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Debt Dandy 203 - Very young boy wanks his nice dick

Debt Dandy 203

This sweet boy Debt Dandy 203 had just turned 18. The day before he threw a wild birthday party. Apparently he had a great fun and so did his guests. He woke up with hangover and started cleaning up the apartment. At some point he realized that all his money was gone. One of his friends stole it! Our boy got 25 000 from his grandmother to buy his first car. She saved the money for some time and was looking forward too see her grandson happy. The boy had already ordered a car and paid an advance. He was...

Czech Hunter 312 - Two Czech Boy with Huge Cock Gets Outdoor Handjob

Czech Hunter 312

I wanted to try to pick up a guy Czech Hunter 312 on a bus, just to spice things up. And I got two! They wanted to go jogging. So I invited myself to go with them. I was a bit intrusive but they didn’t mind it that much. One of the boys had a bad back so I suggested that his friend should give him a massage. They laughed at me. Then I offered them money… It took a few minutes but I managed to talk them into it. What started with a massage turned into crazy and serious...

Czech Gay Solarium 4

Czech Gay Solarium 4

The world premiere Czech Gay Solarium 4. Here’s the first hidden camera in solarium!! You haven’t seen this before! We spy on boys in public solarium using two secret cameras. You will be shocked to see what they do during tanning. One of the cameras is on the best spot INSIDE THE SOLARIUM!!! And things do happen there!!! Nobody is able to offer you this! We breached into the privacy of Czech boy. Real footage from a spy camera in solarium. The first one in the world! Unbelievable!!!!

Dirty Scout 93 - Big dick gay flip flop with cumshot

Dirty Scout 93

This boy had a bit peculiar job preferences. He insisted on having Dirty Scout 93 a job that would involve a lot of physical activity. He literally told me that it’s more important to him than a salary. How weird… I had a nice warehouse job open that would keep him busy more than he would like. Unfortunately, the poor boy didn’t have enough money to pay our mediation fee. Since he liked physical activity that much, I decided to give him an offer that would elevate his heart rate quite a lot. He agreed but most of the time...

Debt Dandy 202 - The gay boy to stay quiet a few times

Debt Dandy 202

In the Czech Republic there is a mandatory health insurance system in which every Debt Dandy 202 single inhabitant has to send money. If you don’t, you will start to accumulate a debt, which can cause you a big trouble in the end. That’s exactly what happened to our guy today. He got fired from his previous job at a sweets shop and forgot to pay the insurance. He needed more than 32 000 from me. The boy was small and lean. It was obvious that he liked sports. I had no reason not to help him. He had to...

Dirty Scout 92 - Horny Twinks Loves Bareback Hard

Dirty Scout 92

This 19 years old cutie had a very interesting hobby. At the moment Dirty Scout 92 he worked as a plumber but he also had an artistic side. In his spare time he draw people for money. Mostly his friends but I still though it was pretty cool. I was curious about drawing men, of course. I hoped he would tell me something juicy. And he did. He had to refuse advances made by his gay friends who liked being naked in front of him. He also mentioned a brief gay experience with one his friend when he was a...

Debt Dandy 201 - Cute twink wants to become a pornstar

Debt Dandy 201

This boy was kind of funny. He was in a quite difficult Debt Dandy 201 situation and still he was smiling and joking. He was supposed to move away from his current flat by the evening next day. That’s why he needed 20 000 to rent a new place and pay for the moving. I liked him a lot so I offered him my help. I just wanted to get something in return… The boy was very shocked about my lusty offers. He was a family man, had a girlfriend and a young daughter. They both were staying at his...

Czech Hunter 311 - Party to celebrate the end of school

Czech Hunter 311

On the last day of school, just before summer holidays, I got invited Czech Hunter 311 to a grill party. A friend I haven’t seen for some time called me and invited me to a party to celebrate the end of school. I was more than happy to go, of course. Nice weather, even nicer boys, free meat and booze. What else could a guy like me ask for? As I expected, people at the party got drunk pretty fast. I just had to find the right moment to talk to them alone. Which wasn’t easy but I know how...

Czech Hunter 310 - Dicking Around With This crazy teens

Czech Hunter 310

I heard there was supposed to be some sort of a summer party Czech Hunter 310 at one of the Prague’s lakes today. I grabbed my camera and went right there. To my disappointment, I found out it was a night party. The guy who told me was there for the party, too. He was a member of a group of friends who came to the lake to relax and pick up women. They were fun so I joined them. To be honest, I spent a very nice afternoon with the boys. We laughed a lot and I even had...

Dirty Scout 91 - Climbed a mountain to talk dirty to you and cum

Dirty Scout 91

This boy was a college student who wanted to be an accountant. And he was quite ambitious Dirty Scout 91 about his salary. He was also a polite young man, which is always nice. I had a job open that our guy just loved. But life is not easy. At our agency, a mediation fee needs to be paid before we handle you a contract. The guy was too skint to pay it so I had to device some other way… I borrowed a huge dildo from my colleague a few days ago. This was the time to put it...