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Cauke for FREE - Matthew Bosch and Alex Mecum

Cauke for FREE – Matthew Bosch and Alex Mecum

TitanMen exclusive Matthew Bosch with Alex Mecum: Former senator Mike Cauke (Matthew Bosch) secures votes to bring an anti-discrimination bill closer to passing. He’s thanked by former marine Alex Mecum, who was fired for his sexuality. “I’ve wanted to fuck you since I first saw your sex video,” he smiles, the two soon swapping sucks—hands clasped over Alex’s leg, Matthew’s uncut monster throbbing as he sucks. The jocks flip fuck, Alex licking a load off Matthew’s chest before dripping it into his mouth and kissing.

Breed Me Raw - Lex Antoine and Preston Johnson & Tyler Reed

Breed Me Raw – Lex Antoine and Preston Johnson & Tyler Reed

Tyler Reed gets another chance to have some of his Boy Toy (Preston’s) beefy bottom butt in Florida. Preston was: exhausted from his flight, already getting pounded by Christian and of course some cardio by pumping away in Christians furry hole. Preston’s whore hole changed his mind after soaking in the hot tub at the resort. Tyler was doing his ever famous aggressive penetrate and pull out, then repeat fuck on Preston’s whore hole; one of the only bottoms who can take his fat cock with ease! Tyler realized his whore hole wanted more than just his cock so he...

Full Blast - Chris Bines and Colt Rivers

Full Blast – Chris Bines and Colt Rivers

Chris Bines and Colt Rivers are young guys whose hard ons are parallel twin missiles ready to launch. Chris is the slightly furry stud with the inked sleeve and pecs. Both sport full beards. Chris leans over to grab Colt’s dick, aiming it in the direction of his mouth, stroking it and sucking it wetly. Swapping positions, Colt goes down on Chris, who slaps and kneads the cheeks of Colt’s plump, smooth ass. When Chris spreads them, we see a hairy crack and a tight pink hole. Heat-seeking cock meets hungry hole in a full-bore standing penetration. Colt gives plenty...

UK Naked Men - Brute Club and Robbie Rojo

UK Naked Men – Brute Club and Robbie Rojo

We’ve got a little taste Brute Club of everything on this smorgasbord of sex, two stunning hot bubble butts, sneaker sniffing, ripe socks and sweaty feet AND of course throbbing uncut cocks. These lads are a real treat too, the stunning best newcomer Brute Club and ripped, tanned and stunning – Robbie Rojo. The lads have been playing football and building up quite a sweat, stretched out on the bed they get down to the matter in hand – feet. Sliding each others feet out of those sneakers Robbie gets a good lungful of Brute’s hot feet, and then as...

Czech Hunter 272

Czech Hunter 272

This boy Czech Hunter 272 had such sweet plans. He wanted to prepare a nice dinner for his girlfriend to celebrate her birthday. So romantic. Then he met me and got seduced by the prospect of easy money. I think he would normally tell me to go away but he was a bit tipsy when I met him. He was at his friend’s place, had a few beers, and then head home to cook. Alcohol always makes my job easier. Still, I had to reach very deep into my pocket. Fortunately, he was open-minded. He even had some gay friends...

Tim Tales - Brett Bradley and Trit Tyler

Tim Tales – Brett Bradley and Trit Tyler

Another video we brought home Brett Bradley from our trip to Florida. Brett and Trit came around on their longboards to show what they got in front of our camera. They are a couple and so we had the pleasure to watch them having sex bareback. Brett plays in the league of extraordinary gentlemen. He is the proud owner of a real XXL Monstercock. And he knows how to use it!

SketchySex - Random Loads

SketchySex – Random Loads

Me and my roommates are sex addicts Random Loads. Addicted to big cocks. Our cum dumps are hungry 24/7. So keep your judgements to yourself. We met while working in the porn biz here in Cali. That’s when our addiction got really bad. Now we spend all day cruising the internet looking for another big dick. None of us have jobs anymore. But were not stupid. We used our porn business connections to create this website. We regularly post videos of our hookups on the site, so we can make a few bucks. So if you like the vids, try...

After Hours With The Boss - Kenso & Luar

After Hours With The Boss – Kenso & Luar

This was not Luar first choice when he was deciding which job to take. He decided to work there when he saw the owner. He loves older guys and he enjoyed seeing him every day. He jacked off every night thinking of his boss wearing those suits showing what it appeared to be a big cock judging by his package. Until one day it happened. It was his boss and him by themselves. The boss Kenso asked him I need you to stay after hours to help finish a project. The rest is history. Watch a horny straight daddy fucking...

Corbin Fisher - Zack Rides Easton

Corbin Fisher – Zack Rides Easton

Both of these guys Zack and Easton have already shown themselves to be incredibly enthusiastic and thoroughly in to some hot guy/guy sex. While Zack knew all about how much he wanted to get it on with some hot CF studs upon arriving here, for Easton that’s been something he’s discovered in his time since first appearing on CF. Regardless of how they got to this point, though, they’re here now and it’s hot as hell seeing them together! When Easton rims Zack, it looks like he wants to bury his whole face in Zack’s hole! And if that isn’t...