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Butch Dixon - Teddy Dupont and Rogue Status

Butch Dixon – Teddy Dupont and Rogue Status

If he actually was my husband I’d be so proud I’d still show him off to you, YES Teddy Dupont is back, with the must edible arse in town and we’ve coupled him up with a super sexy, bald stud, the delicious Rogue Status and our sexy, cuddly Teddy is gonna take a hammering. Its all raw, uncircumcised cock action. Teddy sucks on Rogue’s juicy pole, running his hands over the hairy, hard belly and up to Rogue’s sensitive nipples. That piece of meat is rock rigid and dripping with enough spit to lube up Rogue’s magnificent arse, Teddy’s on...

Twinks in Shorts - Martin Polnak and Danny Mendez

Twinks in Shorts – Martin Polnak and Danny Mendez

Danny Mendez tells us he’s about to get a massage from Martin Polnak and invites to watch. Like we had much of a choice. The tall slender twink wrangled us into a filming session and when we saw what he was packing, we were VERY happy he persisted! Danny isn’t just hung. He’s got a H-U-G-E fat uncut monster cock that’s juicy and mouthwatering. He eagerly places himself in Martin’s experienced hands. Martin Polnak, who pours oil onto his hands and gets Danny all slippery, sensually kneads the eager twink’s body, giving him a handjob in the process. But Danny wants...

ChaosMen - Kouri Serviced amazing cock by Bryan

ChaosMen – Kouri Serviced amazing cock by Bryan

Kouri is definitely into mature guys, so I thought I would step in and work his amazing cock. I set this up as a traditional Serviced video, mainly because for his solo he relied a lot on watching his porn. I knew I had my work cut out for me. Sure enough, he does watch quite a bit of porn during this video, but then you also notice he starts watching himself on the monitors. I think that turned him on even more. It took me 3-4 minutes to get his cock fully hard, and the trick was to play...

Harlem Hookups - Tatttwink BareBack

Harlem Hookups – Tatttwink BareBack

If he isn’t telling Tatttwink, “stick your tongue out,” Toronto’ ordering him to, “sit on my cock.” Tatttwink BareBack doesn’t seem to mind a top that knows what he wants. The blonde and brunette start in the pool, making out and getting into some oral. BareBack decides to take it into the bedroom and his bossiness doesn’t stop there. He eats Noah’s ass before fucking him in several different positions.

Guys In SweatPants - Call of Booty & Hung Drake and Alex

Guys In SweatPants – Call of Booty & Hung Drake and Alex

Welcome horse Hung Drake and adorable, insatiable bottom, Alex to the site. They’re both new… also young, horny, full of cum, and always ready to fuck. By the end of it, the only one full of cum anymore was Alex full of Drake’s. Drake said he would love to try getting his dick sucked while playing Call of Duty, and Alex was more than happy to oblige. But once the controller went away, Drake devoured Alex’s hole– rimming it, spitting on it, sliding his 9″ cock in and out of it, pulling out to rim some more. And Alex loved every...

Czech Hunter 294 - Czech Gay Porn & Gay Porn Teen

Czech Hunter 294

I went hunting on the Wenceslas Square today. It’s a tricky area, sometimes Czech Hunter 294 all you can find are tourists, sometimes you meet a nice boy. Actually I met two tourists, Vasek was Czech and Michal was Slovak. They were friends on a trip to Prague. What are the odds! We started chatting and had a great fun. When you’re from east, Prague can be a bit expensive. The boys had been saving money for this trip for a long time. They rented a nice private apartment to save cash for parties. I went easy on them at...

An Afternoon Of Raw Cock Swapping - Kayden Alexander & Justin Cummings

An Afternoon Of Raw Cock Swapping – Kayden Alexander & Justin Cummings

While most teen boys spend their time playing computer games, Kayden has Swapping friends like Justin to come over for an afternoon of bareback cock riding! The boys are quickly making out and servicing those hard and pulsating cocks, but it’s the sensation of being fucked deep that these two really need. The boys take turns, with Justin taking a ride before Kayden takes it doggy style, flipping again to get those cum loads gushing. Check out the sight of Kayden’s jizz squirting out of Justin’s tight little hole as he slides his ejaculating cock right back into him!

Saxon Whacks Off - Nasty Boy Oliver Saxon & Max Carter

Saxon Whacks Off – Nasty Boy Oliver Saxon & Max Carter

North Carolina nasty boy Oliver Saxton gets grilled by masturbation maestro Max Carter. After chatting about working out and his favorite fetish which is underwear, we find out Saxton’s go-to hobby is fencing. A bit ironic considering Ollie will be doing some sword fighting with us here at Helix as well! Saxton tells Max he’s been exercising every day and is more than happy off show off for the camera. The golden boy looks gorgeous naked and gets massively marble hard when Carter handles his hefty hog with a hot hand job. Max gets our boy to bend over, spreading...

Dirty Scout 75 - Czech Gay Porn & Dirty Gay Porn

Dirty Scout 75

Dirty Scout 75 he wanted a job and I was certainly going to find him one. The boy used to work as a driver and at the moment he worked part-time as a personal trainer. A fitness guy! I sometimes see personal trainers who are out of shape. I would never go to such a trainer if I decided to improve my physique. This boy wasn’t the case. I would love to have a beautiful trainer like him. He was beefed up like hell and looked more like a bodybuilder. Being confident in his body, he didn’t hesitate too long...

Back To My Place San Diego - Tyler Hill & Grayson Lange

Back To My Place San Diego – Tyler Hill & Grayson Lange

It’s a sultry sexy night on the streets of San Diego and Gorgeous Grayson Lange finds uber hottie Tyler Hill looking edible on the streets. Back at the boys bang-cave the two twinks can’t get their clothes off fast enough while their mouths remain magnets. Tyler works his way down to Grayson’s throat choker and goes in on it HARD! Always the team player Lange licks at Tyler like a tornado while working his beautiful smooth balls and amazingly perfect ass. (#MultiTasking) Hill’s smooth hind end is the stuff dreams are made of and Grayson gets in there like a...