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Luis Blava - Village Boys Fucking Bareback Arthur Davidson

Luis Blava – Village Boys Fucking Bareback Arthur Davidson

These dudes Arthur Davidson do not fuck around. Quick talk and quick action, that is what these village boys are all about. These two dudes, handsome, young and smooth – do not waste much time kissing, before cock comes out, to be sucked. Before you know it, both guys are naked fucking each other bareback! Well hardcore lovers, enjoy!

Quality Time - Jared Scott & Caleb Gray

Quality Time – Jared Scott & Caleb Gray

Quality Time cutie Caleb Gray has had Jared Scott’s gigantic jock thumping through his brain all day & needs some quality time with his man and that massive member of his! All it takes is some light flirting from Caleb and the cock hungry kid gets his wish! We join their after school sexathon in a hot and heavy make out session that leads Caleb’s salivating cock sucker down south to the dick he’s been day dreaming about. Jared’s piece is definitely all he imagined and then some! The tiny twink tries his hardest but can’t quite get his guy’s goliath...

Smooth Moves - David Rhodes & Bryce Foster

Smooth Moves – David Rhodes & Bryce Foster

David Rhodes and Bryce Foster are feelin’ frisky at Smooth Moves the beach playing a lil’ game of “hand slap” – or more like- using any excuse to touch one another as there is obvious electricity in the air. After winning, blond boy Bryce plants a kiss on tall, dark and handsome David as the two head for home. He may have lost the hand slap game, but David’s dick is winning in the bedroom as his whopper sized wang is waxed and worked on by expert cock jockey Foster. Rhodes wants a piece of Bryce’s bulging bone as well...

Twinks in Shorts - Ramos Sanchez & Tommy Poulain

Twinks in Shorts – Ramos Sanchez & Tommy Poulain

Eager to have fun, Tommy Poulain had already begun to massage Ramos Sanchez by the time we got the cameras rolling. The slender hottie, stripped down to sexy black undies, already had his hands slippery with oil while . Meanwhile, hunky Ramos — wearing nothing but yummy yellow underwear that offset his meaty ass — lay prone and smiling. Clearly enjoying Tommy’s touch, he’s quick to stand when Tommy suggests it and what follows is an almost sweet and innocent game of getting each other greased up, and sword fighting with throbbing, uncut cocks! Dark-haired Ramos has a compact body...

BoyCrush - Jerking Off With New Boy Corey Dawson

BoyCrush – Jerking Off With New Boy Corey Dawson

With a body built from dancing and a long uncut cock we would all love to play with, we find out more about Corey Dawson before he gets down to business. The handsome and confident young man isn’t at all shy about things, but it’s easy to see why. This gorgeous young man has it all going on and the fans are already demanding more of him. Find out a lot more about his life and sexual experiences in this interview, and enjoy another great jerk off with the handsome young man too!

Sexy Greg Gets That Hard Brit Cock - Greg Hunter & Leo Foxx

Sexy Greg Gets That Hard Brit Cock – Greg Hunter & Leo Foxx

Dark and sexy Greg Hunter has been away from the cameras for a while but when we made contact with him and told him about Leo he was all in. The chemistry is there and although this is Leo’s debut he really doesn’t hold back. There’s no denying this lean and pale bisexual boy has some real appreciation for cock, sucking on that tasty dick like a pro, but it’s that ass he really wants. He certainly get it too, with eager Greg more than pleased to be taking every long and pink inch of that dick deep in his...

Guys In Sweatpants - Austin Wilde Fucks Ash Hendricks

Guys In Sweatpants – Austin Wilde Fucks Ash Hendricks

Ash Hendricks comes to us from a small town in North Carolina, and the way these two devoured each other, you’d never guess it’s his very first time in front of a camera like this. Austin Wilde starts out by asking him some questions to get to know him a little better. Then it begins. Ash says he prefers to top, and he said he was nervous about his first time on camera, but his eagerness to get fucked and take Austin’s load took over. Their clothes were off, and both of their big dicks were in each other’s mouths...

ChaosMen - Dani deMuse

ChaosMen – Dani deMuse

Dani deMuse was he was eager to get started at ChaosMen as he has a few friends that do porn. He has a nice straight 8″ cock that he likes to use mostly to Top. Dani has a thing for domination and light kink, like blindfolding and tying a guy up. He tends to go for Twinks, but he also likes muscle guys. Even hairy guys do it for him. Overall, he is not a picky eater, but his favorite meal would be a passive Twink that he can take control of. He is relaxed and gets his dick hard...

ChaosMen - Rydell & Vander RAW

ChaosMen – Rydell & Vander RAW

I have been giving Vander some big dicks to take. I think this is the first time I saw him struggle with a guy’s cock size. He had no problems taking Rydell’s dick down his throat, but it took him a few extra seconds take it up the ass. Rydell also seems a lot more comfortable, AND verbal! He definitely has a bossier vibe these days. He fucks the hell out of Vander, breeding him perfectly, which makes Vander cum almost instantly!