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Evan Parker Bottoms Andy Taylor

Evan Parker Bottoms Andy Taylor

Helix hotties Evan Parker and Andy Taylor are spending a warm summer day playing strip tennis. As more clothes begin to come off the two twinks lose interest with tennis, and move to the bedroom. Evan starts things off by going down on Andy’s big smooth cock. After Andy gets nice and hard he loosens up Evan’s boy hole with his tongue, and then takes his turn deep throating Evan’s huge dick. After the oral foreplay Evan rides Andy’s pretty penis long and hard before Andy joins in the fun and rides Evan’s boy pole cowgirl style until they both...

Strip Game and hard fucking between three cute twinks

Strip Game and hard fucking between three cute twinks

After spending the evening in a night club Strip Game, Matteo Lavigne, Abel Lacourt and Ryan Marchal have an after party at home and go into a party game of “Strip Dice”. The goal of the game is simple, the one who makes the smallest number must take off an item of clothing. Ryan is already half naked, but luck turns and it’s the turn of Matteo and then Abel to take off their t-shirts. The dice continues to roll between two drinks and the three boys will not be long to find themselves naked. What could three naughty twinks...

Latino Bareback Action SCORPIO and JAYY

Latino Bareback Action SCORPIO and JAYY

Scorpio is a 21 year old broke straight Latino with a hot body that has an obsession about fucking ass. And being that he has such a thick cock he has a hard time finding females that can take it. Jayy is also 21 years old and has an obsession with getting fucked by straight guys so it’s no wonder they hit off. And he has no problem taking that cock! Check out the hot photos and video.

Koda Ducati Used As Fuck Thing By Group Of Bare Fuckers

Koda Ducati Used As Fuck Thing By Group Of Bare Fuckers

After taking a much-needed piss, Tyler Jenkins brings his workmates a present. He snatches scrawny lad, Koda Ducati, throws him in his van, and takes him to his mates Titus Snow and Sam Syron. These bullies are ready and waiting to fuck this virgin ass hard and raw. Brutally, they push Titus to his knees and make him gag as they ram their thick, meaty cocks into his mouth. Their boy-toy is bent over, fed dick, slapped and fucked. Meanwhile, their boss Jason Domino watches it all on CCTV. He’s seen something he likes, and he too wants to use...

Well Priced - Cole Claire & Jeremy Price

Well Priced – Cole Claire & Jeremy Price

Hot Well Priced and heavy from the start, Cole Claire and Jeremy Price can’t keep their hands off each other’s tight young, tasty bodies. Clothes cum off in seconds. Jeremy grabs Cole’s perfectly plump, fuckable feast of an ass then spins the power bottom around, anxious to get inside. Before bending our boy over, Jeremy gives the kid the reach around cause Cole’s cock is just as yummy as that hot little hole. Bare back and boned up, Price plows Cole’s canal hard and fast. Price order’s the boy on top for a raw ride, drills him with dick and...

8Teenboy - Devin Lewis Solo Session

8Teenboy – Devin Lewis Solo Session

Devin Lewis is a naughty little new kid in town who applied to Helix because he has an appetite for exhibitionism and is anxious to show off. With his youthful good looks, creamy smooth complexion, and ability to take Max Carter’s commands and make them wankable art, it’s easy to see why. Max makes the new boy bend over the couch and opens his fresh buns for business. Warming up the cakes with some sexy slaps, Carter caresses the pleasure pucker at the center before reaching down to get to his raging hard rod. One wouldn’t think a kid this...

Czech Hunter 320 - Big Cock Gay Boy Fucks his Long Haired Friend

Czech Hunter 320

I looked around a skate park today. The boys I saw there were Czech Hunter 320 just superb. But I had to be very careful to approach them. One boy was so bad at skating that I had to laugh out loud. He came there with a girl. I thought she was his girlfriend but she turned out to be his sister. Kinda boring. Still, she helped me a lot to talk him into some crazy stuff. For money of course. At first he showed me a few tricks. I wasn’t sure if I should push things further while his...

Dirty Scout 101 - Craigslist straight young boy loves blow job

Dirty Scout 101

This poor guy wanted to be a cook but his school Dirty Scout 101 counselor recommended him to try a job that would require less attention. So he became a candy maker. How that job requires less attention than a cook I had no idea and the boy didn’t exactly help me to understand. Anyways, he spent only three months at a sweets factory and then got fired. At the moment he was employed as an ordinary factory worker. He hated the job and wanted change. I didn’t have any job related to candy so at least I offered him...

Dirty Scout 100 - Teen boy cums while riding a fat cock

Dirty Scout 100

I slept badly and didn’t have enough time to go for lunch. Then Dirty Scout 100 this not exactly bright boy showed up at my office. I decided to give him a rough ride or at least a shitty job to cheer myself up. He had only primary school so once I shattered his dreams about being a cook, he gladly accepted a warehouse job. Of course he had no money to pay our mediation fee, that’s why he had to please me first. He agreed quite easily, I guess he was desperate. I’m quite sure he regretted the decision...

Dirty Scout 99 - Slovakia Flight Attendant Comes Over to Fuck Me

Dirty Scout 99

A young guy, originally Dirty Scout 99 from Slovakia, looked for a job at our agency today. He was quite desperate because no one wanted to hire him. He used to work as a construction worker helping with renovation of historical buildings, which was kind of commendable. He had a technical education and wanted a job in that area. I had one open but he didn’t fit the profile that well. Still, I wanted to get to know the boy more intimately so I made him an offer. He liked it but our mediation fee was too high for him....