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HotBoys - Ricardo Pirocao & Christian Hupper

HotBoys – Ricardo Pirocao & Christian Hupper

It was time for our bottom star, Christian Hupper, to turn up for HotBoys. And to earn the rank as one of our HOT Models, you need to face some of our giant and famous cocks. And no one better than BIG Ricardo Pirocão to test if our Hupper is ready to be a liability of respect here on the hottest site on the net. You already know the characteristics of these two: Christian Hupper’s cheeky face and Ricardo Pirocão’s dominating way. And now, together, they present a pretty hot fuck and a lot of craving…

Tony Torres & Brogan Reed BAREBACK in Syracuse

Tony Torres & Brogan Reed BAREBACK in Syracuse

Extreme cuteness alert! New porn model find Tony Torres is just about Syracuse as cute as they come. This sexy twink is about to embark on study abroad but before he heads off to Florence (totally jealous) he’s going to indulge in a flip flop fuck session with our mountain of muscle Brogan Reed. First Brogan rims Tony’s tight hole and then fucks him – but big dicked Tony turns the tables and fucks Brogan’s muscled mounds just as intensely.

Pound His Ass - Fuck Me StepDaddy

Pound His Ass – Fuck Me StepDaddy

Dustin’s wife has left to go to Fuck work and so he sees an opportunity open up if you know what we mean. He’s been wanting to fuck his stepson for sometime. He starts with the shoulder massage and then joins him in the shower. At first the stepson is apprehensive but it doesn’t take long for him to realize how good daddy dick can be.

FraternityX - Football Ass Fucking

FraternityX – Football Ass Fucking

Time to pay rent. Gotta update Football Ass Fucking the site!.. Who’s gettin ass fucked? Looks like my boy Junior. Its ok i’ll spit before I toss it in. Just throw on the game, crack open a cold one and pound that tight hole. We love college!

Touch my Body - Gaetan Phoenix & Enzo Lemercier

Touch my Body – Gaetan Phoenix & Enzo Lemercier

Enzo Lemercier and Gaetan Phoenix play in a very personal way to the popular “Touch My Body Challenge”. Enzo is blindfolded and attempts to guess on which part of his body Gaetan places his finger. The twink starts with his ear, his lips, his nipple… then he decides to spice up the game and get naked. Enzo Lemercier touches Gaetan’s balls with his finger, then the kinky twink pulls his friend’s hand towards his tight hole. It’s easy for Enzo to understand Gaetan wants to bring him and he then begins to finger him. The two twinks kiss and Enzo...

Introducing Cole Claire & Ryan Bailey

Introducing Cole Claire & Ryan Bailey

Cole Claire walks Ryan Bailey through his country boy youth of feeding gators in a small town which was so rural his graduating class only had 40 seniors! They also reminisce about the newbie’s full circle moment when his parents found out he was gay because they found Helix porn on his computer, and now….. Here he is making a video for Helix! Then the country cutie tells Bailey he likes to get treated rough and just FUCKED, Ryan answers with a resounding “lets go do this!” Bailey takes the bait and the reigns, sucking Cole’s nice thick country boy...

Interracial Daddy Fucking - Jack De Jong Fucks Rick Janssen

Interracial Daddy Fucking – Jack De Jong Fucks Rick Janssen

Hot black guy Jack de Jong and his skin head and bearded brute Rick Janssen are a great pair of horned up studs to come across. Jack’s massive black meat is Rick’s favorite toy to play with, and devours it as far as he can go without even reaching the balls, and with both guys in hot jocks and football sock, there’s something here for everyone to enjoy, and Rick’s hairy tattooed body, including his smooth but still inked ass on show makes for a special sight to get your own dick twitching as hard as Jack’s is! Passed a...

Luis Blava - Young Village Boys Fucking

Luis Blava – Young Village Boys Fucking

Near Luis Blava summer home the Boys Fucking will properly suck each other, then test how many fingers can fit in the ass, then hardcore bareback fuck complete with cumshot in the mouth. Sex scene you should not miss!

Dirty Scout 95 - Young Dude Stroking In College Dorm

Dirty Scout 95

This boy was from a city far north of Prague. A very poor Dirty Scout 95 and desolate place. Being born there doesn’t exactly give you a head start in life. Our boy was a prime example. He grew up in a family so poor he had to attend school that was in walking distance, only because his parents couldn’t afford public transportation. That’s how he became a locksmith. He came to me for a better job than he had so far and I was willing to help him. He was a lean and young looking boy. And he obviously...

Triple Treat - Grayson Lange & Gabe Isaac & Devin Lewis

Triple Treat – Grayson Lange & Gabe Isaac & Devin Lewis

Triple Treat twinks are definitely a charm with Grayson Lang, Devin Lewis and colossal cocked Gabe Isaac! The sexy threesome wake up from a dog pile like sleepy puppies and get right to playing with Isaac’s enormous toy! From then it’s a dick sucking, ass eating ball slapping, bareback fuck fest and these teens try EVERY position imaginable! Every configuration and cock combination is given a go by these three extremely eager and agile horny teenagers! Trains, spit roasts and double dips oh my! The action cums to an explosive conclusion as horse dicked Isaac gets it at both ends!...