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Machofactory - Blatino fuck in Paris

Machofactory – Blatino fuck in Paris

Visiting Paris, New York kinky lad Leo is staying at his local fuck friend Esteban, and while he is busy caring for the fuck flat, Esteban invites his horny booty-buddy Mauricio to have hump up the black booty, but Mauricio is more than a hand full of a top and needs to fuck both holes to be satisfied.

Dallas Reeves - Milo Fisher and Eric Clark

Dallas Reeves – Milo Fisher and Eric Clark

Sexy Eric Clark hops into the outdoor shower and begins thinking of his dream fuck, Milo Fisher. He gets nice and clean before entering Milo’s room, where Milo is resting on the bed ass up. Eric takes advantage of this sexy man on the bed by diving face-first into Milo’s hole. As Eric gives Milo a good tongue rimming, Milo starts to moan. After several minutes of ass eating, Eric moves over to Milo’s mouth, and Milo gives Eric an amazing blowjob. As Milo licks his dick, Eric is in so much pleasure that his eyes are rolling back in...

Raw Strokes - Deep Dicc & Draven Torres

Raw Strokes – Deep Dicc & Draven Torres

My favorite black / interracial bareback studio is Raw Strokes. Too bad they don’t have a decent website. But you can watch their productions on the Video On Demand site I created together with AEBN, the leading adult VOD provider. Here I have a clip from their production Bareback Intruders! “Daddy Cream bottoms again and tries to take all of Kappa’s huge dick. Our sexy stud Knockout bares Leo’s ass with his thick weapon.”

Guys In SweatPants - Tied up and dominated

Guys In SweatPants – Tied up and dominated

This time he’s getting dominated fucked LIVE on camera for the first time. He had never been tied down to a bed before, so Austin figured he’d have his way with him like that. Ian has the “I don’t care what you do to me, as long as you’re fucking me” mentality, which Austin loves. Once tied down, Austin started rimming him, then fucked him down just like that- choking him from the back at one point. Once untied, they fucked some more until Ian had the cum fucked out of him… then took Austin’s massive load to the face!

Newbie Gets The Green Light To Fuck Matous To Ecstasy & Back

Newbie Gets The Green Light To Fuck Matous To Ecstasy & Back

The ever-horny Noah Matous has made Green Light a new friend in the form of handsome dude, Jack Ganley – and, needless to say, he quite literally can’t keep his hands off him. Whether he’s accompanying him in the shower or frolicking with him in the snow outside, Matous is quite literally addicted. And no fucking wonder! The stunning newcomer is every inch as desirable as one could ever hope for a boyfriend; and arguably the greatest surprise here is that it actually takes the best part of five minutes before Matous finally achieves his objective and gets Ganley’s cock from...

CALLING AND ELECTION - Elder Foster & Elder Miller

CALLING AND ELECTION – Elder Foster & Elder Miller

Elder Miller and Elder Foster election made their way to the temple. They had been told to meet with Bishop Angus in order to receive a special ordinance. Neither boy had heard of the second anointing before going through the process. Each one was individually anointed with consecrated oil and fucked on the altar of the temple. Afterwards they were told to shower and dress before the meeting with Bishop Angus to have their callings and elections made sure at the same time. The boys had heard of others who had their callings and elections made sure, but didn’t really...

Capture the Moment - Evan Parker & Landon Vega

Capture the Moment – Evan Parker & Landon Vega

Taking selfies capture and looking smokin’ hot doing it, Evan Parker and Landon Vega can’t keep their hands off each other! Playing grab ass and making out like horn dogs, the huge cocked dynamic duo nearly fog up the computer screen! Evan is a cock sucking expert and even he has a tough time getting all Landon’s latin meat in his mouth. He sucks like a champ though; only coming up for air once to comment of the sheer size of the kid! When Parker pulls his pants down his dick bounces out with glee before Landon licks at it...

Debt Dandy 181

Debt Dandy 181

Another boy smashed his car. This time Debt Dandy 181 it wasn’t because of bad weather. The young gentlemen was simply too wasted. He was scared he might get arrested so he drove away from the crash. The car was toasted but he took it to a repair shop anyways. Too bad for him that he was broke. He wanted 35 000 from me. He needed the car to drive himself and his girlfriend to work. She would freak out without the car. She wouldn’t go to work by a bus! Women! The girlfriend was on a spa vacation with...

Foreplay by the Bay - Tyler Hill & Wes Campbell

Foreplay by the Bay – Tyler Hill & Wes Campbell

Pretty boy overload is an understatement foreplay for this sexy scene! It’s golden boy gorgeousness times two with Tyler Hill and Wes Campbell heating each other up by the beautiful San Diego bay before moving it inside to dive deeper into one another. This TOO pretty twosome lavish each other with with deep cock kisses in an exercise of male perfection. Putting perfect pink lips around each other’s beautiful bronze boners before Wes wets his whistle with Tyler’s perfect pucker; getting it ready for a boning. Hill is in pure ecstasy as his ass gets hammered. Campbell keeps his hands...

HelixStudios - Beck Hartley Solo Session

HelixStudios – Beck Hartley Solo Session

New cummer Beck Hartley has a body to die for and a big beautiful round butt he’s happy to show off and spread wide as Carter delivers a few spankings! His cock is thick and meaty and both boys hands fit on it comfortably. Carter cups his balls while Heartley handles his massive meat. This newbie is a natural, already knowing to seduce the camera with bedroom eyes and spread his thighs to give us a look at ALL the goods. Nearly hairless except for a gorgeous happy trail which the bronze Adonis soaks and squirts WELL past with an...