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Tequan and Shawty Blaq

Tequan and Shawty Blaq If you’re a bottom, should you let these intruders in? Of course our team of bottom boy heroes welcome these intruders inside. This is a RawStrokes video! Watch carefully and you’ll see Daddy Cream, Leonardo and Shawty Blaq putting in their Beyonce-best performances as the divas of RawStrokes. Buried in this ebony sandbox of sodomy is jockstrap-clad Kingston, who opens wide for Deep Dicc in a bareback sizzler. Deep Dicc shoots his sauce deep inside the steak. DOWNLOAD OR EMBED VIDEO

Bareback Auditions 03 – Xavier Jacobs Begs For Jonah Fontana’s Cock

Bareback Auditions 03 – Xavier Jacobs Begs For Jonah Fontana’s Cock Two of my personal favorite models from the 2015 Fire Island production (though, by my own admission, there’s a lot of them) are brought together — Xavier Jacobs and Jonah Fontana. Could these two be brothers? No, but they could be cousins, and they wear their beards very well on top of it. These guys are young and full of hot-blooded lust, and don’t hold back when they’re teamed up. Jonah (who is so, so strikingly handsome) especially enjoys himself when he gets the gorgeous otter Xavier Jacobs bent...

VIP After Hours – Johnny V & Alex Mecum

VIP After Hours – Johnny V & Alex Mecum Accusations fly between Johnny V and Alex Mecum about business problems, stolen boyfriends, and sexual power games at the club which quickly escalates to a brawl. Usually, the outcome would be sex, but Alex’s unexpected declaration of love gives the connection a different vibe: this is something they’ve both wanted. The need for flesh to touch flesh competes with the need to get naked. Muscular torsos emerge as shirts are discarded — Johnny smooth and blond, Alex dark and furry. Alex grabs Johnny’s cock and sucks it, gripping his balls in...

Raw and Rough – Champ’s Fuck Buds – Part 2

Raw and Rough – Champ’s Fuck Buds – Part 2 Lukas Cipriani is getting his brains fucked out by Champ Robinson, Knockout and Tigger Redd. Tigger’s ass is hungry for some cock too, but he doesn’t want to stop fucking Lukas’ sweet hole. So Tigger becomes the meat in a fuck sandwich. Knockout and Champ take turns fucking Tigger’s fine ass, while he plows Lukas with his 11 inch dick. Having cock up his ass and his dick buried in white boy booty is all he needs to blow his load deep inside Lukas’ guts. Lukas shows off his dripping...

Gay Castings – Gabriel Grant

Gay Castings – Gabriel Grant Gay Castings is all about “fresh faces and new guys who are trying to enter the porno business”. It is not entirely true. They have a handful of models who has done gay porn in other porn sites. The latest is Gabriel Grant is looking to transition into mainstream gay porn. DOWNLOAD OR EMBED VIDEO

His Crown Jewels – Alexander Gustavo & Brenner Bolton

His Crown Jewels – Alexander Gustavo & Brenner Bolton Brenner Bolton has a reputation for his work as a tattoo artist, so when Alexander Gustavo saunters into his shop with a recommendation, Brenner takes Alexander for a cool guy. As they go over the details for what Alexander would like to have done, Brenner notices his lean body and nice, tight ass. When Alexander lets slip that he is low on cash, Brenner assumes Alexander is familiar with Brenner’s alternative payment system, and slips his hand between Alexander’s legs, fingering his taint. Alexander shoots off the table in shock, and...

Caio Veyron & Louis Ricaute

Caio Veyron & Louis Ricaute Our young brazilian Dominator Caio shows more and more his true nature of a brutal Top. In this scene it´s getting wet, because Caio really literally fucks the piss out of the big man Louis Ricaute with his incredible sledgehammer. Louis is a real man and took the aggressive pounding till the end and finally slurped Caio´s hot cum. One of our most intense scenes this year. This one you really don´t wanna miss. DOWNLOAD OR EMBED VIDEO

The Insatiables – Buster Sly & Aymeric Deville

The Insatiables – Buster Sly & Aymeric Deville This week our American mate Buster Sly comes back to for another inter-racial raw session. Buster has a big appetite for raw white ass, only mates with an insatiable sex drive could cope with our dominant American mate. We knew from the very start that the perfect match for Buster is our French sex machine Aymeric Deville. Aymeric is always hungry for huge and juicy cocks, so we didn’t waste any time to introduce these two sexy guys to each other. Buster does not have to do anything else that pull...

Mad Skillz – Justin Owen & Kyle Ross

Mad Skillz – Justin Owen & Kyle Ross A friendly afternoon of cutting loose in the park turns into all out filthy homo horseplay when new top cock on the block, skater boy beefcake and Grade A thoroughbred, Justin Owen decides to show veteran Helix heartthrob and lover boy libertine Kyle Ross that his physical prowess extends far beyond the playground. Hungry for a man’s dominance, Kyle nurses on Justin’s jumbo cock pipe and after receiving a sloppy & beastly tongue fuck, he finally begs for the dick meat. DOWNLOAD OR EMBED VIDEO