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Ass Fiends

Ass Fiends – Micah Brandt & Chris Bines

Tatted and bearded stud, Chris Bines catches Micah Brandt fucking himself with a giant dildo. After admiring from a distance, Chris decides to give Micah a hand and fuck him with the hefty faux dong. Chris wants more and he’s certain that Micah wants the real thing. So, Chris offers it up, and Micah’s on his knees in no time, with Chris shoving his cock down Micah’s gagging throat. Like a true ‘Ass Fiend’, Chris bends Micah over and eats and fingers his inviting hole. With both studs at maximum hardness, Micah says, ‘I want that fat cock!’ Who is...

Just Boys Getting To Know Each Other

Just Boys Getting To Know Each Other

Trey and Jasper are just getting to know each other, but you know for boys like these some sharing of hard naked cock is usually the best way! Within short time they’re making out and swapping those big solid dicks, then heading to the bedroom where skinny boy Trey gets his tight hole stiffed with Jasper’s amazing rock solid inches! Fucked raw all over the bed and loving that long pole deep in his hole, he gets a warm load of cum splashed over his pucker and gives his new top buddy a taste of his own milky cream!

A Next Door Story

A Next Door Story – Scotty Zee and Tommy Regan

Tommy Regan and Scotty Zee have been living next door to each other for a little while, long enough to get to know each other but not long enough that they are particularly close. Still, Tommy won’t hesitate to ask a favor if he needs one, which is what brings him by today. Apparently Tommy’s wife forgot to pay the electric bill and now Tommy has no hot water to shower with, so he swings by Scotty’s place to see if he can grab a quick refresher. Scotty is more than happy to oblige, but not just because he’s trying...

Preston Cole

Randy Dixon cums inside Preston Cole

Randy and Preston already knew each other before today. They stayed together on a previous week of shooting but did not get to do a scene together. The crush they had on each other now can be consummated with a hot fuck session. Both however wanted to be the top. (or so I thought). I told them to wrestle for top position. First model on their back has to bottom. Well Preston is either really bad at wrestling or really jonesing for that cock. Because he was flat on his back in no time. The kissing started and the next...

James Huck

James Huck eats cum and drops a load into Ken Novotny

What happens when you get two hot European guys with big muscles and ripped physiques? A super hot fuck session is what happens. Newcomer Ken Novotny is hard and ready to go. James comes over and pulls out Ken’s hard cock. They begin to make out and get completely naked. These two nude hunks then begin to suck each other off. Both of these guys say that they are straight, but right now their hard dicks are saying other wise. They 69 each other before James starts to rims that hot muscle hole of Ken’s. Then the fucking begins. James...

Timmy Treasure

Anthony Naylor & Timmy Treasure

I’ts red vs blue and Anthony vs Timmy in Round 1. The boys are pumped up and ready to get it on. Squaring up and going to the floor, foreheads pressed together and arms around the back of each others neck, they stare each other down before something snaps, the red mist descends, everything tightens and they start to throw each other around. Crotches are grabbed, bums get slapped and forced rimming submission holds… we know where this is going. Anthony seems to have won this one though he’s tenting in his suit, there’s something big in there that has...

Twink to Twink

Twink to Twink

On their own, Brad Chase & Tyler Hill could each be described as the embodiment of the all-American young twink. Together, they create a magical, well built, pink & golden combination of a smooth & firm, fantasy of flesh and a hungry curiosity all mixed up with an extraordinarily sexy innocence that anyone interested in the twink form won’t want to miss.

Armando de Armas

I’d Hit That – Armando de Armas & Max Gianni

Completely naked, fiery stud Armando De Armas and stunning Max Gianni kiss deeply. The connection is real, and their desires clear. Plump buns, pumped pecs and taut muscles fill the screen. Armando’s arms wrap completely around Max, his hands squeezing his inviting ass, his fingers teasing the hole. The fur on Armando’s chiseled torso is a forest in which Max’s hands get lost while he sucks Armando’s uncut cock and nibbles on his foreskin. Armando’s hands continue their exploration of Max’s bubble-butt, adding lots of spit to ease the entry of his fingers into his hot hole. Armando’s tongue comes...

CutlerX Fucks Kriss

CutlerX Fucks Kriss

A new CutlerX movie, and you can expect nothing less than 34 minutes of pure extasy. A fuck so intense, like in an erotic dream. But it really happened…and we filmed it. In this episode he meets Kriss, who is one of our most wanted bottoms. Cutler fucked him so hard and merciless, we guess Kriss needed a few days to recover after that. But just as any other of Cutler’s “victims” , he said it was one of his hottest sexual experiences ever. An amazing scene.

Mitchell Brothers Doug

Hung Straight Mitchell Brothers Doug & Carl Both Suck Dan & Carl Fucks him

A warm summer day and the Mitchell Brothers are on top form; Dan for once is hardly in need of deviance as its big brother Carl who jumps in with both feet first letting Dan be the first guy to suck his cock and before you know it youngster Doug is also having his cock sucked. Dan cant believe what is happening especially when Carl wanking Dan and then goes down on him! Carl, you devious lad and it only gets better when Doug does the same and also sucks Dan! Now if that wasn’t enough Carl then fucks Dan...