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FraternityX - Suck It Bruh

FraternityX – Suck It Bruh

Was relaxing with my bros. Picking on the new kid. Yo this dude can suck a golf ball through a garden hose. Get over here bitch and Suck my dick! Time to update the site. We need money for buds.

Str8hell - Karel Polak Spanking

Str8hell – Karel Polak Spanking

Karel Polak is shackled and gagged as he lays, face down, on the bed. This hot straight guy is pulling against his cuffs as his tormentor arrives. The tormentor quickly rips open Karel’s underwear exposing his hot ass. Karel moans as he feels the whip on his back. He feels the heavy hand as it spanks on his sexy ass. Then both hands spank on that hot ass. His cheeks are pulled apart to show his tight hole too. The hole is spat on too and then a finger is shoved in, making Karel really squirm. He keeps moaning as...

Dirty Scout 103 - Boss naughty sucking married employer

Dirty Scout 103

A young man from the poor north of the country came to Dirty Scout 103 my office today. He went through a lot of jobs. Some of them he liked, some were just horrible. To my surprise he liked being a florist, he even had a few carnivorous plants at home. He also worked for a government employment office, which in a poor region can be very stressful. Now he wanted a job in human resources, which I was happy to offer. The mediation fee was too much for him. I didn’t have a fine piece of ass for almost...

Get A Piece - Cameron Taylor & Oliver Saxon

Get A Piece – Cameron Taylor & Oliver Saxon

Living with roommates has many advantages but finding Piece some alone time can be a difficult task. Cameron Taylor has a beautiful monster cock that needs constant attention so thinking he has the house alone, he stretches out on the couch to rub out a hot load. Cameron’s focus on long stroking that giant cock is interrupted only to find roommate Oliver Saxon watching him with his hard throbbing cock in hand. This day alone just took a much needed turn for the better when Cameron realizes he will be probing his cock deep in Oliver’s hungry ass. The two...

Deep Massage - Corbin Colby & Cameron Parks

Deep Massage – Corbin Colby & Cameron Parks

Cameron Parks perfectly Deep Massage smooth, tight, twink body is aching in more ways than one. Corbin Colby is more than happy to lend his beautiful buddy a helping, hot oiled hand with a full body rub down. Slick, and glowingly gorgeous covered in a generous helping of sensual oils, Parks hints through his hips that it’s his tight ass in need of the most attention. Colby’s hands glide over the guy’s glorious glutes, strong, slippery and working their way deeper and deeper inside Cameron’s crack. Once his thick fingers find their way inside, Corbin can tell by Parks perked...

Matt Loves to get Mean - Jarrod Woodcock & Matt Brookes

Matt Loves to get Mean – Jarrod Woodcock & Matt Brookes

Blond boy Jarrod Woodcock isn’t new to getting down and dirty, he loves it a little hard and frantic, so it was a perfect choice to team him up with bad boy Matt. This handsome lad loves to take control in the bedroom, but he’s certainly met a good match in this young hottie. Watch the two almost wrestle as they fuck, swapping positions and getting each other squirting their loads as Matt fucks his ass and Jarrod rides his new friend!

Breed Me Raw - Tyler Reed fucks Michael Roman

Breed Me Raw – Tyler Reed fucks Michael Roman

Tyler Reed and Michael Roman where laying in bed after a long day on set. However, Michael was still a horny slut and wanted more. He kept poking the bear and finally got a reaction. Before he knew it, his face was planted firmly in Tyler’s crotch with his thick daddy cock at the back of his throat. It didn’t take long for Michael to realize that Tyler was going all out and shove his thick cock into his slut hole raw and start power fucking it. With 275lbs of thrust, Michael felt every inch and his hole just became...

FraternityX - We Fuck Hard

FraternityX – We Fuck Hard

This dumb ass was suppose to do our home work Fuck Hard. He fucked that up. Now we gonna fuck him up! Bend his sorry ass over the desk and pound him a new hole. That’s how we do it here!

Maverick Men Directs - Midnight Suckfest

Maverick Men Directs – Midnight Suckfest

This is a very special video that’s near and dear to our Suckfest. Hunter and I are huge fans of oral sex and we often times host a late-night suck fest to wrap-up a big shoot. This is one of the hottest MaverickMenDirects after hours party we’ve ever seen. You’ll love watching these sexy boys make out, spank ass, eat ass, and deep throat lots of cocks. And there’s TONS of cum shots! I love it because it shows you how much fun our shoots can be. We’ve collected a few late night after hour videos like this, so stay...

Getting Wet And Cummy With Pissing Boy Hunter

Getting Wet And Cummy With Pissing Boy Hunter

He’s a horny and fit young man with a great body and a hairy dick, and a lot of Pissing to splash and cum to spurt too! Hunter teases us in this 4K video as he reveals his hairy cock, playing with his prick and getting hornier by the second as his piss starts to flow. He’s the kind of boy who loves to get wet and sticky, and he’ll do all of that for you as he soaks himself with his own urine in the tub and jerks himself off until he has some fresh cum to taste!