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Michael Vincenzo

Michael Vincenzo and Texas Holcum

Michael Vincenzo teach Texas Holcum how to get fucked in the mouth like a man. On his back, this guy takes it like a champ. You will enjoy the sounds of a sloppy hole as Michael drives his shaft to the back of the throat. Texas gets more than a taste as Michael shoots his cum not once, not twice, but three fucking times.

The Devil is in The Details

The Devil is in The Details – Vittorio Naxos & Jay Johnson

Adam recognizes the hard work and progress Andy has been making since he began employment at the firm. Feeling that he is ready to move on to the next step, he invites Andy over to his place. But, without telling him what he can expect of the evening, and without any further instruction, Adam leaves. Back home, Andy is just about ready to meet up with his boss when he sees his wife looking a little upset. When he asks her to explain she breaks down, ranting about how things haven’t been the same since he started working at that...

Esteban Orive and Gaston Groupier

Esteban Orive and Gaston Groupier

He impales Gaston with his gigantic cock and fucks him like a Sex Machine. Gaston is a perfect Bottom and he knows how to take even the biggest of the biggest. We had this scene once on a DVD. Now it´s available for all our Members. Get your pants off and enjoy it.

Heated 2

Heated 2 – Gabriel Cross and Bruno Bernal

Gabriel Cross greets Bruno Bernal with a passionate kiss and by popping a fresh bottle of champagne — a foreshadowing of the hot sex that’s about to take place. Baring nothing but their muscles and bulging undies, they quickly lose the booze and lock lips. The bubbly is followed by a feverish make out session that leads to Bruno giving Gabriel a heated blowjob. Gabriel reciprocates the gagging blowjob with a spit-filled rim job, basting Bruno’s bare hole with spit and champagne before eating it in hungry slurps. Cock follows tongue as Bruno takes control and grabs Gabriel’s by the...

Step Brother Punishment

Step Brother Punishment

Cameron Foster has had it up to here with his step brother, Johnny Riley. Johnny’s been acting like a real useless layabout lately, and Cameron is at his limit entertaining Johnny’s freeloading bullshit. He doesn’t work, he doesn’t clean, he doesn’t help out around the house, and honestly, Cameron is starting to wonder if maybe he’s just all the way useless.So when Cameron comes home it still un-tidy while Johnny lounges on the sofa like he always does, something in Cameron snaps. Yelling at Johnny, Cameron runs down an indictment of his transgressions and asks him what he’s good for.Johnny...

Derek Parker

Spencer Reed and Derek Parker

Beefy stud Derek Parker is ferociously kissing and licking SpencerReed. Slowly moving down Spencer’s hairy torso, Derek makes his way to payload: Spencer’s thick, veined, meaty cock. This is no average dick, it’s a massive tool that bores its way down Derek’s throat until he gags trying to engulf every inch. Derek is a willing recipient and he plays his role well, on his knees and giving Spencer’s manhood his full attention. Derek, who’s on his knees showing off his perfectly round ass, is clearly loving every second of his cock-sucking performance. He wildly jerks his cock while swallowing Spencer’s.The...

Debt Dandy 137

Debt Dandy 137

This sweet little angel got in serious trouble when he tried to pay back a debt to his friend. I respected his honesty but the decision to borrow from a lending company was just plain stupid. This is wild east, you can’t really trust people. So, a young cute boy who was 25 000 Crowns in debt. An ideal candidate for my re-financing magic. He wasn’t the easiest guy to convince but I was determined to see his muscular body. I could tell he spent some time in a gym, which made me incredibly horny. The combination of an innocent...

Muscle Butt Bro

Fraternity X – Muscle Butt Bro

Damn frat brother Mike got a fat ass but you know what they say! We get a little crazy sometimes when we’re drunk and lit up and with an ass like that we all needed to take a turn. We bent him over and all pounded his hole raw, made him service our dicks and gave him load after load after load. Bet the bitch liked it… but damn that ass was askin for it.

To The Wolves - Logan Moore & Rex Gameron

To The Wolves – Logan Moore & Rex Gameron

The return of one of Menatplay’s most successful men, Logan Moore, sees the start of “JUNGLE” a new series of scenes by Menatplay where power play, dominance, and submission are the order of the day. In a mob underworld of suited rivals, the men face off, either using their masculine power to get what they want, or submit themselves to be used when they realise they’ve met their match. In “To the Wolves” Rex Cameron, making his Menatplay debut, turns up for a clandestine meeting in an abandoned car warehouse. Rex is a cocky slick suited perfectly groomed executive who...

Jerome Reynolds and Lewis Grant

Jerome Reynolds and Lewis Grant

Jerome Reynolds and Lewis Grant had been playing a drinking game and apparently both dudes drank too much and they fell asleep at the table where they were drinking. Jerome wakes first, moves everything off the table and notices something stiff in his pants. Loosening his shirt and pants, Jerome sits down on the table next to the still sleeping Lewis. Sitting next to Lewis, Jerome grabs his cock and starts stroking it; working it harder and harder. Jerome did not see Lewis awaken as he was busy with his cock; but, Lewis is intrigued with what Jerome is doing...