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Allen Lucas

Zack Matthews and Allen Lucas

We sure get lucky sometimes and this is most certainly as lucky as it gets. I’m sure we all remember the incredible Zack Matthews who recently jerked his fat military meat for us recently. I’m overjoyed to say that he’s BACK!!! And even more excited that he’s agreed to hook up with a guy for the FIRST TIME ever, and that guy is our very own troop veteran, Allen Lucas! As soon as the underwear come off, Allen is hard as a rock! Although Zack had a really great attitude, and, in my opinion, a lot of confidence for a...

The New Name

The New Name – Elder Dudley & President Nelson

One of the final secret rituals The Order performs on the hot young men undergoing initiation is the giving of the new name. A boy who reaches this step leaves his old identity behind and becomes his true, sex-loving self. Because the ritual involves the boy being fucked raw and drenched in cum, it can be painful and hard to endure. But the change that accompanies the ceremony is well worth it. As Elder Dudley understands it, your mom and dad give you one name at birth, but in the temple your new daddy gives you a secret, new name, your...

Mine Ricky Decker

Mine Ricky Decker & Tommy Regan

A romantic surprise awaits Tommy Regan when he returns home to Ricky Decker. No time is wasted as the boys begin to service each other’s rock hard cocks before Ricky passionately plunges deep into Tommy atop a bed of roses. Tommy rides Ricky like a pro before both men cum in a passionate climax.

Levi Jackson

Levi Jackson Fucks Ryan Fields Raw

Levi Jackson and Ryan Fields are paired up today and these guys are ready to fuck, they don’t waste time getting to it when we set them loose on each other and Ryan unzips Levi’s pants and takes that nice cock out. Ryan sucks Levi’s dick, deepthroating it and making Levi moan with each stroke of his mouth, but he gets the same amazing oral when Levi goes down on him! Ryan thrusts his hips as Levi sucks that dick and then positions himself so that they can 69, each guy getting some good head as they lick and suck...

Alex Griffen

Alex Griffen and Phillip Anadarko Flip-Flop Fuck

We bring you two of the most amazing asses you’re every going to see, all in one feature. Alex Griffen and Phillip Anadarko pick up where Spring Training left off, perking those booties to the sky, and waiting to be rimmed, sucked, and fucked. After some steamy foreplay, Phillip wanted to spread Alex’s ass wide open. He pounded away at Alex’s tight ass, loosening him up with every thrust. Alex couldn’t help himself while getting fucked and wanted to pound Phillip’s curvy ass before he’d cum. This flip fuck is an outstanding addition to Spring Training and will have you...

Cam Christou

Cam Christou Takes Three Big Cocks

A drunken night of fun at the Army barracks turns into a hot, raw group fuck and Cam Christou gets plowed and DP’d by three big dicks.

Pitching The Tent

Big Dicks At School – Pitching The Tent

This is a much smaller version of the 3.06g that was previously posted, samller but still hot! “Kirk Cummings and AJ Monroe have just finished their finals and to celebrate they’re hiking around the local woodlands looking for a good camping spot to get away from it all. A suitable spot is eventually found however AJ has not brought a single thing that Kirk has asked him to bring, no food, no water, not even sleeping bag. AJ innocently asks for compassion from his friend telling Kirk that he is sorry for forgetting everything and blames it on the finals...