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Czech Hunter 223

Czech Hunter 223

It’s not so easy to surprise me anymore – but this guy was special Czech Hunter 223. I met him on the street and I literally had to run after him as he didn’t hear me at all. When I finally got his attention I found out that he was heading to work. He was a fitness-trainer who just moved to Prague recently. He originally came from Liberec, a city in North-west Bohemia of about 100,000 inhabitants. And as he didn’t have an apartment yet he was living with his granny. And when I asked him about friends he stated...

Spanked And Fucked Flip-Flop Fuck Gives This Brit-Boy A Red Raw Butt!

Spanked And Fucked Flip-Flop Fuck Gives This Brit-Boy A Red Raw Butt! He goes out of his way to give the impression of being some sweet innocent who’s never done a single thing to warrant his reputation, but you only have the catch the glint in Jesse Magowan’s eye to realise that the reality of his character is very different. A point that’s underlined in this delightfully hot scene in which he just can’t keep a lid on his exhibitionist tendencies.

Exclusive Scene Featuring Taylor Murphy & Luke Harding

Exclusive Scene Featuring Taylor Murphy & Luke Harding Young cocksucker Taylor Murphy gets all he can handle and more in Luke Harding’s monster schlong and heavy, jizz–loaded balls. At first Taylor can’t open wide enough to give the full, throat-stretching length down his gullet–but his hunger for cock and cum drives him on. Luke is content to let Taylor do his slurpin’ best for a while, finally taking over when he needs to get off and dumping his load directly onto Taylor’s needy, hard-working tongue.

RawAndRough – Dolf’s Birthday Sling Party

RawAndRough – Dolf’s Birthday Sling Party What do you get your porn star boyfriend for his 40th birthday? An ass full of cum, of course! It’s Dolf Dietrich’s 40th birthday and his super hung boyfriend Drew sets him up a sling party to get his ass loaded with hot man spunk. Raw and Rough producer Rob Rodin just happen to get invited, and he asked if he could bring his video camera along. Dolf said “Fuck yeah!” Rob captured all the hot loads that got pumped into Dolf that night… Well, the ones that guys let him film. Must be...

MaleReality – Gaykakke #02 Video

MaleReality – Gaykakke #02 Video Andrew is feeling lonely so he goes out for a drink. Once he gets there he notices that all his friends are there; they make a toast for him and tell him that his glass will always be full.

[] Tim and Gerald Fabiani

[] Tim and Gerald Fabiani Gerald had joined us quite a while ago, when we shot the very first videos for Timtales. He has always been and will always be a man we like to work with. His body becomes better every year, he is really uninhibited and i (Grobes) enjoy editing the material with him very much. Tim also thinks Gerald is hot, that´s why he asked him to make another scene together.

Bad Puppy – Lucky Taylor & Daren Hecker

Bad Puppy – Lucky Taylor & Daren Hecker When cute and cuddly Daren found out that his friend Lucky did porn, he became interested and did a solo video. Not long after, they talked and decided they would love to do a video together. In this action video, our two young studs slowly undress each other, kissing and tonguing each other’s bodies. Lucky gets an eyeful of Daren’s enormous cock and apparently gives him quite the blow-job as Daren’s cock is incredibly hard and erect. After a little face fucking Lucky stands up to let Daren work over his cock...

Fetish Force – Logan McCree & Hugh Hunter Permission

Fetish Force – Logan McCree & Hugh Hunter Permission Covered in his signature tattoos, Logan McCree is harnessed, and restrained. He’s led by leash and bridle by Hugh Hunter wearing only a butcher’s apron. Hugh slaps and teases Logan’s hard, horse-hung cock and goes down on it, spitting all over his meat and sucking it hard. Hugh lays Logan on the bed and attaches nipple clamps from a suspension in the ceiling pulling his nipples taut. If that wasn’t enough, Hugh chains Logan’s feet to the bed and proceeds to bring a table of sounding rods bedside and carefully selects...

GayHoopla – Jimmy Bona and Derek Jones

GayHoopla – Jimmy Bona and Derek Jones I know a lot of people don’t like videos “OUT OF ORDER” but this was Jimmy Bona’s first scene ever! We had to prep him before his monster cock taking debut with Cole Money. Jimmy actually requested Derek Jones to be first, because they only live 15 minutes from each other in the states. It made Jimmy almost feel like he was at home and could maybe even score some dick at a later time if he liked it. According to Jimmy, Derek left him tongue-tied. He couldn’t have imagined that the beast,...