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Daddy Fucked Deep - CJ Michaels and Dmitry Osten

Daddy Fucked Deep – CJ Michaels and Dmitry Osten

Big dicked Russian twink Dmitry Osten teams up with dark haired CJ Michaels in a twink on daddy scene you’ll never forget! Slurping on Dmitry’s long solid tool, CJ works his lips around and up and down, making it slick with spit as he imagines what it’s going to feel like slamming into his hole! Not having to wait too long, CJ is given the rough stuff by toned young Dmitry, who loves to fuck hard and deep, slapping ass, verbal in Russian and not to mention slamming him all the way to his juicy cum filled balls over and...

Release - Colton Grey & Diego Sans

Release – Colton Grey & Diego Sans

Watch Diego Sans relieve himself inside Colton Grey’s tight little pink hole. The boys take turns savoring each other’s dicks, Diego working his tongue to open Colton up and prepare for a stuffing of his beautiful throbbing cock.

Killian James gets fucked by Roman Todd

Killian James gets fucked by Roman Todd

In IconMale‘s latest video, Killian James meets up with straight boy Roman Todd for a secret afternoon tryst, these boys want it bad. They want that hard cock dick sucking. Watch as Roman pounds Killian’s hot, tight round ass and shoots his load all over the dick-crazed power bottom. Nothing better than straight men switching to a manhole fucking frenzy!

Catching Up - Evan Parker and Cameron Lane

Catching Up – Evan Parker and Cameron Lane

Join longtime friends Evan Parker and Cameron Lane for Catching Up as the All-American twinks reenacted that fateful day when they snuck away to have sex for the first time. Just like when they were Sophomore schoolboys Cameron Lane is a cheerful cutie that can’t resist Evan’s seductive stare. When Evan finally tops Cameron Lane the rest of the story is, as they say, history.

My Stepdad Banged Me - Max Morgan and Nick Reeves & Trystan Bull

My Stepdad Banged Me – Max Morgan and Nick Reeves & Trystan Bull

When Trystan Bull married Max Morgan’s mother, Max was thrilled to be part of a new, blossoming family. Then there was the first time he saw his new stepdad without a shirt. Max couldn’t help but stare at Trystan’s flawless upper body while his penis grew erect. Trystan Bull noticed but never said anything to Max or his mother about the large boner Max popped on that particular occasion. But he never forgot. The stresses of daily life and competing for Max’s mother’s attention have sometimes put a strain on Max and Trystan’s relationship. Today Max is hanging out with his...

Morning Glory - Girth Brooks & Tanner Wayne

Morning Glory – Girth Brooks & Tanner Wayne

Hairy chested Girth Brooks pounds Tanner Wayne. Tanner wastes no time in completely devouring this mammoth cock all the way to the base causing Girth to let out a guttural groan that clearly shows his pleasure. Soon he is on all fours while Girth pummels him from behind and then on his back where the sheer pleasure of the huge cock in his ass causes him to shoot a huge load all over his chest.

Crotch Rocket - Rusty Stevens

Crotch Rocket – Rusty Stevens

At 6′ and 195 pounds of worked out muscle, Rusty Stevens is very fond of being a rugged kind of man. He loves riding fast motorcycles and when he’s done he loves nothing more than getting naked and taking matters into his own hands. After a nice ride earlier in the day, Rusty has brought his bike into the garage where he cannot control himself and his need to bust a nut. He slowly gets undressed as he caresses all the muscles on his hairy body paying special attention to the once muscle that needs to be stroked the most....

Dirty Scout 38

Dirty Scout 38

When this guy came in Dirty Scout 38, I immediately noticed that he was not a standard applicant for this position. He used to work as a door-man in a club. Apparently a dangerous job because someone even broke a bottle over his pretty head. He left after the incident and worked at a fast-food restaurant. In both cases, the salary was significantly below the average. His language skills appeared to be good. Advanced English and basic Russian. Well, I had no doubt that he would be able to work in a warehouse. And indeed he was very interested. Not...

Throat Fucking Buddies

Throat Fucking Buddies

Hey guys! Gencho loves fucking my throat as you guys can tell. So he invited some friends to play along with him. First he had this other hot stud share my throat with him, then some rooftop stuff. I get to swallow some great loads, and even wear one. These guys are fucking fit!