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Bromo Deep Seeding - Dee and Max

Bromo Deep Seeding – Dee and Max

Why let work get in the way of a long hard throat fuck? Dee and Max certainly don’t let it. And once Dee gets a taste of Max’s mouth, he absolutely has to own his ass as well. Watch these two have bareback sex all over the office until they coat the furniture in multiple hot loads!

Str8 Chaser - Travis

Str8 Chaser – Travis

I always have good luck with college guys and Travis was no exception. When I saw his blue eyes I instantly wanted to see more. Once his initial shyness wore off, he gave me a taste of that lean body. From then on I knew I wouldn’t stop till I had my fill of his nice round ass.

NaturalBornBreeders - Atlas Grant and Bryan Knight

NaturalBornBreeders – Atlas Grant and Bryan Knight

They take the time to feel and taste each other. Bryan is captivated by Atlas’ furry body, and Atlas by Byan’s height and size (and being held in Bryan’s big arms). After rubbing their scruffy faces and locking jaws on the couch (their naked muscled bodies rubbing against each other) they start to work on each others big juicy cocks. Atlas soon has Bryan on all fours, as he pounds him doggy style. They both moan loudly and Bryan lets out deep growls, as they fuck like a pair of wild animals. Since both men are versatile, Bryan has his...

MaverickMenDirects - Hold Him Down

MaverickMenDirects – Hold Him Down

I love this video for may reasons; the guys are all hot and hung and know how to fuck or get fucked, but my favorite part is that Archer, who has done many videos with us, felt comfortable enough with us that he asked his lover to come along and shoot. Troy agreed to come along if we could find a hot bottom for them both to fuck. I immediately thought of our sexy and delicious, Joey. I just love his beautiful eyes and sweet ass and body, but the hottest thing about Joey is the way he moans as...

YoungPerps - Bareback Case No 1712013-91

YoungPerps – Bareback Case No 1712013-91

Petty Theft. 19 year old Caucasian male, 5’7,” entered a gift shop with parents. He was caught stealing an item on closed-circuit television, prompting the Loss Prevention Officer to pull him away for questioning. The initial item recovered, but a more thorough investigation was required. While in custody, it was discovered that the suspect was known to the officer. He was searched and stripped; no additional items were found. An understanding was reached by the suspect and the Loss Prevention Officer, and he was released without involvement of law enforcement. $40.00 retail value recovered for the store without incident.

Czech Hunter 338 - Straight virgin teen boys gets fuck bareback

Czech Hunter 338

When I met Jarda, he was standing in the street and eating kebab. I couldn’t think of any conversation opener so I just Czech Hunter 338 asked about his stupid kebab. I wanted to see the place where he bought it and he agreed to lead me there. He was an interesting young guy obsessed with tattoos. And he was covered with them. Jarda dreamed of becoming a tattoo artist but lacked the necessary skills and above all he lacked money. I couldn’t teach him how to draw but I certainly could improve his budget. We fooled around in the...

BoysFox - Hung friends can't resist all that cock

BoysFox – Hung friends can’t resist all that cock

Marek arrives to find his new friend Norbert enjoying a good book, but while he’s just as avid a reader as his new roommate he’s been thinking a whole lot about the cock he saw hanging between Norbert’s legs when he walked past him in the shower the day before. His lust for that dick is soon taking over, groping the shape of his friend’s cock in his jeans, releasing Norbert’s throbbing uncut length from that denim prison and stroking him. Of course, the lad can’t ignore it, he’s soon abandoning the book to feed his buddy his gorgeous dick....

Bareback Me Daddy - Ruben and Jorge

Bareback Me Daddy – Ruben and Jorge

Young Jorge is busy with his studies when daddy Ruben walks in and suggests he take a break from the books and give some attention to his big uncut Latin cock. In seconds the young man is sucking Ruben’s dick, as the two work their way out of their clothes. Ruben starts fingering the boy’s fine looking little ass, letting him know it will soon be filed with his big dick. With Jorge bent over the table, Ruben bareback fucks him from behind, as we enjoy some close-ups of the ass lip rolling anal action. After giving the young man...

BareBack Latinoz - Damian and Nicanor

BareBack Latinoz – Damian and Nicanor

Young Latinos Damian and Nicanor are on the sofa kissing and stripping, and it isn’t long before the two are naked and exchanging blowjobs. Some ass probing, along the way, assures the bottom he’s going to get fucked by that cock he’s licking. In fact, once he’s got his top stiff and ready, he hops on for a raw ride. But, surprise! These guys are versatile and it isn’t long before we are enjoying a hot bareback flip fuck. All good things must cum to an end, and that means one takes a load in the face, while he dumps...

Debt Dandy 227 - Gay Loves Fucking Bareback In the Ass and Cum

Debt Dandy 227

This guy scared the hell out of me when I first saw him. He was incredibly huge and muscular. I was a bit afraid to try anything on him so I just went through the normal procedure Debt Dandy 227. In the worst case, he would get a loan from our company. As we were talking, I really started to like the boy. He was cute and actually also seemed to be well-mannered and intelligent. I was sure our boy would see all the upsides of my dirty offer. He was a bit upset at first, which scared me a...