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Tyler Griffin

Tyler Griffin And Zeno Kostas Flip

Zeno Kostas warms Tyler Griffin up with some kisses on his neck, getting Tyler hot so that when he turns around he meets Zeno’s lips with his, making out as they slowly strip off their clothes. Shirtless, Tyler teases Zeno’s nipples with his mouth, working his way down to Zeno’s cock and sucking it as Zeno moans in approval. But Zeno wants some meat in his mouth and he insists on going down on Tyler, making Tyler’s cock grow as he wraps his mouth around it. Zeno explores Tyler’s ass next, spreading it open and examining that tight hole with...

Blondie Miles

Blondie Miles gives Brendan his load

If you were curious about Brendan’s diet plan that keeps him in great shape, you’re in luck because he talks about that here. If you were curious what Miles’ cum looks like dripping off and in Brendan’s hole, you’re also in luck! Brendan loves taking cock, and Miles was happy to lube his up and slide it in his hole. You could play it on mute, and still feel the hunger for cock in Brendan’s eyes. Other than taking a load all the way inside, there’s nothing better than a guy blowing his load on your hole, and shoving it...

Marion Anel

Marion Anel and Milan Pokorny RAW

Marion Anel loves to tease Milan Pokorny with ice and as our video opens, Marion has a piece in his hand. He inches the cold cube closer to Milan’s chest, closer to his perky nipple; teasing and playing. Marion moves the ice down Milan’s stomach kissing and applying ice as he moves down towards Milan’s cock and balls. The ice and attention has Milan’s cock at full attention and like a hungry young man; Marion sucks it down making Milan wiggle with excitement. Milan pulls his legs back letting Marion have full access to his ass so that he can...

Armond Rizzo

Armond Rizzo & Rikk York

25 year old Armond Rizzo met up with 30 year old Rikk York to go over what needed to be fixed on his motorcycle; but, the shock came to Armond when Rikk told him that it was going to be quite a bit more expensive than he first thought. Armond tells Rikk that he just does not have the money right now; but, need the bike fixed and Rikk comes up with another suggestion. With a focus in his eyes, Rikk walks over and give Armond a big, wet kiss on the lips. Armond quickly gets the picture and as...

Tears Of Cum

Tears Of Cum

Sexy banana-cocked Ren and his super elastic, bubble-plastic butthole is back for more! We invited Ren along with us on our last trip to Miami and while there we met up with our bud, Jordan. Ren soon confessed to us that he would LOVE to have Jordan use and abuse him. Ren can really dish it out but even better; he can REALLY take it. We told Jordan that he could do anything he wanted to Ren and man did he ever. I couldn’t believe how loud Ren was with Jordan ramming his eight-inch uncut power tool up his lilly-white...

Greedy Little Cum Bunny

Greedy Little Cum Bunny

I usually post a stroke video as a bonus each month but this time I want to treat you guys to a little something more. Here our little chocolate cum bunny shows us his yoga moves while wearing a jock strap and sneakers and a sexy bunny mask. Before we knew it, our pal Mikey strolled over and started sucking the little bunny’s big black cock. Then, Hunter jumped in and face fucked the bunny and blasted his hot creamy load down his throat. And then, I had to shoot my load all over his long slippery tongue, woof! Watching...

Jan Herak

Jan Herak in the shower

Watch adorable Jan pleasing himself in the shower. He is such a hottie with his puppy eyes and blushing cheeks. Not to mention his hairy chest, strong legs and perfect arse. His bushy cock is pretty mouth watering too.

Eric Herrera

Hugo Diaz & Eric Herrera

Hugo and Eric are two Latino studs with a lot in common: they both love Hugo’s delicious cock. It’s hard to tell what’s hotter—the taste of Hugo’s uncut meat, or the sloppy man-cunt that is Eric’s mouth. Either way, Hugo takes little time taming his horny slut’s eager lips, and lovingly blows his fiery load all over Eric’s handsome face.   

Blond Aaron

Blond Aaron Janes Shows off his Ripped Body & Rock Hard Cock

Aaron is a muscley young pup who has been doing martial arts for many years so pretty much every part of him is toned and solid! He has bright blue eyes and a cheeky smile that would almost certainly get him out of any tight spot since he knows how to flirt in the most subtle way; I doubt he knows he is doing it. He shows off in his boxers and you can enjoy those very defined abs with great shape all around his core. When he whips down his boxers you can enjoy his soft cock with his...

Alex Masons

Alex Masons Birthday GangBang

Alex Mason gets the gang bang of his life when six studs tear the slutty bottom apart. They fuck, double fuck, and breed his hungry hole…. all in real time! This is as close as you’re gonna get to being there.