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BoyCrush – Kyler Moss – Exclusive Interview

Kyler Moss is another southern boy with a lot of pent up sexual energy. He’s ready to fulfill all his fantasies in his new career and he lets you know what all of them are in detail. Play close attention to this hot, fit little guy. His outrageous stories and dirty little secrets are sure to turn you on.

TimTales – Tim Kruger fucks Aaron Blue

Aaron Blue is back on Timtales for Tim’s legendary cock. Nothing compares to Tim’s massive and beautiful penis. Aaron’s hole was already pretty opened by Devon, so Tim slides right in like butter. Hard passionate sex on my terrace.

TattTwink – Latenight Breeding POV

I had a busy Latenight day and was looking to end off satisfied, so I aimed to get plowed before bed. I found a hot willing cock that wouldnt mind recording the session and invited him by to claim his bottom. Lets himself in and He finds his way to my room where im waiting ass up for him to split me open. He teases me before throatfucking me and flipping me on my back and sliding his rock hard cock into position. Fucking my hole hard and making me beg for his load, which he blows 8 inches into...

Tatttwink – Back to School BB

Back to School is back in session and I live right by a college. This means a lot of hot, young dudes that are back in my area looking to bust their loads. I love going onto my hookup apps looking 4 some college boyhole to pound. This dude just finished his class and quickly made his way to my place. Puts his backpack down and bends his ass over my office chair waiting to have his hole devoured. I suck on his hole and tongue fuck him before splitting him open and BB fucking my load into his tight...

AllAustralianBoys – Thomas

This is a Special update, the standard of Johnny, Levi and Taylor, who you all loved. Features Thomas, a stunningly attractive, in all ways. Body, Face, Attitude and X factor 23 yo straight jock from Canada, now living in Sydney. This quietly spoken and sometimes a bit shy, young man’s attraction is heightened even more by his humble unassuming attitude and shouldering natural sexual attraction. He has huge impact when you meet him. It’s almost overwhelming. Immediately your heart beats faster, your temperature rises, you begin to sweat and slur your words, without being aware of it. Tom plays rugby,...

Cocky Boys – Colby Keller & the Camera Man

Colby Keller doesn’t exactly play by the rules. With his anthropology degree and sex advice videos, you could call him a free-thinking intellectual that beats his own path… as well as others’ asses. He considers himself “mostly a top” (just ask Anthony Romero), but has always fantasized about being tied up and taken advantage of. With his brains, his aggressive and flirty personality, and huge cock, Colby is one guy that attracts all kinds of men. Take our camera guy for instance. What started as an innocent interview soon turned into touching, sucking, rimming, and… who knows what else? Our...

DominicFord – Raw Husbands – Hugh Hunter Fucks Dolf Dietrich

Real-life husbands Hugh Hunter and Dolf Dietrich visited me on Fire Island and couldn’t wait to work out in my gym. But almost immediately they started fucking. While they have appeared together before, Hugh has never fucked Dolf in a scene before! Watch as these two husbands go at it raw!

Blindfold Surprise – John Magnum & Scott DeMarco and Jack Andy

John Magnum is alone in the bedroom stroking his big cock when Scott DeMarco brings Jack Andy, who is blindfolded, into the bedroom for his surprise. He quickly realizes that someone else is in the room and when he feels the big cock, he gets excited and starts stroking both John Magnum & Scott. Soon he is on his knees sucking both of their cocks while still blindfolded. After a while he removes his blindfold and is excited by what he sees. Both John & Scott share Jack’s big cock between them for a while before all three climb on...

Men At Play – From Behind – Malek Tobias and Jalil Jafar

When Malek Tobias peers furtively over his shoulder at his boss it becomes apparent very quickly that Jahil is a man of few words and blatant actions. Pulling out his cock through the fly of that perfect fitting navy suit of his, Jahil starts stroking it as Malek watches on from across the room. Such brazen sexual self confidence is a pull for any cocksucker and Malek is no exception going down on his bosses thick cock under the desk before being stripped and pummelled as Jahil rides his young tight hole making the office boy holler with, what we...

Bareback Boy Bangers – Walking the dog ends up in bareback sex

While Walking their dogs, two horny guys run into each other and checking each other out. Right from the start they hit it off and soon went up back to Kafagi’s apartment. Iceberg drops to his knees and takes Kafagi balls in his mouth. They fuck bareback in the kitchen until Kafagi pulls out and feeds Iceberg a fresh load of cum.