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Cabin Fever - Joey Mills & Ashton Summers

Cabin Fever – Joey Mills & Ashton Summers

Twink super star Joey Mills is holed up in a cabin in the woods with Cabin Fever super sexy Ashton Summers. With no one around for miles and no tv, the boys take advantage of the privacy and get pervy! It’s clear jailbait Joey wants all Ashton has to offer, which is a whole lotta dick, AND the skills to tame the twink with it! Joey has been eyeing Summer’s schlong all day and when when he finally does get his mouth on that perfect piece of meat, Mills makes a meal out of it. Joey is doing his best...

Sucking Fucking and Cum Eating - Pedro Costa & James Hanley

Sucking Fucking and Cum Eating – Pedro Costa & James Hanley

Luis Blava is bringing us yet another glimpse of what may be happening behind closed doors of a country home…James Hanley and Pedro Costa, two athletic sexy tall dudes are horny AF, and deeply into each other, literally. First sucking on each other’s cocks, later ass fingering, and eventually eating each other’s cum. Hardcore action not to be missed!

Sweet Cole Patrick Gets His Pucker Stuffed

Sweet Cole Patrick Gets His Pucker Stuffed

Handsome boy Jasper is back and ready to stuff some tight raw ass! Cole Patrick has a major crush on him so it was inevitable he would be eager to take a ride on that perfect bareback cock. The boys make out and swap their shafts in some great oral, slurping the precum out of each other, but soon enough Cole is hopping on and sliding his ass down on that dick! His hole is so tight, Jasper tries hard to make it last, but after a few positions, he has to pull out and squirt a big load all...

Lusty Teens - Grayson Lange & Devin Lewis

Lusty Teens – Grayson Lange & Devin Lewis

This sex soaked Lusty Teens scene starts off with a bang! Slithering around on a sexy black leather couch, Grayson Lange and Devin Lewis lick, kiss, and dry hump like the horny high schoolers they are. Pretty soon that dry hump heats up and needs to be hosed down with wet, warm dick lickin’ lust. The fired up fellas take turns downing dick between deep kisses and hot handys. Never one to hold his tongue (in more ways than one) Grayson lets Lewis know exactly what he wants, which is to have his smooth pink hole eaten out good. After...

Dirty Scout 102 - Agent fucks Jan Fields tight asshole

Dirty Scout 102

We have a new colleague at our team! Dirty Scout 102 Jan has been working at the agency for some time but he had no idea about our little side project. Unfortunately, he found out about it when he caught me right in the act with one of the applicants. After he shook off the surprise, he insisted on becoming part of it. That’s why I decided to give him a chance, even if just for the fun of it. His first video was so good that I simply had to share it with you, guys. Jan gave this young...

Czech Hunter 321 - Horny Czech Boy Fucking Anal in the Bathroom

Czech Hunter 321

Today I pretended to be a headhunter for TV commercials. And it was a Czech Hunter 321 good idea. I caught attention of a tough guy with a nice hipster style. I told him that I needed a rough looking man and he would be ideal. He was even willing to take some nice pictures as a part of the casting process. Some of those pictures were a bit naughty but he didn’t mind it that much. His body was simply incredible and so was his huge cock. I would pay anything to fuck a guy like that. I just...

St8Chaser - Blake

St8Chaser – Blake

Soft spoken Blake loves to work out and it shows: he’s got a nice big butt and arms for days. Jobless and trying to pay for school, I was able to get Blake out of his comfort zone with the promise of some easy money. Strapped for cash, Blake couldn’t refuse my offer, but in the end I think he really loved handing his muscle ass over to me.

LatinBoyz - Chico Valle and Tico

LatinBoyz – Chico Valle and Tico

When two models Chico Valle tell us separately that they really want to work together we know it will be a hot Latin Boy Amateur Action scene. Once we got them together we didn’t give them any direction and just told them to do what ever they want. After sucking each other’s dicks for a while Chico Valle knew what he wanted and started fucking Tico’s tight ass. Both model’s are known for their huge cum shots and neither one let us down in our newest gay Latino porn.

College Cock - Ryan Bailey & Corbin Colby

College Cock – Ryan Bailey & Corbin Colby

College Cock in small dorm rooms, college roommates often develop close bonds that last a lifetime. Corbin Colby and Ryan Bailey have been roomies for a while in an all boys dorm. With jocky hormones at an all time high, tonights the night the hunky lettermen’s dorm room gets dickified! In shape, tired of studying and hungry for cock Bailey slurps his roommates solid schlong, gulping on it’s gorgeous girth. Bailey’s bone is begging for Corbin’s dick sucker and our College Cock jock doesn’t disappoint while deep throating Ryan’s rod. Colby caresses Bailey’s bottom, first with his heavy hands, then...

Free to Experiment - Jamie Ray & David Rhodes

Free to Experiment – Jamie Ray & David Rhodes

After some heavy flirting at the park Experiment, new San Diego transplant (and horse hung hottie) David Rhodes works up some of that big dicked swagger to ask adorable blond boy Jamie Ray if he’s got some free time to fuck! Its Ray’s lucky day and blond boy can’t contain his cock composure. He’s on that monstrous meat in minutes, enjoying every olive hued, hefty, hung inch of delicious dick David’s workin’ with. Rhodes gets his slender bronze body on all fours and blows blondie like a champ, then orders the kid to “bring that ass over here,” for an...