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Dirty Scout 54

Dirty Scout 54

Architecture is a very Dirty Scout 54 interesting thing to study. Unfortunately, it’s not easy to turn such an education into a real job. Unemployment of people with this degree is very high everywhere, the Czech Republic is no exception. This boy find out about that very soon. He graduated in June and up until now, he wasn’t able to find a decent job. It all changed today. I had a nice junior position at an architecture firm available, a great job to gain experience and connections. The boy was dirt poor. It’s hard to get by when you live...

Reality Dudes Casey - Gay Bareback Porn

Reality Dudes Casey – Gay Bareback Porn

I spotted Casey by himself at the park and when I approached him realized how hot he was. Lucky for me, he loves cold hard cash and when offered enough, he was willing to suck my dick. One thing led to another I ended up fucking his hot ass, and damn was that ass worth it.

Broke Straight Boys - Junior Fernandez And Oliver Saxon

Broke Straight Boys – Junior Fernandez And Oliver Saxon

Junior Fernandez pulled a muscle during weight lifting, lucky for him Oliver Saxon is here to help him work it out. They climb on the bed and Oliver gives Junior a massage, rubbing those sore muscles and getting a little kinkier as he runs his hands all over Junior’s body until their massage has turned into a full blown make out session. Oliver rubs his dick across Junior’s cock and then dangles that prick in Junior’s face, making him suck it and then giving Junior oral in return as they 69. Junior moves from Oliver’s cock to his ass as...

Tim Tales - Tim Kruger and Billy Berlin

Tim Tales – Tim Kruger and Billy Berlin

It´s almost winter Tim Kruger here in Germany and its getting freezing cold outside, so we decided to bring the sun back on the screen and show you a video we shot in Madrid last summer. During a very sunny and hot day, Supercutey Billy Berlin visited us in our hotel and we played a bit. After i fucked his butt very well he was up for more and i shoved my fist into his beautiful hole. And what can i say? His hole was very hungry.

Hot daddy enjoy fuck young boy ass

Hot daddy enjoy fuck young boy ass

Daddy slept alone last night. He always takes a night off per week where he does not fuck anyone. It is already morning, he woke up with a big boner, he starts playing with his big tool big, finally sometime for himself when the door bell rings. The company he runs is sending some documents for him so sign. They sent an intern, a young guy who is trying to prove he can handle Luiggi’s demands. Well, he has interrupted Daddy jack off session so he is pissed off. He “accidentally” unveils his big dick and at that point the...

Boys Halfway House - Danny Bareback Sperm Bucket

Boys Halfway House – Danny Bareback Sperm Bucket

Some guys never learn. This poor specimen Danny has it made, yet he chooses over and over again to go back to his old habits. Even with our careful guidance and thorough instruction, he fucked up so much that we were at our wits end. Thinking an entire day in a dark closet might do the trick, we left him alone. The closet was the least of his troubles, though, because when we let him out we were gonna make sure and have some fun with him. Those pretty blue eyes of his beaming up at you when he has...

Justin Cummings Might Be The Cutest Ever

Justin Cummings Might Be The Cutest Ever

We know a lot of lovely young Justin Cummings performers, so many are sexy and cute, but Justin is perhaps the most adorable young man ever. We enjoy a long interview and hear about what he likes, and how he got caught sucking cock in school, then it’s time to get to work on that hard young dick and splash out a load of hot cum! Find out more about our new star-in-the-making and enjoy that juicy cum shot.

Active Duty - Jake Grey and Johnny

Active Duty – Jake Grey and Johnny

Golly, talk about a sexy duo who know all the right moves! This is Jake Grey and Johnny, and they’re hooking up with each other for the first time, but these two have already dipped their toes in the water here at AD. After some quick chit chat with Claude, they take off their shirts and jeans, and get their meat stiffened up for a good time underneath their underwear. Johnny pulls out his cock first and Jake is happy to wrap his mouth around it. Wow, can Jake Grey suck! He really goes to town on that hard dick....

Doctor Twink - Albert and Adam

Doctor Twink – Albert and Adam

Kinky Asian doctor Albert arrives to give Adam a physical exam. He pulls out all his instruments and starts with a routine check, before moving to the boy’s big hard cock. His oral exam begins by going down on the patient’s dick and quickly turns mutual, in a hot 69 suck off. With Adam primed and ready, the doc wants to test his stamina and begins by taking an anal ride on his big meat. The two horny Asians try out a lot of different fuck positions during their wild bareback session and the patient drills the doctor in all...

Asian Boy - Hans and Jack

Asian Boy – Hans and Jack

When Hans arrives at his friend’s apartment, he quickly realizes they won’t be watching a movie right away. Jack is stripped down to his underwear and Hans wastes no time in getting naked. The cute Asian twinks exchange blowjobs, before Jake decides to give his guest an ass rimming. Then he lowers himself down on Hans’ cock and takes it for a bareback ride. Hans fucks Jake with a steady slow rhythm, his balls slapping against his friend’s butt as he thrusts his shaft deep into the gorgeous Asian boy’s ass. Jake unloads onto his stomach, as Hans pounds him...