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Jasper Gets A Spit Lubed Hole

Jasper Gets A Spit Lubed Hole

Jasper loves to claim a smooth and tight ass for his big raw cock to sink into, and his friend Danny has the perfect round and peachy ass with a twitching pucker ready to get it. With some great sucking having worked them both up, Jasper tears open his friends underwear and gets to work eating out his ass, slicking it up with spit and easing the helmet inside. Followed by every veiny inch, his meat is soon deep inside, only coming out to bathe that fucked hole with his cum, then helping Danny jerk out his own!

Chris Crockett

Chris Crockett Fuck It

Here it is: the highly anticipated Chris Crocker FUCK IT video!  Since we started teasing about it, Hunter and I have been inundated with requests to show this video.  Apparently there are a lot of Chris Crocker fans out there that are just itching to see him get dicked-down by us!  Now you’ll see us nail Chris and Justin together, you’ll also see Chris pound-down Justin.  Not only is the sex hot; it’s also pretty hilarious and very  We had a blast making this one.  The time we spent with the boys was so much fun.

Debt Dandy 139

Debt Dandy 139

I think, I really saved this boy Debt Dandy 139. He already owed the rent for two months and the next payment was due that very day. In the Czech Republic, owner can kick tenant out after three missed payments. On top of that, he borrowed 5 000 from a loans-hark and was supposed to pay back 11 000. The boy was a hard worker but not even two jobs would have saved him in this situation. But of course I helped him. I am a nice guy, but when I’m in a mood for something special, I don’t think twice....

Muscle Butt Bro

FraternityX – Muscle Butt Bro

Damn frat brother Mike got a fat ass but you know what they say! We get a little crazy sometimes when we’re drunk and lit up and with an ass like that we all needed to take a turn. We bent him over and all pounded his hole raw, made him service our dicks and gave him load after load after load. Bet the bitch liked it… but damn that ass was askin for it.

FraternityX - Blaze and Fuck

FraternityX – Blaze and Fuck

Me and my bros got stoned and just wanted to fuck. Lucky we had a bitch laying around that doesn’t mind a dick or two. We drilled that ass-puss with our cocks and rammed it so hard. Not so tight anymore Mathew! Consider your hole trashed. PEACE!

Alexander Greene And Ty Royal

Alexander Greene And Ty Royal

Alexander Greene and Ty Royal kiss while they explore each other, running their hands all over as Alexander’s hand finds its way to Ty’s cock, standing upright as Alexander grabs it and pushes it into his mouth. Ty watches as he get head from Alexander and then gives some well-deserved oral in return, trying to take as much of Alexander’s huge cock into his mouth as he can. Ty deepthroats that big cock and Alexander deepthroats Ty and then bends him over and gets his mouth on that delicious ass, rimming Ty’s tight hole to get him ready for what’s...

Dirty Scout 1

Dirty Scout 1

My assistant already told me that my first applicant today Dirty Scout 1 looks quite sexy. She handed him the flyer personally. When he came into my office he indeed looked attractive to me. Some kind of a cool guy – wearing a T-shirt and sneakers. He liked the job but wasn’t amused at all about our little evil registration fee. So I offered him to strip instead of paying it and he would have the job… but no way. He left the office quite pissed I guess. However, just half an hour later the next applicant came in. Even more...

Dirk Berger

Dirk Berger Fucks Lucas Davidson

Rugged blonde German Dirk gets hot & horny with young fittie Polish Lucas, sucking each others thick thick uncut dicks … Dirk gives Lucas a deep rimming before plowing his arse in three positions!

Tyler Griffin

Tyler Griffin And Zeno Kostas Flip

Zeno Kostas warms Tyler Griffin up with some kisses on his neck, getting Tyler hot so that when he turns around he meets Zeno’s lips with his, making out as they slowly strip off their clothes. Shirtless, Tyler teases Zeno’s nipples with his mouth, working his way down to Zeno’s cock and sucking it as Zeno moans in approval. But Zeno wants some meat in his mouth and he insists on going down on Tyler, making Tyler’s cock grow as he wraps his mouth around it. Zeno explores Tyler’s ass next, spreading it open and examining that tight hole with...

Blondie Miles

Blondie Miles gives Brendan his load

If you were curious about Brendan’s diet plan that keeps him in great shape, you’re in luck because he talks about that here. If you were curious what Miles’ cum looks like dripping off and in Brendan’s hole, you’re also in luck! Brendan loves taking cock, and Miles was happy to lube his up and slide it in his hole. You could play it on mute, and still feel the hunger for cock in Brendan’s eyes. Other than taking a load all the way inside, there’s nothing better than a guy blowing his load on your hole, and shoving it...