in these videos. But Kane also like men too. He tends to like to bottom, and though he is bossy with the ladies, it sounds likes he prefers to give up control to more mature guys. He has a nice 8″ thick...

Boys Club For Men – An old man’s whirpool fantasy

Again Walter is one of the luckiest member in the world. This old guy will end up in a whirpool oral gangbang with four hot and horny guys. There is a lot of jerking and sucking going on, but these nasty fellows are also letting their buttholes licked by this old dirty bastard until he blast out his cumshot.

Boys Club For Men – Old Tim from Sweden in love with young Thoma

Our old member Tim from Sweden has been waiting for a while now for some young dick and can’t stop touching himself. That’s why we invited a hot young guy, so we can film them while Tim can enjoy this fresh piece of meat and put it in his mouth. In the end after all the cock sucking and ass licking these two will threat each other with a juicy and tasty cum shot.

SpankThis – Pleasure and Pain – Max Carter & Trevor Harris

It’s his way or the highway with Master Max Carter! We join Mr. Carter relaxing after a long day at work with tasty Trevor Harris on his knees helping him unwind. Max has told the boy “no teeth,’ and he only gives ONE warning! After the second incisor slip up, he bends the boy over and is hell bent on beating some sense into that beautiful booty of his! Epic, ass banging beats fill the air as the guys argue about sucking cock. Max Carter manhandles the hell out of Harris’ hind end, swatting his smooth seat in various stages...

Boys Pissing – BPS0257 – Elijah Knight

Our newest model Elijah Knight! This buff and stunning 22 year-old pisses in the toilet, on his ripped body, in his undies, on the floor and in the shower! Elijah oils up his muscles and abs, flexes, and strokes his beautiful cock until he shoots his splashing cum load! Warning-you’re about to fall in love!