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Frenchdudes - Cream My Ass

Frenchdudes – Cream My Ass

Here are two newcomers to Frenchdudes, Alexis who loves getting fucked, and Steeve Winter who loves to let go of the sauce in a young and fresh ass. You will love this video in which our two participants will have fun!

TimTales - Jake Cook and Jonathan flip fuck

TimTales – Jake Cook and Jonathan flip fuck

We present you a newcomer hot as hell in a full versatile bareback scene. Jake Cook is one tough Brit. Former boxer, he’s rough in and out of bed. With the sexiest broken nose and a strong muscular body, Jake wrestles Jonathan Miranda all over the bed! It was a vigorous duel and both ended up raw fucked. I honestly didn’t direct them at all. They just connected and fucked their brains out with such passion. it was so hot.

Pride Studios - Stress Release

Pride Studios – Stress Release

Toby is visibly upset and Mike is there to Stress Release comfort him. They have been lovers for a while and Toby explains that he thought he was going to get the raise he expected at work, but it did not come through and he feels like a total loser. Mike assures him that all will be fine and gives him a big hug and a kiss that leads into some passion. Toby pulls off Mike’s pants and begins sucking his cock all the way down his throat and Mike loves every second of it. Mike then moves to Toby’s...

Maverick Men Directs - Ken Eleven Inches Deep

Maverick Men Directs – Ken Eleven Inches Deep

This video is for the monster cock lovers out there! Sexy, tall, deliciously bisexual Ken took his curiosity to the next level and stuck his beautiful eleven inch uncut monster cock into a delicious slice of white cake. The look on poor/lucky Trevor’s face was priceless when he saw the size of Ken’s cock for the first time. Trevor is no stranger to horse cocks and he loves them hard and deep. Watch Maverick Men training this hung straight boy how to fuck man ass for the very first time.

Casey Abandons The Camera For That Ass

Casey Abandons The Camera For That Ass

Casey is far too tempted to be able to maintain his professional standards, but we totally get it! He’s snapping pics of cute Cameron and soon has to abandon his duties, giving in to the chance to share some hard young cock and enjoy that snug little rump! Cameron is more than happy about it as they lick and slurp each other, but it’s the deep fucking all over the bed that finally has him squirting his seed out. With his load spent he takes some final deep thrusts from his bareback buddy and enjoys a very messy facial too!

Airport Security - Tono Milos & Martin Hovor RAW

Airport Security – Tono Milos & Martin Hovor RAW

Martin Hovor is in charge of Airport Security and he has a very sexy interviewee today. Martin certainly doesn’t hold back, as he searches the luggage and then pats down Tono. He soon as him naked and is fingering his tight hole. Then Martin gets naked too and has Tono sucking on his massive erection. Tono sucks good but Martin want more and soon Tono is riding on that big cock. His ass slides up and down on the fat cock, taking it deep in his ass. Martin fucks hard as they change position, pounding his cock into Tono’s hole....

Czech Hunter 314 - Czech footballers bareback on cam

Czech Hunter 314

I’ve always liked football. At one point in my life Czech Hunter 314 I was even considering a football player career. That’s why I was very excited when I met a guy who was on the way to a local football field. A group of friends decided to have a nice afternoon match. I was told that only boys would be there, which made me even more excited. And it was amazing, it was almost impossible to choose from all those cuties. Eventually I found two that were willing to talk and even to show some skin. The field was...

Cheating Lovers - Devin Adams and Rego Bello

Cheating Lovers – Devin Adams and Rego Bello

Rego Bello and Devin Adams are both sitting in bed and discussing Cheating Lovers the fact that they both have boyfriends, but have enjoyed hooking up with each other once before. Rego says he does not know why, but the sex with Devin is awesome and then he says ‘We did not kiss last time?’ With that they begin making out and soon Devin has Rego’s hard cock out and is sucking it. Rego then pulls out Devin’s hard cock and sucks him. Both get out of their clothes and engage in a nice 69 for a while before Devin...

Best Laid Plans - Evan Parker & Danny Nelson

Best Laid Plans – Evan Parker & Danny Nelson

Super sexy Danny Nelson and Evan Parker are on their first date, strolling through a beautiful Best Laid Plans park the boys share their future plans, hopes and dreams. Being young and gorgeous, the world is their oyster and they have their entire lives ahead of them. BUT, right now at this very moment all the boys want is DICK, and these two definitely have a lot of it! They pummel one another’s pretty mouths, hitting the wet, warm spot deep at the back of their throats without a gag reflex in sight. Evan then grabs Danny by the ankles,...

SketchySex - Cum Life

Sketchy Sex – Cum Life

Was by the front door, taking loads on my knees all morning. Cum Life dripping down my chin. Lots of strangers coming in and out of the apartment. Ended up in one of the bedrooms. My dripping wet hole was passed around while a bunch random dudes watched. I don’t even know what day it is.