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Debt Dandy 245 - Boss naughty sucking married employer

Debt Dandy 245

Getting injured at work can make your life really difficult. I have seen it many times. This unfortunate fellow was just another Debt Dandy 245 example. He worked as a small town mechanic and life used to be good. Then he got injured and become unemployed. After a few weeks, his girlfriend dumped him and told him to move out of her apartment. Our boy decided to gamble a little. He cashed out his health insurance and moved to Prague. He stayed at his friend but couldn’t work yet. His body had to recover first. And the money he brought with him...

NakedPapis - Paulo and Chafa

NakedPapis – Paulo and Chafa

Paulo with another muscle stud, but ends up being the bottom bitch! I like to go somewhere warm when winter arrives. I hate cold weather. I plan leaving in two days and wanted to have a quick fun before the departure. A friend of mine lent me his parking space, where I could leave my car while being abroad. My idea for tonight was to find a cute boy Paulo, bring him to the garages, and fuck him right there. I wanted to do something crazy. Now I had to find a boy willing to go with me. It was...

BrokeStraightBoys - Richie West Sweet Ass Fucked By Bobby Owens

BrokeStraightBoys – Richie West Sweet Ass Fucked By Bobby Owens

Richie West and Bobby Owens don’t spend too much time making out before Richie is on his knees getting a mouthful of Bobby’s cock, making him grow long and stiff as Richie’s lips massage that shaft. When Richie’s ready to receive some head he stands up and lets Bobby take him in his mouth, those soft lips and wet tongue working that cock until it’s throbbing hard. Erect and ready to get pounded, Richie gets on the bed and offers his ass up to Bobby who eagerly pushes his dick into it, splitting Richie’s hole apart as he fucks him...

Extra Big dick - Chase and Devin Armnani I Dig You Bro

Extra Big dick – Chase and Devin Armnani I Dig You Bro

Well looks like we have two strapping young men for you today. Chase is 21 from Chicago loves to work out and chill with his buddies. Devin Armani is 21 from Philly and use to be a star quarterback but has now moved to Florida to pursue his dreams. It has been a hot one today and the boys have decided to hangout inside the house and admire each other’s bodies. After some rubbing of the abs from Chase, Devin is digging his body and wants that mouth sucking on his cock. Chase is quick to get on his knees...

Bareback That Hole - Rocco Steele & Igor Lucas

Bareback That Hole – Rocco Steele & Igor Lucas

That deep moan and heavy growl only befits a rugged Top that is hung huge… He devours Igor Lucas ass like a man with a mission. Once Rocco slides into Igor’s bare butt he is unstoppable… His talented hole swallows Rocco’s mammoth rod in one huge gulp as he proudly rides Rocco’s thick massive tool. Igor Lucas screams, pants, and eagerly begs for every inch Rocco can plow into him. His 10×6 extra thick extra-large shaft gets an awesome workout as Igor’s deep crack is all that he can handle… Rocco pummels his bare butt with abandon as he fills...

Break My Ass - Christoper Daniels and Letterio Amadeo

Jake Cruise – Anthony London & Jessippi Cappozzolii

Anthony London is tutoring the young Jessippi Cappozzoli for an anatomy class. They’ve made it to chapter 11 about the male erection and Jessippi feels he needs a more ‘hands on’ approach to absorb the material. Anthony hesitates a moment, but once he lays eyes on Jessippi’s huge, uncut cock he can’t say no. Chapter 11 comes to life as both dad and lad get down on their knees sucking each other until they’re rock hard. Anthony suggests that he should fuck Jessippi in the ass if he really wants the material to ‘sink in.’ Jessippi spreads his soft cheeks...

Break My Ass - Christoper Daniels and Letterio Amadeo

Break My Ass – Christoper Daniels and Letterio Amadeo

Christoper Daniels (USA) serves up his hole like it is an expensive banquet waiting to be consumed. Letterio wastes no time getting at the infamous cum repository. First working it open with multiple fingers and then using his mouth and tongue to get it ready for his dick. He unceremoniously slams his fat meat into the guy’s ass and rides it – long, rough and hard.

Cross Fuck - Austin Wolf & Jack Hunter

Cross Fuck – Austin Wolf & Jack Hunter

Jack Hunter is lifting weights in the gym when Coach Austin Wolf stops by to check on him and offer a little bit of workout advice. The testosterone from the heavy lifting gives Jack a throbbing hard-on and Austin steps in to help relieve Jack of his dilemma. His cock is absolutely massive, but Austin manages to get it down his throat with ease. Austin sucks away as he rubs his own dick until he’s equally hard. Jack wants to return the favor and gets on his knees to pleasure his ripped coach. When Austin is at full mast, he...

Czech Hunter 355 - Rough Bareback Fuck 4 The First Time

Czech Hunter 355

Prague had been like a furnace these days. That’s why a wanted to cool off somewhere near the Czech Hunter 355 river. I went to main outdoor swimming area in Prague and looked for boys. The place was packed with people so I had to look carefully. I noticed a shy looking guy lying on the grass and decided to spend a nice afternoon with him. He was surprised but not strictly against the idea. He was broke and my money would help him a lot. I wanted to do something different this time so I rented us a motorboat....

French Twinks - Alexis Tivoli Casse la Baraque Gabriel Lambert

French Twinks – Alexis Tivoli Casse la Baraque Gabriel Lambert

Alexis Tivoli and Gabriel Lambert meet fortuitously in the toilets of a bar “The Red Kafé”. The two boys jostle and exchange a look full of passion. Alexis then kisses Gabriel who was just waiting for that. We find the handsome Gabriel on his knees in the W.C. sucking Alexis passionately. The big cock of Alexis comes and goes in the greedy mouth of the twink and excitement rises up. The two twinks cannot wait anymore to fuck and go back home to continue their affair. Alexis Tivoli and Gabriel undress, caress, kiss and masturbate each other. Their two beautiful cocks...