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Blacks On Boys - Brutiz and Hood King

Blacks On Boys – Brutiz and Hood King

Hood King is our newest black stud here and he is hungry for some white mouth and ass. Well, he’s come to the right place because we have a treat for him and his name is Brutiz. Brutiz is a black cock virgin but more than ready to “join the darkside”. Hood King and Brutiz meet up and taunt eachother with shit talking on their way back to the fuck pad just to get the juices flowing…and flowing they are. Without a wasted second they get down to business and they introduce eachother to eachother in several different ways.

Blacks On Boys - Beau Reed and Deepdicc

Blacks On Boys – Beau Reed and Deepdicc

Cruising. You know it well. When a fellah is horny and feeling really dirty Beau Reed, what better place to go than an adult bookshop? Let’s face it — everyone acts like a freak in one of those places, and Beau Reed is no exception. Look at that dude! Playing with his dick right in the middle of the store!! You know where he’s headed next? Yeap…right to the back of the store. There’s a handful of rooms where a horny lad can watch a movie in private. Or, maybe…invite a JO buddy in to watch it with you? What if...

Bang Bang Boys - Marcelo Mastro Barebangs Flavio Canto

Bang Bang Boys – Marcelo Mastro Barebangs Flavio Canto

Whilst the view is pretty amazing on the balcony for Marcelo Mastro and Flavio Canto there’s no denying that Flavio just wants to get a taste of Marcelo’s legendary bare cock in his tight white ass. The come inside and Marcelo teases Flavio nipples with his tongue. Flavio then dives on top of Marcelo’s meaty monster with his lips – attempting to deepthroat it and covering it all in waves of spit to get it nice and wet. Speaking of getting things wet – Marcelo moistens Flavio’s hole with his tongue – now his cock and the ass are wet...

Mirek Madl and Martin Polnak RAW

Mirek Madl and Martin Polnak RAW

In this lovely backstage video we see Martin Polnak and Mirek Madl as they get ready for and perform in a very hot scene. We see them interacting with the crew as well as having some hot sex, as the scene is created.

Debt Dandy 190 - Czech Twink Couple Sucking and Fucking

Debt Dandy 190

These two dudes got seriously behind with paying the rent Debt Dandy 190. At first, I thought they were a gay couple but apparently they were just good friends. The dumber of them got into an argument with his girlfriend and to calm his nerves he lost 28 000 on online gambling. Too bad the money were set aside to pay rent. Now they were getting close to the eviction date. I was their last hope to avoid it. Both nicely dressed up and neat, I couldn’t imagine them living on the streets. I had to help them. One of...

A big bareback cock for his tight little twink ass

A big bareback cock for his tight little twink ass

There are two fantastic twink ass videos featuring Lucho Cordell & Dennis Nicolero (both boys with Italian names). One of the things I really love about these in addition to absolutely everything is the rimming. I would add the tag rimming to both if there’s room for any more tags. Dennis Nicolero is so assertive and dominant and masculine, and he is so experienced. You can tell this is not his first rodeo. I love how tender he is. It’s great that he kisses Lucho between his shoulder blades while fucking him and kisses his mouth so deeply and sensuously...

Czech Hunter 299 - Simple and Nature Czech Gay Sex

Czech Hunter 299

There are really nice spring markets around Prague, so I decided to try my luck Czech Hunter 299 at the biggest one of them. Weather could be better, at least I didn’t have to go through crowds. Soon, I met two boys sipping beer. We had sausage and fooled around with animals that were at the market. Unfortunately, one of the boys had to leave, which ruined my plans about a threesome. Well, the one who stayed was nicer anyways. He was a student saving for a car. I could hardly wish for a better combination. The boy wasn’t exactly...

Bareback Sex Pigs Zack Acland Rogue Status

Bareback Sex Pigs Zack Acland Rogue Status

When you put together bareback Sex Pigs you know exactly what you’re going to get. Intense, balls-deep fucking . And in case you had any doubt, Zack Acland and Rogue Status tell you up front exactly what’s going down. Bearded and hung hairy fucker, Rogue plans to load Zack’s hole and Zack intends to ride Rogue’s cock. And that’s exactly what they do! But not before making out and taking turns sucking cock in the kitchen. Stripped down to nothing except for socks and cockrings, tattooed Rogue goes all out on Zack. He stuffs Zack full of raw cock and...

FraternityX - House Broken

FraternityX – House Broken

Me and my boys were chilling, House Broken gettin drunk. We had this dumb ass in the cage cause he did some stupid shit. Smacked him around a bit. Spat on his face. We were drunk as hell. Had a great time though! We all blew big loads on his face too. It was epic dude!