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G-Stars Nagase Kousuke & This hunky Japanese guy

G-Stars Nagase Kousuke

Nagase Kousuke with another muscle stud, but ends up being the bottom bitch! I like to go somewhere warm when winter arrives. I hate cold weather. I plan leaving in two days and wanted to have a quick fun before the departure. A friend of mine lent me his parking space, where I could leave my car while being abroad. My idea for tonight was to find a cute boy Nagase Kousuke, bring him to the garages, and fuck him right there. I wanted to do something crazy. Now I had to find a boy willing to go with me....

College Dudes - Kyle Harley Fucks Alex Jordan

College Dudes – Kyle Harley Fucks Alex Jordan

Kyle Harley and Alex Jordan are two of our newest college dudes. These two have some great chemistry, and Kyle is really into Alex. As a matter of fact, he could not wait to get his dick in Alexs asshole. Kyle Harley and Alex begin making out and stripping each other of their clothes. Alex is one sexy bottom, and Kyle loves the way he kisses. All over the bed, down to their underwear, Kyle is the first to go down on Alex. Kyle is a good cock-sucker, and he has Alex in such pleasure that his eyes are rolling...

Undercover Lovers - Corbin Colby & Marcell Tykes

Undercover Lovers – Corbin Colby & Marcell Tykes

Corbin Colby had a naughty late night love session with Marcell Tykes that was so hot they’re still going when his housemate opens his bedroom door asking if Colby wants breakfast. Little does the housemate know, Corbin is already in the middle of a delicious meal with Marcell who’s hiding under the covers. As soon as the roommate closes the door, Tykes hops on top of Colby for a morning make out while Corbin caresses Marcell’s magnificent booty. Corbin’s California king sized cock is already at it’s fantastic, FULL form when Tykes goes down to dine. Marcell makes magic on...

Elder Dalton - Second Anointing with President Lee

Elder Dalton – Second Anointing with President Lee

President Lee watched closely as Bishop Hart fucked deep into the small boy. Elder Dalton gave of himself so freely and openly, it was a true thing of beauty to witness. The missionary’s body moved effortlessly through the air as Hart held him in place, bouncing him high up as he pushed his cock in again and again. All the while, the boy’s breath panted quickly, working hard to keep up with the intense penetration. Lee was amazed just how gracious Elder Dalton was, especially considering how innocent and childlike he’d been just weeks before. There was something special about...

Daddy Dilemma - Jaxton Wheeler & Michael Roman

Daddy Dilemma – Jaxton Wheeler & Michael Roman

Hot and horny daddy Michael Roman strokes his massive, hard cock while fantasizing about hairy, muscle bear Jaxton Wheeler fucking his hole. Watch this daddy vs. daddy encounter as two muscular men fuck and suck each other to mutual explosive orgasms.

BeefCakeHunter - Two Days Worshipping Jacobo

BeefCakeHunter – Two Days Worshipping Jacobo

Two days Worshipping Jacobo couldn’t be more enjoyable! We stayed in contact after our last scene, but he was not quite sure about making more videos. I was very persistent in getting him for our cameras at least once more, and my persistency paid off! We agreed for another fuck scene; starting in the shower, where he would show us his sexy slim hairy body and his delicious tool in full swing. After that, the idea was to continue in my room worshipping, where I don’t normally shoot, but for me Beefcake Jacobo is VIP. So, I was open to...

Broke Straight Boys - Aron Kronos Jerks Off

Broke Straight Boys – Aron Kronos Jerks Off

Aron Kronos is very comfortable in front of the camera, in fact, he’s eagerly waiting to take his remaining few pieces of clothing off so he can get this solo scene started…he’s been saving up his load for almost a whole week! As he strips down, he shows us his sexy, built body, muscular and strong, and his amazing ass, before climbing onto the bed and grabbing his cock. He lubes up his dick and starts to stroke it, getting hard in a matter of seconds as he pulls his shaft in and out of his fist, lying back on...

TimTales - Caio Veyron Fucks Diego Reyes

TimTales – Caio Veyron Fucks Diego Reyes

He meets a strong bottom with heavy built that can take his massive cock without breaking. And this time, Caio Veyron doesn’t hold back. He fucks Diego as hard as he likes and dangerously deep. Turns out, Diego loves to be dominated. Don’t miss Caio’s epic cumshot all over Diego’s mouth and face. There’s enough cum to drown someone.

Bulldog XXX - Prison Breeding

Bulldog XXX – Prison Breeding

Cuffed and thrown into the cells, these young tearaways are holed up with some very bent coppers looking out for them – or so they think! These uniformed men only Prison Breeding want one thing, and it’s a hot peachy ass to fuck raw that’s on the menu tonight. Even the rookie policeman in the office after hours isn’t immune from horny hung AJ who initiates him into what really goes on at this station. With sexy rough Irish inmates getting a face and ass full of big bare dick to an officer getting done over by a super hung...

LatinBoyz - Latin Bareback Action FELIPE and AMIGO

LatinBoyz – Latin Bareback Action FELIPE and AMIGO

20 year old FELIPE contacted the photographer of his last shoot with Dezino and told him he was horny as hell and wanted to fuck someone right away and that he didn’t care if he got paid or not. The photographer hooked him up with his 21 year old assistant who loves getting fucked bareback and the result was this hot scene.