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Cum Hungry - Mario Romo & Guys

Cum Hungry – Mario Romo & Guys

In the BackRoomFuckers Cum Hungry coming up, we’ve got three guys with some cock and hole to share. The only one that would leave us his name, is the mohawk blonde, Mario Romo; the others just “fuck-in” and leave. After everyone has a turn, and takes a knee, Mario bends over and is spit-roasted, “oh, that’s good.” Pounding the boy, the camera goes behind to get every inch of this “slap happy” trio. Trading Mario off, both tops take their “pound” of flesh; that bottom boy just gives it up as one of the tops pulls out and blows. Cum...

Marcelo Mastro

Marcelo Mastro BareBangs Tony D

Marcelo Mastro and Tony are making out on the bed. Their underpants barely holding their erect cocks. They suck on each other’s cocks in a 69 – then Marcelo Mastro rolls Tony over and starts rimming his gorgeous ass. He buries his face deep in that fine butt and then spanks him on the ass when he wants his cock sucked. Tony oscillates between deep throating Marcelo’s thick meat and slapping himself in the face with it. But it’s time he got impaled by Marcelo’s monster – he jumps on and starts riding that cock screaming with agony and joy.

Men of Madrid - Gabriel Taurus & Mario Domenech

Men of Madrid – Gabriel Taurus & Mario Domenech

Mario Domenech gets a message on his phone: ‘What are you up to?’ from Gabriel Taurus. ‘I’m looking for cock,’ replies Mario. It doesn’t take long for horny Mario to buzz up to Gabriel’s apartment, where they immediately head to the bedroom. Stripping off his shirt, Mario pulls down Gabriel’s bulging briefs and goes down on his throbbing cock. After coming up for a kiss, Mario then puts his ass in the air inviting Gabriel to have his way with his hole. Gabriel accepts the invitation, burying his face in Mario’s crack while he tweaks Mario’s nipples. They even achieve...

Tahoe Snowbound - Andrea Suarez & JJ Knight

Tahoe Snowbound – Andrea Suarez & JJ Knight

When Andrea Suarez hits the kitchen for his morning coffee, JJ Knight can’t keep his eyes off Andrea’s firm ass in his tight long johns. When Andrea turns around, JJ sees the outline of his massive morning wood as well. With a magnetic attraction, they kiss passionately, and Andrea reaches for JJ’s huge tool. It’s so big it seems it would barely fit into Andrea’s mouth, but he deep throats JJ’s cock with enthusiasm. Hopping up on the kitchen counter, Andrea positions his uncut member to receive an equally intense blowjob from JJ. After tasting Andrea’s cock, JJ wants to...

Ass Cheeks Get Spread On The Panangra Canal

Ass Cheeks Get Spread On The Panangra Canal

On this Troop Candy – Panangra Canal the guys go on a supply run but stuff gets interesting when the humvee “breaks down” and the guys have their cocks out. All of the new recruits are trying to impress the sarge so we start seeing cocks being sucked and asses getting fucked.

Landon & Manny

Landon & Manny

Apparently, this is the week of comebacks (pun very much intended)! The handsome Landon is back to stick his huge dick into Manny’s hungry hole! “I’ve been traveling here and there and all over the place, really. It’s good to come back to Sean Cody, though…I missed it.” Oh, we’ve missed you too, Landon! Manny couldn’t wait to jump the bones of one of our most missed models, and was excited to try this new guy out! “You know your way around the block.” Manny was digging for more. “Around the block, around the butt…there’s no difference! It’s all the...

Bened Faust - Helping Hand

Bened Faust – Helping Hand

New comer Bened Faust showed up at the studio in search of a helping hand. He had just come from a workout; his muscles were sore and needed some attention. Our masseur walks into the room, kneels on the bed and with a light touch, gently rubs Bened’s chest before grabbing his bottle of oil and squirting some into his hands. The masseur warms the oil in his hands before rubbing it into Bened’s chest and six-pack abs. Reaching further down, he undoes Bened’s pants and pulls them off revealing that Bened Faust is definitely aroused by the touching he’s...

Tanner Valentino And Benjamin Dover

Tanner Valentino And Benjamin Dover

Benjamin Dover shows up to the shoot today in some pretty interesting attire, but let’s be honest, the clothes don’t really matter here since they don’t stay on very long anyway! When we release these two sexy boys onto each other they make out, kissing hard while they feel each other up through their shorts and when Benjamin stands up and pulls his pants down Tanner Valentino is all over that juicy cock! Tanner deepthroats Benjamin’s dick a few times then gives his mouth a break and uses his hands before lying back on the bed and letting Benjamin give...

Ellis Gets Double Dicked

Ellis Gets Double Dicked

When we came up with the Ellis Gets Double Dicked, I did not know what I had coming. Not only did we receive hundreds of submissions- they showed an awesome range of creativity and script-writing talent! Choosing just one was not easy, reading them all was a blast! Congratulations Scott- I hope we do your fantasy justice! When Ellis’s girl is away- the boys will play! As much as he likes being with his girlfriend, there’s a sexual want and urge that Ellis can’t keep putting away. Finally he takes the opportunity when she’s off at work to make his...